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retaining the same difficulty, style, and tone as the rest of the franchise, dark soul iii continues from software’s medieval fantasy, action-rpg series.

dark souls iii is the conclusion of the trilogy – though interviews with director hidetaka miazaki (via vg247) have confirmed that this won’t mean the end of the franchise.

back to its roots

dark souls iii’s story revolves around the lord of cinder. this calls back to the first dark souls, once again picking up the theme of fire, darkness, and cycles.

this more explicit referencing of original dark souls lore could be hidetaka miazaki influence. the original game’s director has returned to co-directing this third installment. this will be good news for some fans, who cited his absence as a weakness for dark souls ii.

in keeping with this, dark souls iii maintains the franchise's signature fantasy style of desiccated beauty - a once gorgeous world now collapsing, and shrouded in shadow. this is clear from the outset, with every richly designed environment seeming to be overgrown and crumbling as embers float through the world and a dim, dying sun sets in the distance.

dark souls iii’s land of lothric is a more linear world than previous games. though there are some branches, the critical path through the story feels far more direct. there is a hub area, that is reminiscent of demon’s souls', but returning to it using the travel option at bonfires feels more like going back to the beginning rather than providing an exciting place to explore from.

once more into the darkness

in terms of gameplay, from software seems to have learned from the weapon system that it introduced in its playstation exclusive title, bloodborne. while the combat remains heavy and paced - with patience and defensive play still a virtue – dark souls iii feels faster.

it also introduces a new magic system that ties spells and miracles to a mana bar. this is consumed as you play, but can be topped up with a new ashen estus flask. this works identically to the health regenerating estus flask seen in previous games, but now you must decide the balance of uses you have in each. yes, you can trade health for mana, allowing magic users to play more aggressively.

the mana bar and ashen flask are also used by more melee focused fighters. new combat styles and stances are available for every weapon and consume mana to use. this adds more variety to fights, with substantive differences between weapons increasing tactical options.

for example, a light rapier’s unique stance allows for fast execution of multiple moves. by comparison, a great sword lets you shoulder charge, before launching opponents in to the air with a powerful upward swing.

burning bright

dark souls iii carries on the series lineage brilliantly. evolving the combat mechanics utilizing everything learned across its games, from software has created new dynamics within the familiar system that should force everyone think. combine this with a less obtuse story - that ties together threads that fans have been pondering for years - and you have a game that is perfect for veterans while also managing to be accessible for newcomers.

download dark souls iii dark souls 3 in softonic


terminal emulation allows a user to make one computer appear and behave like a certain terminal on a network. this technology is useful when constructing networks. hyperterminal private edition htpe is a program for just this task a terminal emulation program able to connect to systems through dial-up modems com ports and tcp/ip networks. the software has even won awards making it worth the very reasonable price.

make connecting to tcp/ip networks easy.

hyperterminal private edition htpe is able to do pretty much any terminal emulation task. you can use serial com ports to communicate directly to a wide range of devices or use a dial-up modem to connect to modem systems. with this software you can use a tcp/ip network to connect to systems on the internet or your network using telnet or secure shell (ssh). the software is not pretty however. it's quite clunky and grey looking like programs from ten years ago. the interface could be much more streamlined. nevertheless it does the job well.

old school terminal access.

hyperterminal private edition htpe is pretty old in appearance but is updated regularly and still has its uses. it's highly specialised and effective at terminal emulation. in many regards it's a tool first and user-friendly second but this is unlikely to affect those who know what they're doing.

download hyperterminal private edition (htpe) 7.0 in softonic


electronic art's titanfall was a monumental success, now experience the follow up sequel that is sure to make the same impact: titanfall 2. pick up your weapons, call down your massive titan war machine and join the battle on the frontier! better options, improved graphics and more customization makes this titanfall the best titanfall yet!

massive feature and customization upgrade from the original

the titan fall franchise puts the player on frontier, a newly found and developing planet on the fringes of space. complete objectives and fight in a first person view from a first person perspective with a variety of tools, weapons and abilities. fight the fight on foot, or else up your game by calling down a massive titan from space. titans are giant robotic war machines featuring devastating weapons and defenses. pilot the titan directly, or give them commands remotely as you follow on foot using your personal skills. combat in titanfall 2 is fast, furious and brutal. in the original, play was limited to online matches, now a single player campaign and story mode have been added to flesh out frontier and give more options for play. level your character up, unlock new equipment and one of nine titans, six of them brand new. customize your player with new abilities to successfully complete objectives. play through the battle how you want and help decide the battle for frontier!

looks and sounds better than everything else

titanfall 2 is a aaa title by electronic arts and as such has graphics and production value on par with the very best in the industry. smooth game play and incredible abilities allow your player to literally go anywhere they can see inside the confines of the map. multiple maps to play are all gorgeous with destructible environments which will, inevitably, be destroyed. stare in wonder as titan's heavy weapons lay waste to enemies and buildings alike. the effects and sound track are all spot on giving the player a visceral gaming experience. now more cosmetic customization options are available as well, nose art and colors for your titans as well as your own personal equipment. when you take to the field of battle, you will look the way you want as well as play the way you want. all upgrades are un-lockable by playing the game. each map is varied and detailed, making both single player and online match-ups beautiful to behold. this is one great looking game


titanfall 2 is a state of the art first person shooter with advancement made in every area from it's predecessor. more customization, more weapon options, more maps and a single player mode will make this game shine for more players than it attracted in its first iteration. electronic arts has created a fantastic game and an amazing game world. pick your gear, summon your titan and join the fight!

download titanfall 2 in softonic


guedin's attack on titan fan game is a free windows game, that is part of the category pc games with subcategory action and has been created by guedin .

more about guedin's attack on titan fan game

it's available for users with the operating system windows 7 and former versions, and it is only available in english. the current version of the program is 0.1.1 and it has been updated on 3/4/2018.

since the game was added to our catalog in 2016, it has managed to obtain 25.400 downloads, and last week it had 2 downloads.

guedin's attack on titan fan game is a relatively light game that does not require as much storage than average programs in the section pc games. it's very heavily used in india, thailand, and vietnam.

download guedin's attack on titan fan game 0.1.1 in softonic


a free roaming pc game, the joy of creation reborn is not for the faint of heart because it will shock and scare even the toughest and most hardened of players. based on 'five night at freddy’s', the action takes place in a gloomy house at night when it is difficult to see everything that is going on.

immersive game play

reminiscent of the spookiest parts of a horror movie, where the central character explores an area where you know the outcome is not going to be great, the action in the joy of creation reborn is all displayed in the first person. the full screen is devoted to game play with only an overlay in the top left which displays the key stats of the level you happen to be on. the basic principle is to try to survive while being hunted down by an animatronic or other characters, but there are plenty of things to keep you occupied as the game play progresses.

the joy of creation reborn really makes you feel that you are being tracked down in an all-encompassing environment that is likely to put you on edge, if not downright scare you. with only a limited view, anything that you come across as you explore the gaming area seems as though it could be a threat. the idea of each location in the game is that it offers a new and different space to search through. and search through you must, because there are a number of objects to find to complete each game objective, or level. the game also offers a survival mode, where you simply try to hang on in the location for as long as you possibly can. the more you explore, the more there is to find and remember that not all of it is out there to shock you – although some certainly will.

graphics and technical information

the graphics of this game are simply superb. forget the average blocky graphics and animation of a typical download game – this is much more like watching a professionally made horror movie than playing a game. the thrills are enhanced by some incredibly spooky sounds and the customized music fof nathan hanover which fits in with the eerie atmosphere perfectly. due to the high demands of the graphics and sound, a decent computer is essential. you'll need to run windows 7 or higher and have a pc with a quad-core intel processor, or the amd equivalent, running at 2.5 ghz or greater. at least 4 gb of ram is recommended and your graphics card will, needless to say, have to be high quality.

in summary

this game is really not one for children or people that don't enjoy the shock factor of horror and gore. however, for fans who want to act out their fantasies of entering into a movie-like environment, then it is hard to beat. whether you are avoiding a killer robot or searching for some much-needed light, the game is really easy into interface with. download it right now and discover just how chilling a free roaming game can actually be these days.

download the joy of creation: reborn tjoc:r demo preview in softonic


people who are trying to make waves as a professional dj are sure to enjoy using dj music mixer. this software provides everything that is needed so that users can create their own mixes to enjoy at home or play at parties to impress people with and hopefully build up their dj profile.

making sweet music

one of the best features of dj music mixer is the ability to extract audio from video files and convert it. this means that djs can mix tracks from youtube and a range of other sources very easily. the decks background and a whole host of other features are fully customisable so that users can adapt the programme to meet their specific needs. many of the tools that are provided are very innovative although sadly the same cannot be said for the design of the programme itself and the look of dj music mixer is likely to turn many potential users off.

are you ready for the big time?

this is a good tool for buddy djs who want to mix their own tracks. while dj music mixer comes packed with tools that are sure to help users on their path to becoming a professional dj it has to be said that there are plenty of other and rather cheaper programme to choose from.

download dj music mixer in softonic


line is an instant messaging application and voip platform that lets you send messages and make free voice and video calls, and it has a windows client so that you can do all it all from your pc.

free calling and messaging

line’s main purpose is to help you communicate with your friends for free. just like skype, facebook messenger, yahoo! messenger, and many others, line lets you send free text messages and chat with friends who are also using this app; you can even start group chats. line also includes voip features allowing you to make voice and video calls.

line aims to differentiate itself from the competition by adding features that will appeal to its younger users. in addition to the traditional messages and photo and audio sharing features, line includes many stickers which you can add to your conversations for a little fun. these emoticons will brighten the dullest conversations, and there are many more which can be downloaded.

its features also extend to a timeline, which lets you record your life for all to see. along with your messages, you can all so add photos for your followers to see and respond to.

a simple interface to focus on the essentials

the pc version of line comes with a minimalist interface. three tabs give you access to your contact list, your current conversations, and lets you add new friends. the client is very easy to use, and to log in to the pc client, all you have to do is scan a qr code with your smartphone.

if this all sounds a little too bland for you, don't worry because there is always the theme store to offer a little customization to your pc line experience.

line for pc is the perfect extension for the mobile version. you can start a conversation on your smartphone and continue later on your computer.

the perfect extension for the mobile version

if you use line on your mobile, you’ll like the pc version because you’ll be able to enjoy the same features. it lets you access your line contacts and talk with them comfortably when you are home and using your pc.


to use the pc version of line, you must have the line app installed on your mobile.

download line 5.9.0 in softonic


sketchup pro bucks the trend of expensive 3d modeling software such as 3dsmax and cinema4d and presents a free, easy to use alternative with which you can even post your creations onto google earth for the world to see. the latest version has been integrated with google maps too so that geo-tagging your creations is easier than ever.

this professional version of sketchup is aimed at professionals who need cad software that's high on power and features, and low on learning curves. it features some useful advantages over the basic version including ability to export to cad, add text and graphics to layouts and more advanced features.

there's a refreshing lack of technical jargon in sketchup pro and unfamiliar terms to beginners such as the 'extrude' tool have been renamed to the more obvious 'push/pull' for example. there are plenty of helpful hints and guides throughout too helping you get to grips with 'snapping' when you draw rectangles, circles and other shapes. sketchup pro intelligently predicts where you want endpoints to meet and snaps them shut for you, saving lots of time messing around.

sketchup pro doesn't lack in functionality though despite its ease of use and includes all the usual collection of drawing and filling tools you'd expect, neatly accessible in the toolbar across the top of the screen. instructor hints pop out on the right of the screen when it thinks you need them. other options can be accessed via the menu system, or you can choose to place extra palettes on the workspace to save wading through menus. of particular note is the 'materials' palette, which contains over 100 different preset swatches, such as vegetation, metal and glass. the shadow settings palette is also worth keeping to hand, as it allows you to apply realistic shadows via simple sliders.

the real fun however is when you export your sketchup pro drawings into google earth. you can send images of your 3d designs via email or upload them for free storage at google's 3d web warehouse. alternatively, you can geo-tag them in one-step using google maps which has now been integrated into sketchup pro. you receive a snapshot when you add a geo-location to your model which now includes 3d terrain data plus color aerial imagery.

there are some problems with sketchup pro however. most annoying is when trying to create domed surfaces because of the cumbersome nature of the extrude tool, although pushing and pulling straight lines is considerably easier. however, the ability to export to cad format means that anything you find tricky or difficult in sketchup pro, you can finish off in another application.

sketchup pro provides a refreshingly simple approach to 3d graphic design while providing the power and cad format export features that professionals need.

download sketchup pro 2015 15.3.331 64-bit in softonic


word processors have many limitations when it comes to editing mathematical formulas, but that does not mean we should stop using them. ideally, you would use a complementary program to create equations and insert them in your documents.

this what mathtype does, a powerful equation editor that you can use with office or on its own. mathtype's strong points are the hundreds of symbols that are accessible from the keyboard, along with its compatibility with various systems for importing and exporting formulas, such as mathml, tex or texvc.

with mathtype, you can change or move any part of an equation. nine tabs offer quick access to frequently used features, including those we add ourselves.

you can completely customize mathtype, from keyboard shortcuts to font style and its integration with office is excellent, thanks to a special toolbar.

download mathtype 6.9 in softonic


packwar (pacman) is an awesome, free windows game, belonging to the category pc games with subcategory action and has been published by hymg.

more about packwar (pacman)

it's available for users with the operating system windows vista and previous versions, and you can get it in english. the current version of the program is 0.4 and it has been updated on 6/1/2017.

since the game has been added to our selection of software and apps in 2016, it has already achieved 19.897 downloads, and last week it gained 279 downloads.

about the download, packwar (pacman) is a light game that will require less free space than most programs in the category pc games. it's very heavily used in india, south africa, and united states.

download packwar (pacman) 0.4 in softonic


uber is a ride sharing app that connects passengers with drivers. with a presence in over 40 countries and over 100 cities around the world, uber lets you privately hire a driver at an affordable price with just one click.

your very own personal driver

uber is an alternative to regular taxis; instead of hailing a cab on the street or booking one over the phone, this app lets you to order a private driver with the click of a button. 

with uber, you can choose between five categories of vehicles ranging from economy (uberx) to luxurious (lux), although these options aren't available in every city. 

before ordering a driver, you can get a quote by entering your starting point and your destination. while it's only an estimate, it's pretty accurate to what you'll pay.

unlike traditional taxis, payment is done solely through the app. you can pay by credit card, paypal, or google wallet, and even split the bill with your fellow travelers. you can also use codes to get discounts on a journey.

after the trip, uber lets you to rate the service and leave a comment that can be accessed by other users. note that drivers can also leave comments about their clients.

find your ride (and follow your driver)

to use uber, you must first register for the service. you'll need to enter your personal information (name, email address, phone number, and bank details or paypal account), as well as set up a password. once connected, a map appears with your location. 

calling a driver is very simple. using geolocation, uber automatically detects where you are and offers a pick-up point. this can also be set manually on the map. then, all you have to do is press the button to call a driver; the one closest to you will be notified of your request. if the driver accepts, you will receive an sms with confirmation. thanks to geo-location, you'll also be able to follow the driver in real time on the map as he makes his way.

everything is done directly through the app, so you'll never have to call or worry about having enough cash on you to pay, and the service is generally much better and more personal than your regular taxi service.

a regular taxi's worst enemy

there's a reason why uber angers traditional taxi drivers: the service appeals to a lot of people because it's easy to use, is more personal than getting a taxi, and has very affordable rates.

download uber in softonic


the uc browser for pc is one of the uc browser variants that were created especially for use on desktop computers. it doesn't require a lot of processing power, and it offers a smoother internet experience for people with a slow internet connection. this free browser for windows is ideally suited for people with low-powered desktop computers and/or people with a slower internet connection.

a web browser with enough built-in tools

the uc browser is not a new one; it has been kicking around on mobile devices for a while. that is why uc browser for pc has more tools and features than most other new browsers for pcs.
the most prominent feature is its ad-blocker, which is modern enough to fend off the newest advert types that other browsers allow to sneak through. it has a tabbed interface like many current web browsers, and it has a download manager that allows you to see what is downloading and how far the download has progressed.

since the browser was originally built for mobile devices, there is also a miniature mode that you may use either for your own convenience, or to replicate the experience you have when viewing with a mobile device. if you are accustomed to using google chrome, then the symbols you see running across the top of the browser will seem very familiar, such as the home symbol, or the three grey lines that indicate the options menu.

a streamlined program for limited web surfing

the browser loads web pages in a way that allows you to browse quickly if you have a slow internet connection. the notifications function needs a tweak, but understanding and accessing the tools is very simple and convenient--especially the download tool that starts automatically when you instigate a download.
it has a very similar interface to google chrome, except that the design has a chinese style, though all the text is in english. the tools do not require a lot of memory or processing power, which is why the tools appear and start working far quicker than with firefox.
one of the best usability features is the fact that you may open a number of different tabs without it slowing down your computer or causing a crash. for example, with internet explorer, if you open numerous videos in different tabs, then your browser slows down and/or crashes on slower computers--whereas with uc, the tabs will only load once you click on them.

it is best used by people with slower computers or internet speeds

the uc browser for pc is an expanded version of the very popular uc browser for mobile devices. as a result, it is easier and quicker to use because everything you need is right there on the screen with less need to skip between one option and another.
in addition to it it is also better optimized for slower internet speeds, which is a carryover from the mobile version -since many mobile devices have slower internet speeds than most desktop computers.
even if you have a fast computer, the uc web browser is still a fine choice because it allows you to quickly browse the internet while still having numerous background processes underway.
if you are having problems with your current desktop browsers because they load or render too slowly, then the uc web browser is a must. if you have a slower computer and/or a slower internet connection and you are tired of looking at blank browsers while you wait for the pages to render, then uc is definitely the browser for you.


download uc browser 6.0.1807.1000 in softonic


lichtspeer is a game of stunning aural power, from its marble-white protagonist with few features to the chalk-dust landscapes that you navigate. the central gameplay is throwing spears at enemies as you move right, like in a platformer. but the intricacies of combat and the way the world is laid out will form a game that's as much experience as it is tactical challenge. the only real issues are that it's over quickly, that it can be difficult to see what you're doing in some areas, and that a very talented player might figure things out too quickly!

download lichtspeer 1 in softonic

causality is a game about, well, causality. in it, each level is a situation that plays out before your eyes. your goal is to use puzzle-solving abilities to change the outcome of the level, generally for the better. the mechanics are very simple, and the game teaches them to you gently. change the direction someone goes in by moving a directional tile around, and the outcome of the level could be completely different. the game's graphical style is cute and minimalist, and the puzzles are fun. it's definitely worth playing!

download causality 1 in softonic

creating new passwords every time i register for a online service is getting harder and harder. but before starting to use the same word everywhere and thus compromising my security, i'd rather use a password manager.

if you're in the same situation, acebit password depot is probably your best choice. this comprehensive manager can handle all the usernames and passwords for all kinds of services, from online banking to ftp servers, including forums, blogs, email addresses and just about any other place where you're requested a password.

all your passwords are stored in a single database that can be saved in various locations (local drive, usb device, internet server) and protected with a master password, a key file or both. you can organize your passwords in different categories and also assign an expiry date to them so that you're forced to change them on a regular basis.

in case you run out of ideas when coming up with new passwords, the program includes a password generator but i didn't find it that useful: it grabs characters from a matrix-like code stream and doesn’t really produce usable passwords.

acebit password depot still keeps an ace up its sleeve though: its seamless integration with your web browser, which enables you to manage passwords comfortably while you're browsing the internet without having to change from one application to another.

acebit password depot is as near to perfection as any password manager would like to reach: easy enough for the beginner and full of handy tools for expert users

download password depot 10 in softonic


hideme vpn for windows is an application that allows users to anonymously browse the internet through the use of a hidden ip address. there are different plans to choose from and each is based around the habits of the customer. this can be a great option to watch videos blocked within a certain country or to download files without worrying about cookies.

details and features

hideme vpn for windows is unique in the fact that it can work in conjunction with up to five different devices. so, there will no longer be the need to use separate vpn networks. no logs are ever recorded and there are numerous unique protocols to select. some of these include pptp, l2tp, sstp and others. thus, both speed and security have been addressed. dynamic port forwarding is another unique feature, as it protects identifying specific ports within an operating device.

other options

while there is a standard online contact form in the event of any issues, hideme vpn for windows also boasts a strong internet support community. answers to the majority of common questions can be found here. please note that while there is a free version, access to all amenities will require the user to buy the product.

download hideme vpn for windows 1.7.0 in softonic


blisk is a free web browser, at least in name. it's tailor-made to test the web readiness of websites, from their html coding to advanced applets inside of them. it offers several features useful for this purpose, such as automatically refreshing the displayed page when it's changed, and more powerful tools for web developers both new and old.

extremely refreshing

it's hard to overstate just how useful automatically refreshing the page is. blisk does this whenever a source file is changed, meaning that you can see the changes you make to a web page displayed in the browser in nearly real time. this saves a click and a couple seconds each time you use it, but working on a web page, that saved time adds up very quickly. it's particularly effective if you have more than one monitor. of course, blisk includes support for mobile websites, too: it would be a much weaker offering if it didn't. blisk's most advanced feature is probably the debugging devtools it provides, which debug websites in both desktop and mobile form.

work at a brisk pace

top that off with strong support for different languages and frameworks, and blisk is worth a try for any web developer who feels like their current testing methods aren't working as well as possible. the only caveats are that the browser itself is poor for hopping from page to page, and that using multiple 'devices' takes getting used to.

download blisk in softonic


vine to gif is a program developed for windows that turns your vine videos into gifs through a quick and easy conversion process. the way it works is simple: enter the vine url and select your gif settings. users have the ability to adjust the width, length and frame rate accordingly. once the destination folder is selected and you click the download button, the file will convert. once it?s done, you?ll have a copy of your video in gif format to post and share online. vine to gif makes it easy to share moments of your vine videos without having to link externally or timestamp a video.

download vine to gif 3.1.2 in softonic


driver easy is the simple solution to the old problem of finding drivers. hardware drivers are the small pieces of software which enable a piece of hardware, such as a graphics card or keyboard, to work properly with your computer. searching through forums and outdated websites for the latest update can be a frustrating experience, an experience which driver easy hopes to make a thing of the past.

something for everyone

one of the best things about the software is its mass appeal. if you are a computer novice looking to fix something unfamiliar, a powerful search feature and expert help are available. on the other hand, if you are more comfortable with drivers, a database of over 8 million files is available for access. the software is simple to set up and operate with clear instructions, and while it may be only a very rare occasion in which you need it, the daily updates mean driver easy is always ready to go. the software does have a relatively high price but is decent value for money, meaning it may be best for those with a specific issue.

drivers as needed

driver easy is a solid piece of software, but it may be difficult to justify an annual license unless you have a large amount of issues or are a professional.

download driver easy 5.1.7 in softonic


there are many reasons why a user might wish to synchronise his or her smartphone with a personal computer. whether for redundancy or excess security, this can be a useful option to consider. android pc sync manager is an excellent tool which can transfer data to and from a personal computer. in fact, android sync for windows is also able to organise all content so that important data can be accessed when required.

features and options

android sync for windows currently offers more than 600,000 applications for download (some are free and some are paid). games, documents, images and videos can all be sent to different folders to clean up a home page. it is even said that many paid apps can be downloaded for free, an obvious benefit for those who may be looking to install cutting-edge software.

extra privacy

another benefit associated with android pc sync manager is that it does not store any information in the cloud. on the contrary, data is shared via the use of a standard usb cable between two devices. this can help to add an extra layer of security for those who may be concerned about compromising sensitive data.

download android pc sync manager in softonic


plex is a free media center app that allows you to store video on one device and stream it on others. that's not the only thing it does, of course. it also lets you share with friends, while encrypting everything securely. it lets you start a stream and then move it to another app, if that suits your fancy. in fact, it does pretty much everything.

feature packed to the gills

beyond just watching movies and videos you already have, plex provides access to free, online television right from the app. for videos you own yourself, you can use the app to optimize them for better streaming. past all that, it regularly sees new features. as of this writing, its dvr and cloud features are both new. the former lets you record the free tv channels that plex already provides and watch their contents later, while the latter makes your life easier by using amazon as a streaming hub.

for all your media needs

basically, get plex if you want to have your movies stored on a computer far upstairs and watch them on a media center hooked up to the tv two floors below. or if you just want to enjoy some online television. the app itself is well-designed, so if it has features you want, consider it.

download plex 3.0.80 in softonic


most of us who own an mp3 player or play digital music on a computer will admit that it’s possible to get a little precious over your audio collection. there’s something very satisfying about having a hoard of music with the correct track and album names for each song. not only does it look a lot cleaner in your player, but it makes it a darn sight easier to organize your collection and manage playlists. ensuring that all the tags in your audio files are correct can be a thankless task, but there’s plenty of software around that will make a much quicker job of it.

mp3tag is one of the better tag editors around, allowing you to edit the metadata (the information about a track’s name, size, album name, artwork, etc.) with a good degree of autonomy. the app lets you rename files based on this tag information, replace characters or words from tags and filenames, import/export tag information, and create playlists. it carries out its duties does the job very well too. for instance, the program has a much cleaner interface than many of its rivals and is smaller to boot, making it very quick and responsive.

if you find that you have a lot of different audio formats on your machine that you want to keep in check then mp3tag is perfect. it supports virtually every major audio file type, so you can edit tags for ogg, musepack, and aac/mp4, besides just mp3s.

perhaps the biggest boon though is the inclusion of a link-up with the online freedb database to import tags from the appropriate album, spelling a swift end to those mp3 albums you get with track names like ‘track01’, ‘track02’, ‘track03’, etc.) while the data returned from the freedb is sometimes erroneous, it’s generally pretty good (though probably not quite as quick as the import tool in tag&rename).

it’s fair to say that mp3tag is one of the clear leaders in its field, and considering it’s a freeware app, it’s well worth downloading if you want to clean- up your music collection. tag editing is very quick and once you’ve given your audio the mp3tag treatment, you should find it so much easier to organize your tracks.

download mp3tag 2.81 in softonic



with for honor, you are a viking invader in a hack and slash game. unlike many others, it is not a game where you slice through hundreds of enemies with ease (as you do with god of war). instead, you have to carefully chip away at your enemies until they die before having to move on to the next. it is similar to the early tenchu games with a hint of the ps2’s crouching tiger game.

a railroad hack and slash

watch the for honor trailers or the gameplay, and you will notice very quickly that the game is a railroad game. it is not railroading at the level of “temple run,” as there is a little wiggle room as you play, but mostly it is a case of following a single track with very little deviation or room to get lost. this is not a bad thing in this context, but it does damage the overall replayability of the game. the first level is probably the most railroaded; where you may get the feeling they are trying to train you up to play the rest of the game. for example, in one scene, the narrator tells you that you are supposed to slide down the big chain.

one of the best features of for honor is that when you are with other allies, you are not the only one that is swarmed. people seem to be doing their own thing on the battlefield, which is rather refreshing, especially if you are used to modern fps games. some may find the combat a little slow, but that it part and parcel of the fact you are controlling a heavyset man with a weighty weapon.

well rendered and expertly designed

the cut scene graphics are almost up to the standard of realistic cg movies, such as final fantasy rather than toy story. sadly, the voiceover is such a cliché that you may be tempted to skip the cut scene. it is the typical husky voice with “heard-it-all-before” tropes. they should have tried something new, such as samuel lj shouting about getting these m-f-ing vikings off this m-f-ing boat. nevertheless, once you have skipped the cut scenes, you will have to put up with the narrator’s annoying comments for a while.

the in-play graphics are very well lit, well designed and well rendered. you may become a little tired of the same brown colors reappearing again and again, but other games have done far worse with a far better palette. the character rendering is good, and it is easy to see what another character is gearing up to do, which means the blocking and dodging mechanisms work rather well and become an integral part of the gameplay experience.

the impact sounds are understated, but that is a good thing. games don’t always have to have marvel movie sound effects. it is good to be able to swing your axe and miss without having to hear a monstrous impact sounds.


there is plenty of room to improve your fighting skills. the fighting mechanics are not as complex as one may hope, but if you learn how to time your blocks, your movement, and your strikes, then it can make for a very interesting game. obviously, you may run in and smash your way through, but it will damage your gameplay experience and probably lead to you becoming bored.

as hack-and-slash games go, it doesn’t offer you anything that you haven’t seen before, but it does deviate from the more popular slash-the-swarm genre that has appeared. yes, occasionally you will be swarmed by enemies, but not nearly as much as you will with other games. this game is not about killing as many enemies as you can with one hit, it is about tactically removing enemies with clever strikes and sexy moves in order to defeat them one at a time.

download for honor in softonic


have you ever wanted to create animations quickly and easily on your mobile device? now you can with animation desk one of the best mobile animation programs available!

animation on the go

animation desk is a fully featured animation studio for your mobile device available for both android os and ios platforms. not just a drawing studio you can bring your creations to life! create your animation scene by scene with a wide array of brushes and art tools and then use the touch controls to breath life into your drawings! you can even import video from your mobile device's camera in order to edit live scenes into your projects! there are many ways to make your animation project the best that it can be. the free version has several limiting features but for a low monthly subscription you can unlock more features like seamless integration with photoshop more file export formats and more!

animation as a service

animation desk is available as a service which means you will always have the latest version for one low monthly cost. don't worry about falling out of date and always have support. this is truly one of the best ways to animate on a mobile device. try it today for a low price and see what animation desk can do for your animation project!

download animation desk™ in softonic


document manager 2016 is a perfect application for anyone who is looking to create and edit text without needing to employ more memory-laden software such as microsoft office or open office. while primarily designed to be used with personal computers, recent updates have enabled this package to function with modern touchscreens (ideal for certain tablets and laptops).

benefits and primary features

there is no fee to download and install document manager 2016 within an operating system. once a document has been created or edited, it is saved in one of three formats. these are .doc, .docx or .rtf. thus, they can be easily exported to different folders or if necessary, they can be immediately printed. it is also possible to add other unique features such as lists, graphics or tables into a document. document manager 2016 can be installed on up to ten different operating devices.

other features and usability

document manager is unique in the fact that it offers what is known as a 'redial' button. this enables users to edit a document much quicker when compared to standard methods. this centralized button also contains commonly used tools such as copy, paste, undo and options to upload an image. most graphical formats are supported by this program.

download document manager 2016 1 in softonic


sniper elite 4 is the fourth instalment in the sniper elite series of tactical shooter games. in this game, you play an american oss agent working together with the italian resistance during world war ii. you'll need tactical thinking, stealth and marksmanship to complete the game's challenging missions.

win battles with your brain

if you've played previous sniper elite games, you'll be familiar with the basics of sniper elite 4, but this entry in the series changes a few things. most notably, the maps are larger, with more vertical levels and more opportunity to roam around. you can climb and hang from ledges, giving you more freedom of movement. this makes the puzzle-like nature of the levels more challenging and entertaining, with more possible solutions. in addition to your trusty sniper rifle, you have a few other tools in your arsenal, including the ability to wire an enemy's corpse with a booby trap to take out his comrades. reconnaissance is as important as combat, and you'll want to spend some time at the beginning of each level using your binoculars to scout the area and identify the most important targets. taking out enemy officers first will make your task much easier.

good things come to those who wait

if you think patience and planning are more fun than booting in the door and going in blasting, sniper elite 4 might be the shooter for you.

download sniper elite 4 1 in softonic


not everyone has the ability to get the latest sports news from espn or sky sports when they are out and about and away from their television. the ten sports live hd app lets you watch live television from several providers, including sky sports, fox sports and espn. the free sports app gives you the ability to get the latest sports news, scores and analysis.

mobile sports television in the palm of your hand

there are several sports app that provide updates, scores, news and more including apps from broadcasters as well as 365 scores, livestream, yiptv, and sports stream hd. these and other apps also provide live video streaming. ten sports is india?s leading sports network with five sports channels, including ten sports, ten action, ten hd, ten cricket and ten golf. the ten sports live hd app lets you watch live sports coverage from leading television channels in high-definition on your pc or mobile device. the app also has blogs, polls and a tv guide. registration is required to watch video.

multi-sport coverage from ten sports

the ten sports live hd app is a great source for the latest news from the world of sports. coverage includes the latest on atp tournaments, moto gp, pga championships, the tour de france, european football league play and the uefa champions league, and more. the ability to view live news and score in one app is a big plus.

download ten sports live hd 1 in softonic


my basketball playbook is an app designed for windows pc and mobile devices that allows basketball coaches to formulate strategies and draft plays while on the sidelines. featuring a number of useful tools, such as a daily practice schedule, play formulator and score keeper, my basketball playbook lets coaches trade in their clipboard for a more advanced and interactive playbook. not only can coaches design offensive and defensive plays on the court, they can also do it from the comfort of their own home or office with the pc version for future practices or games.

download my basketball playbook 1.1 in softonic


paper documents have two main problems - you can't easily edit them and they are delicate. abbyy finereader is designed to easily solve this problem by digitizing paper media. it can also handle pdf documents, giving you the freedom to do what you want with them.

abbyy finereader is an advanced program that uses optical character recognition on scans or photos for text, layout, tables and even the language of the document. the results can be edited within the program, or exported to word.

compatible with all scanners, and cameras too, abbyy finereader is extremely easy to use. it detects any connected devices, so you can scan in a document or choose an image from a camera or your hard drive. the image is then read, and two windows open. one shows the original image, and the other the digitized editable version.

the performance of abbyy finereader is impressive. we tested a document photographed with an iphone, and it was converted perfectly, with no errors. there are sometimes issues with images, but in general abbyy finereader will give you extremely good results. you can export files to pdf, doc, xls or html.

if you want to effectively digitize paper doncuments, abbyy finereader is an excellent and easy to use choice.

download abbyy finereader 14 in softonic


whether you are looking for commentary or the latest scores, cricbuzz is your source for cricket news and is the largest mobile app in india for getting cricket news. the app gives you instant scores and ball-by-ball commentary on your mobile device as matches unfold.

app features

in addition to being an app, cricbuzz is a leading sports news website in india dedicated to the sport of cricket. the mobile app provides live score updates and commentary, statistics and records, results, and the latest news and analysis from the world of cricket. it also features schedules, photos and audio commentary. the app lets you listen to live commentary in english and other regional languages, and you can see all live scores on a single page. you can also set up match alerts using push notifications. unlike the website, the mobile app does not offer cricket-based online games. neither the site or the app provide video streaming of matches.

the bottom line

although much of the content reflects what cricbuzz offers on its website, the mobile app lacks many of the features that would make it a single source for cricket news and action. the user interface is also busy and live features like scores and commentary are sometimes slow to download and update. the app still delivers high-quality content with comprehensive news, scores and commentary and is a leading contender for the best app for getting your cricket news fix.

download cricbuzz in softonic


facebook jobs is a brand new, free to join and use career marketplace. the social media giant is rolling it out so businesses in the united states and canada can advertise job openings directly on facebook where millions of potential hires spend time regularly. the initiative brings small businesses and job seekers closer together, promising to 'take the work out of hiring'.

job postings and applications, all in one familiar place

in an attempt to aid owners of business pages and lower-skilled job seekers in particular, facebook jobs is a fully integrated hiring system where small-business facebook page admins can post a job opening, monitor its reach and boost it to engage a wider audience if needed, receive and review applications, and get in contact with potential hires via messenger. facebook jobs is easy for applicants as well. relevant job openings will appear in the news feed automatically, or they can be browsed via the jobs bookmark in desktop and mobile. applying is as easy as clicking 'apply now' and selecting which parts of your facebook profile should appear in your application.

potential gamechanger

facebook jobs deals a major blow to traditional career services like linkedin or xing, particularly for small businesses and less specialised workers. while facebook profiles are not strictly professional by nature, this feature definitely taps into a promising job market niche.

download facebook jobs 1.0 in softonic


way before whatsapp web came onto the market, telegram already offered a desktop version of its security-focused messaging app. it may be light on features compared to the likes of skype, but it's still years ahead of whatsapp, which is still yet to release a desktop client (as its founders like to point out).

send telegrams from any device

to start using telegram for desktop you must already have signed up for an account on the android, ios, or windows phone app. once you've verified your details via a mobile app you're ready to start chatting.

the app allows you to easily message your mobile contacts, send an unlimited number of audio and video files (in batches if you chose), as well as insert emoticons and stickers of famous world leaders including gandhi. telegram for desktop also integrates well with other social networking services (such as youtube, instagram, and twitter), showing previews of any content you have shared in the app, as well as making any instagram or twitter mentions in these previews clickable. however, voice and video calling is currently not available.

while your phone contacts are automatically synced to the desktop version, you can also search for additional people via their usernames. notification settings can also be edited for each individual contact - so you can effectively mute friends if they're sending you too many messages!

one of the strengths of telegram is its group chat feature. unlike other messaging apps, telegram can have more than one administrator. administrators can change the photo and name of the group, as well as add or delete members. the service also allows you to create groups of up to 1,000 people!

prioritizing speed and security

security has always been telegram's major point of differentiation and this is no different with the desktop version. the messages are encrypted in the cloud, but there is no secret chat (self-destructing, not stored on the company's servers, and can't be forwarded) option for the desktop version. in terms of security for accessing the desktop client, telegram for desktop includes two-factor authentication, so you can set up an additional step to stop unauthorized logins. from the program, you can also review all the places/devices where you are logged in and stop individual sessions.

with whatsapp having been acquired by facebook, there are fears about what will happen to users' data, which is where telegram hopes to gain ground with its promise never to sell user data.

speed is another major plus point for telegram. sending a batch of ten photos happened immediately, while audio and video is also very quick to upload and send.

while the desktop version may be lacking features of its mobile sisters (secret chats, voice messaging, and group chats), it's still a nifty messaging service. messages sync seamlessly across devices and once you've seen a message on one device, it's marked as read on the other, meaning you don't have to deal with multiple notifications.

whatsapp you say?

telegram is a credible alternative to whatsapp, especially given that the latter doesn't yet have a desktop client. with privacy and security being key for today's users, telegram has built a solid place for itself in the market. the desktop client isn't as fully featured as viber and skype, but if it's speed and security you're after, this is the app for you.

download telegram for desktop 1.0.14 in softonic


one of most common reasons for your pc slowing down is processes that are hogging your system and taking all your cpu.

process lasso aims to solve this problem by reducing the priority of those processes that are not important and returned to a responsive level. it also works with multiple processes that are causing a problem so it can deal with more than one program at once. if you think that process lasso is prioritising the wrong processes, then you can define default processes that you want to be controlled or kept an eye on.

process lasso also displays graphs and other graphical represeantations to show you which processes are requiring the most cpu usage. you can blacklist those processes that are showing rather high graph readings or that are clearly taking up more cpu usage than they deserve.

although process lasso requires no experience, it does offer advanced settings and twesking options to make sure that it only blocks those processes that are specified or targeted by yourself. fortunately, process lasso itself is very low on resources so it will not add to your cpu hogging problems.

process lasso is a very useful process monitor than will ensure your cpu only dedicates itself to those programs that really need it.

download process lasso in softonic


when you purchase and download music, the format often limits how you can play each file. with an intuitive interface and easy to use application, mediahuman audio converter quickly converts music into various formats for free. with this application, you can play your music on virtually any player or device.


mediahuman audio converter creates 3pg, aac, aiff, flac, mp3, mp4, ogg, wav, wma, and other common file formats. it also converts music into apple lossless format. the drag and drop design lets you easily convert your audio files one at a time or simultaneously while keeping your existing folder structure. the program lets you split tracks by cue sheet by locating cue files in a folder and automatically splitting the image to individual tracks. it also searches for disk covers using various internet services. the freeware application supports itunes so you can add converted files directly to your library or choose a specific playlist. you are also able to extract audio tracks from videos.

in conclusion

one of the few downsides is the clumsy process for selecting a destination folder. once files are converted, you need to select ?open output folder? from the ?file? menu. you can then draft and drop newly converted files into the folder you want. alternatively, select ?preferences? from the menu bar and make your selection. similar programs often let you select a destination folder when selecting the output format right in the main interface window. they also allow you to convert entire folders and convert into multiple output formats in one batch, like xld and max. despite this, mediahuman audio converter offers a streamlined and user-friendly solution with plenty of options and functionality.

download mediahuman audio converter in softonic


mediahuman lyrics finder is a software application that helps users complete the missing song lyrics in their itunes library. simple to use, just drag and drop tracks into the interface and mediahuman lyrics finder does the rest. it's a safe operation and doesn't overwrite your existing lyrics. with access to over a million different songs and song lyrics from all over the internet, mediahuman lyrics finder can do the heavy lifting for you so that you never have to search for song lyrics again.

download mediahuman lyrics finder 1.4.2 in softonic


when you purchase and download music, the format often limits how you can play each file. with an intuitive interface and easy to use application, mediahuman audio converter quickly converts music into various formats for free. with this application, you can play your music on virtually any player or device.


mediahuman audio converter creates 3pg, aac, aiff, flac, mp3, mp4, ogg, wav, wma, and other common file formats. it also converts music into apple lossless format. the drag and drop design lets you easily convert your audio files one at a time or simultaneously while keeping your existing folder structure. the program lets you split tracks by cue sheet by locating cue files in a folder and automatically splitting the image to individual tracks. it also searches for disk covers using various internet services. the freeware application supports itunes so you can add converted files directly to your library or choose a specific playlist. you are also able to extract audio tracks from videos.

in conclusion

one of the few downsides is the clumsy process for selecting a destination folder. once files are converted, you need to select ?open output folder? from the ?file? menu. you can then draft and drop newly converted files into the folder you want. alternatively, select ?preferences? from the menu bar and make your selection. similar programs often let you select a destination folder when selecting the output format right in the main interface window. they also allow you to convert entire folders and convert into multiple output formats in one batch, like xld and max. despite this, mediahuman audio converter offers a streamlined and user-friendly solution with plenty of options and functionality.

download mediahuman audio converter in softonic


icare data recovery free edition is a file recovery system which scans drives to find any hidden or lost files. the software can check hard drives, external devices and other storage systems to recover any files which may have been lost or written over. files can then be safely moved to a new destination or removed as required.

one click recovery

with a range of supported files and a focus on clarity, icare data recovery free edition is designed to make the whole process of file recovery as simple as possible. scans are started with a single click, results are clearly labelled and moving files is a breeze. a range of files, from images to video, are all recovered in the same way, meaning that no advanced knowledge is required. with this focus on the non-technical user, there isn't a huge amount of extra options under the hood but it performs well for a free piece of software.

entry model

icare data recovery free edition works well as an alternative to expensive data recovery services. everything is explained simply, the interface is immediately accessible and scans run fairly quickly. while more experienced users may find it a little oversimplified, it is a great option for occasional use to deal with emergency storage errors.

download icare data recovery free edition 7.9.2 in softonic


garena+ allows you to connect with a global network of game players so that you'll always have someone to play against.

garena+ currently supports quite a limited number of games but does include some major titles such as age of empires i and ii, battlefield 2, bordelands, call of duty: modern warfare 1 and 2, call of duty: world at war, counter strike: source, call of duty 2, left 4 dead 1 and 2, red alert 3, starcraft, team fortress 2 and warcraft 3.

when you download and install garena+, you have to create and account to log into the garena network. you will be assigned an avatar that will identify you within the garena community. you can instantly see who is online and which players are at a similar ability to you. garena+ seems somewhat more focused on some games more than others though e.g. world of warcraft 3, for which there is even an online video channel and high-level championship mode.

to communicate with other gamers, garena+ has its own instant messaging and internal mail system and forums to discuss gaming issues. there's also a points system for those users with more experience and forum activity.

garena+ isn't compatible with enough major titles but for those it does work with, it's a simple way of finding like-minded gamers.

download garena+ 2.7.3 in softonic



outdoormaps is an offline smartphone application designed to provide extremely accurate readings when travelling outdoors. it is one of the preferred packages of hikers, mountaineers cross-country cyclists. as the software contains a multitude of different mapping options, it is said to be one of the most thorough and accurate applications of its type currently on the market.

main features and usability

outdoormaps is unique in the fact that this single program is actually a compendium of different sources. some of these include mapquest, opencyclemap, landscape and outdoors. such choices provide a greater sense of flexibility and thus, accuracy is enhanced as a result. full-screen displays and one-touch integration ensure for a streamlined functionality while out and about. zoom functions will further highlight specific areas and these locations can be saved to be accessed at a later time. based upon the compass heading, all maps can be rotated to provide a better sense of direction.

other useful options

another interesting feature associated with outdoormaps is that the user can highlight points of interest and share these with fellow enthusiasts via email or through the application itself. overall, this mobile phone application will provide clarity and insight while out and about. a paid subscription is required for activation.

download outdoormaps in softonic




active presenter is a free screen recording and screencasting tool for windows and os x, enabling you to produce software demonstrations, software simulations, quizzes and presentations. it offers various export options: jpeg and png images, html slideshows, pdfs, microsoft word, excel or powerpoint presentations, interactive simulations, and a choice of video export options (avi, mp4, wmv and webm).

create professional training videos

this free application enables you to record your screen and create engaging screencast videos. activepresenter enables you to record any area on your computer screen in crystal-clear quality. it also records system audio and audio from external devices like microphones. the application includes advanced editing features and common operations for both audio and video, cut, crop and join, change volume, speed audio or video up or down, blur images, zoom-n-pan, add captions, and video overlays. it is easy to export your creation to a video format of your choice and the software even supports lossless codecs in mkv format. using active presenter as an interactive elearning authoring tool enables you to create interactive html5 training contents and video tutorials.

powerful screen recording and interactive elearning authoring tool

activepresenter is a must-have tool for any business or educational professional, enabling you to stand out from your competitors. activepresenter allows you to create impressive interactive simulations and e-learning materials.

download activepresenter 3.5 in softonic


united airlines is a huge airline with a lot of clout, but regular mobile users will know that a big name company doesn’t always have a high quality app or even a great website. this airline app risks falling into that category- but when it works, it’s a great app with a lot of useful functionality. anything you could want related to your flight is somewhere inside, all for free.

features and functions

the united airlines app has been updated recently, providing several new features. starting with the obvious, you can book your flights on this app, which you should find easier than using the website. this app lets you keep up with your flight status with constant updates, something which is increasingly common now but was unheard of just a few years ago. get started by signing in to your mileageplus account and the appropriate options will appear. you can then use your phone as a boarding pass, a very efficient way to go, especially for frequent flyers. check in, choose alternate flight options and upgrade your seating all from your mobile device. you can even view maps of airports, vital when you’re in a new place and your flight is about to leave! on the opposite side, when you’re early and have time to kill, you can play sudoku games.

but is it smooth flying?

the united airlines app has had an overhaul in usability and access, largely improving things. the app has a clean, tile-based navigation menu and is easy on the eye, with good font sizes and clear labelling. the addition of a widget mode goes some way to providing more function and usability too. the other main navigation aid is the travel card system, which arranges features onto tabbed cards. pick a card that suits you and you’ll find the options listed on it. when you log in with your mileageplus account, the app generates cards that meet your needs, a great way to speed up navigation and make the app user-friendly. the app is meant to be compatible with tablets too, however, a lot of users have been struggling with crashes and incompatibilities, on tablet and mobile. of course, all apps go through these development hiccups.

a powerful app with teething problems

despite a few issues with compatibility, which are bound to be rectified in time, the united airlines app is very flexible and powerful. anything you could want is built into the app, making it simple and quick to book flights, check in and find your way around without needing lots of pieces of paper. little touches like the sudoku add value to the app and you will keep finding extra options like this if you search around. overall, this app is easy to use and a standard, capable companion to the airline website.

download united airlines 1 in softonic


genesis alpha one allows you to create a base in space where humans have to live, work, fight and love. during your base building adventure, you will be invaded by strange alien beings that need to be removed with extreme prejudice. it is a survival game, a base building game and a shooting game all in one. the fps feature favors new players, and the cloning feature is something that may interest long-term players.

the game revolves around base building

when playing genesis alpha one, you will spend most of your time building your base and maintaining it. the aim is to provide your human colony with all they need to survive. that is where the survival aspect comes into it because just a little mismanagement and poor planning will leave your colony without the basics it needs to survive. you will then start to discover that whole hosts of aliens have found their way onto your space station, from small parasitic aliens to larger and more aggressive monsters. the base building graphics are sophisticated without being overstated, and the first-person shooting graphics are gritty and dirty, a little like the earlier aliens and alien vs. predator games from the late 00s.

a base builder with a mix of other games

primarily, genesis alpha one is a game for people who enjoy base building games. the stakes are rather low with regards to it being a survival game because you have to mess up pretty badly and pretty consistently in order to wipe out your colony. the first-person shooting aspect is a very nice twist and it adds an extra dimension of fun into the game. it is a nice idea that has been reasonably well executed.

download genesis alpha one 1 in softonic


there are hundreds of emoji keyboard apps out there, letting you add more variety to your emoji icons when you text or use other messenger apps. finding one which suits you can be tricky, or even just finding one that’s not like the others. fortunately, free apps like bitmoji for chrome are on the case! this app allows you to create an avatar and build your emojis from it, so they’ll be unique to you. this simple and clever idea really makes your gmail messages personal.

why this chrome extension for gmail over all the rest?

bitmoji for chrome has the edge on many emoji apps because of its uniqueness. rather than trying to compete in number of emojis -where admittedly this app falls way short- it focuses on giving you different, personalized emojis. the concept is surprisingly simple; the app lets you build an avatar from a series of face shapes, body types, hair and clothing. then that avatar is posed in various ways to create the emojis, with each one starring you (or whoever you create). that way, you get to inject yourself into your gmail emails. the app’s icons are fairly varied, from a flirty kiss to fist-bump for respect. the number of attributes that let you personalize your avatar increase the variety further, so you can change up your hair or clothes if you get bored. you can have fun making the wildest or ugliest version of yourself!

a clever way to create variety

while bitmoji for chrome could stand to have more stickers, there’s still a lot of variety here thanks to the personalized nature of the avatars. this clever idea lets you become the star of your own emojis and the added function of 2-person emojis is great fun with friends. though this extension is simple and won’t add a huge amount of icons to your collection, they are of high quality and feel unique and interesting.

download bitmoji for chrome 0.8.91 in softonic


the warlock of firetop mountain game allows you to create your own journey and adventure while battling with an rpg game mechanic. fight with turn-based combat and choose the direction your story goes. fight your way into zagor's lair with the hero of your choice, and make choices that will affect how the game turns out.

another instant classic rpg by steve jackson

if you have played other steve jackson story games, then you will know what to expect. the warlock of firetop mountain places you in a small tabletop environment where the terrain generates as you move from one location to another. the graphics are initially simple, but the textures, 3d objects, and lighting is very sophisticated, which results in a very atmospheric game. the game involves lots of reading because text panels spawn whenever you interact with objects, and you have to read the story as you go. as the text-based story is generated, you are expected to choose an option to progress the game. they have added xbox controller compatibility, which means you can play the game on your pc with an xbox controller. it is 100 times better with the controller.

it feels like you are playing dungeons and dragons with friends

if you have ever played dungeons and dragons, you will feel quite nostalgic when you play the warlock of firetop mountain. for example, one line says, ?you open a door to find a large room with two orcs.? if you are a fan of text driven games, or games by steve jackson, then you will not be disappointed. the combat doesn?t feel as complete as previous steve jackson games, but the story will more than make up for the lack of sizzle when you engage in the game?s turn-based combat.

download the warlock of firetop mountain 1 in softonic


youtube tv is a live television service solely offered by the creators of google. as the title hints, this application will enable users to watch and record a wide variety of programs from across the internet and around the world. large networks as well as independent cable providers will be included in this package. prices start at $35 dollars a month.

 features and main benefits

it could be argued that the most beneficial aspect of youtube tv is that viewers can watch all of their favorite shows without requiring a completely separate subscription. these videos will be offered alongside all of the existing youtube content. also, a separate flash player is not required. this application is able to work together with the majority of web pages that currently support the youtube video system. users pay on a month-by-month basis; there is no contract. up to six individuals can be included within a single subscription.

other options and functions

ten standard sports networks are currently available and users can add showtime into the bundle for an additional charge. local channels are also included and this will be automatically determined based off of the geographic location of the viewer. unlimited dvr storage in the cloud is another massive advantage.

download youtube tv 1.0 in softonic






mass effect: andromeda is the latest edition within this impressive franchise. in this version, the player will take on the role of a military-trained explorer. he or she is hoping to find a new home for human civilization and there will be a number of challenges to overcome along the way. mysteries and enemies await, so only the strong will survive.

basic gameplay and features

mass effect: andromeda is extremely detailed, in some ways reflecting the graphics present within the halo series of games. one feature that is present within all mass effect platforms is the ability of the player to obtain valuable upgrades as levels advance. more powerful weapons, self-healing armor and a host of space-based accessories await. there are three different additions available. these include the standard version, the deluxe edition and the super deluxe edition. each of these will need to be ordered in advance before the player has access to the game itself.

additional amenities

the player will partner with other virtual team members along the way. thus, there is also a great deal of strategy involved. exquisite graphics, immersive audio effects and hair-raising adventures will certainly appeal to any fan of space-based adventures. mass effect: andromeda is suitable for those 16 years of age or older.

download mass effect: andromeda 1 in softonic


mgalaxy is one of the largest online gaming emulators in existence. this is a perfect portal for anyone who hopes to enjoy their favorite childhood games within a flash player setting. there are currently more than 60 platforms supported and this number continues to grow on a regular basis. from donkey kong and galaxa to metroid and super mario bros., the options are as amazing as the games themselves. this is a completely free service and a one-time download is required.

download mgalaxy 6.2 in softonic

lego worlds is an adventure game for pc. and to get this out of the way, it could just have easily been called lego minecraft.

not an unexpected move

lego worlds catches the essence of the minecraft series adds it to the lego universe. indeed, given how mincraft took inspiration from lego (albeit in digital form), you could see this as closing the circle.

each game of lego worlds starts in a randomly generated environment. for now there are no concrete objectives, but that doesn’t stop you being able to find lego pieces and using them to build prefabricated designs like medieval castles, spaceships, and the like. basically, bringing your toys to life in its virtual world.

you are driven to explore each environment thanks to the variety of each virtual lego world. being adventurous has its rewards, because each virtual world hides multiple coin filled chests - coins that allow you to buy more things to construct.

beautiful blocks

in some boxes you can also find weapons. what for? well, lego worlds is full of characters and animals of all kinds: vampires, horses, pigs, zombies... some of which you can probably see are going to be more friendly than others.

graphically, lego worlds is notably more detailed than default minecraft. effects such as reflections, lights, and shadows fill each area, and look great. plus there is a day/night cycle; fun, if only because sunrise and sunset look fantastic.

currently lego worlds is very incomplete. you can explore, build, drive, ride animals, and unlock more structures. but there is still much to do before it’s finished - with multiplayer, more environments, the ability to share your creations online, better tools, and character customization still all needed.

a work in progress

is lego worlds worth a download at the moment? it depends. if the concept of lego minecraft appeals then certainly - but keep in mind that you are paying for a demo. if you are after a full a full game, you should wait a little longer.

download lego worlds 1.0 in softonic



middle-earth: shadow of war is a pc-based game which allows players to forge an army, to participate in pitched battles and to confront formidable enemies. the ultimate goal is to defeat the dark lord sauron and to free middle earth from his grip.

basic features and gameplay

middle-earth: shadow of war is the latest version of the popular middle earth series published by wb games. however, it should be noted that this game is only appropriate for those aged 16 years or older. the main intention of this version (much like others within the franchise) is to strategically construct armies and to obtain power-ups in order to advance to more challenging levels. there are numerous storylines between different stages. this feature allows the platform to appear much like a high-definition film. stunning musical interludes, incredible three-dimensional rendering and a host of unique environments round out the benefits to be experienced. fans of the middle earth franchise will certainly not be disappointed.

other unique benefits

this game is known for its extremely detailed graphics, currently some of the best in the industry. as it is associated with steam, achievements are able to be carried over and players will be awarded as they progress. this single-player game offers multiple language support and most controllers are recognized.

download middle-earth™: shadow of war 1 in softonic


mpc hc is a free program for windows that belongs to the category audio, and has been developed by mpc-hc team. this program is available in english.

download mpc hc varies-with-device in softonic


dupscout encuentra por ti los archivos duplicados, esos que sólo ocupan espacio en el disco duro y son fuente de confusión a la hora de buscar las versiones correctas de los documentos. haz clic en duplicates para que dupscout se ponga manos a la obra.

una vez definidas las carpetas de búsqueda, las excluidas y el tipo de comprobación de firma, dupscout escaneará el disco en busca de clones. los resultados se muestran en la tabla del programa, con un indicador del espacio "malgastado" y la cantidad de duplicados.

llegado el momento de la acción, dupscout no se queda corto: podrás reemplazar los duplicados con accesos directos, moverlos a otro directorio y, por supuesto, elimininarlos. y antes de proceder, dupscout ofrece una vista previa de la limpieza; de esta forma, es mucho más difícil que metas la pata.

download dupscout 9.5.14 in softonic



pdf to x is a fast and efficient means to convert existing pdf files into a variety of different formats. this can be a very useful option for users who need to send files to multiple recipients or who may wish to edit an existing pdf document. an intuitive interface and centralized icons are perfect for those with little previous experience.

basic functions and features

the primary benefit of pdf to x revolves around its ability to quickly convert an existing document into a variety of formats. some of these choices include (but are certainly not limited to) .rtf, .doc, .txt and html. as this software supports command line interface (cli) architecture, it can be quite useful for programmers and developers. once it is downloaded, the application can convert pdf documents in batch format, a massive advantage when a number of discrete files need to be modified within a short period of time.

additional tools and accessories

there are no advertisements contained within this software and a one-time licensing fee will provide unlimited customer support when required. files can be dragged and dropped into place while it is also possible to copy and paste a target url when online sources need to be modified. pdf to x supports multiple different user languages.

download pdf to x 5.0 in softonic


jalbum is a free, fully-featured web album creator that allows you to create alums of photos and share them online.




the jalbum interface has improved a lot in recent versions, and is now a clean, clear slate for exploring your pictures and quickly selecting the ones you want to put into your album. once you've imported photos, you can rearrange them, remove the ones you don't like, add captions and generally make lots of tweaks to make the most of them. jalbum also includes a nice set of basic editing tools.




jalbum's strongest feature is certainly making albums. you've got a view options here - you can make an album to view locally on your pc, upload it to a jalbum account, or upload it to you own web server. this is very easy to do and jalbum comes with a number of styles to start out with. you can also download more skins from the developer's website.

you can also share your published albums via a vast selection of different social networks, facebook and twitter included.

one minor complaint with the jalbum is that for an album creation app, it doesn't have as many sharing options as we'd like. it could definitely do with the ability to post to places like facebook straight from the app as opposed to having to first publish an album before sharing. we also missed the opportunity to add music outside of having to use a custom skin for it, a touch that would make some albums really special.

with a good set of editing tools, and a straightforward process, the free jalbum makes for a great way of creating photo albums to share with your friends.

download jalbum 12.4 in softonic


directtv is a paid service that allows you to watch tv and movies online, and you can stream the tv shows to your big tv in your living room too. watch the most popular tv network channels in the us, or take your pick from a vast library of movies. watch them on demand without having to wait.

watch online without having the download software

the directtv doesn?t force you to download and install software on your desktop or mobile device. if you sign up for an account, you may watch your shows via a web browser. the ability to watch directtv via your web browser means you are not limited to just one device. you may watch via a web browser on your mobile device, or you may watch with a web browser on your desktop computer. streaming to your large tv is very easy, and you probably have the technology required to stream already, so you do not have to buy a receiving device.

get the tv channels you want without paying for cable

people used to have the choice of receiving their tv shows by an aerial, and then by a cable or a satellite dish. now, thanks to this tv service, you are able to receive tv shows over the internet. most people have a suitably strong wi-fi signal with enough bandwidth so that even hd tv shows may be watched without freezing or screen lagging.

download directtv 1 in softonic


mozilla firefox is a free, open-source web browser that offers numerous features and customization options. its performance is excellent, and it's designed to protect your privacy.

all the features that you need


firefox includes several built-in features that can be extended through a vast catalog of extensions.

it offers tabbed browsing customizable, the standard on all browsers now for quite some time. it also has an integrated search engine and is easily customizable.

from the homepage, you'll have access to a google search box and a list of shortcuts to access your downloads, bookmarks, history, add-ons, synchronization and settings. it has all the essential features and also includes a spell checker, built-in pdf reader, navigation with geotagging, and much more.

as for security, there is a pop-up blocker, an anti-phishing filter, and features to protect your privacy, the cornerstone of mozilla. in addition to the usual private browsing mode, firefox gives you the option to block websites from tracking you, and can even tell you which websites you're being tracked by using the lightbeam add-on.

firefox offers a system that ensures that the sites you visit are reliable, also verifying that your connection is secure. security updates are automatic to ensure that you are always protected against the latest threats.

it also provides some basic features, which are a spell checker, integrated pdf reader, navigation with geolocation, a reading mode to read without distractions, integration with pocket and more.

highly customizable


one of firefox's biggest advantages is its ability to adapt to each user, made possible through the numerous customization options that allow you to organize the browser and tailor it to your needs - including the ability to allow your favorite sites to send you push notifications.

many themes are available for spicing up your firefox interface, and you can organize your tools and most used features as you like in the menu or personal toolbar.

add-ons are also a great way to customize the browser and increase functionality. some add-ons have become essential, such as adblock plus or video downloadhelper, which both have several million users.

in addition, firefox has firefox hello, an ephemeral chat room service, similar to hangouts and based on the protocol webrtc (so you will not need an additional plugin). with firefox hello you can also send the page you are visiting straight to your friends.

since version 35, firefox allows access to its extension store firefox marketplace from the toolbar itself.

one of the best browsers available


there's a reason why mozilla firefox is one of the world's most popular web browsers. it's complete in terms of features, reliability and flexibility, and it offers everything you need for browsing the web in the smoothest way possible.

download mozilla firefox 52.0 in softonic


jalbum is a free, fully-featured web album creator that allows you to create alums of photos and share them online.




the jalbum interface has improved a lot in recent versions, and is now a clean, clear slate for exploring your pictures and quickly selecting the ones you want to put into your album. once you've imported photos, you can rearrange them, remove the ones you don't like, add captions and generally make lots of tweaks to make the most of them. jalbum also includes a nice set of basic editing tools.




jalbum's strongest feature is certainly making albums. you've got a view options here - you can make an album to view locally on your pc, upload it to a jalbum account, or upload it to you own web server. this is very easy to do and jalbum comes with a number of styles to start out with. you can also download more skins from the developer's website.

you can also share your published albums via a vast selection of different social networks, facebook and twitter included.

one minor complaint with the jalbum is that for an album creation app, it doesn't have as many sharing options as we'd like. it could definitely do with the ability to post to places like facebook straight from the app as opposed to having to first publish an album before sharing. we also missed the opportunity to add music outside of having to use a custom skin for it, a touch that would make some albums really special.

with a good set of editing tools, and a straightforward process, the free jalbum makes for a great way of creating photo albums to share with your friends.

download jalbum 13.10 in softonic


groupme is a social media application that appears to be somewhat similar to other software such as facetime and whatsapp. however, there is no dedicated online platform to register with. this bundle exists solely in the world of mobile phones. this is freeware, so users will not have to pay to download its contents. such a system can be a great alternative to more memory-laden plans. sms messaging is only available to users within the united states.

basic features and usability

groupme offers users all of the most important functions within a centralized platform. some basic options include direct messaging, group chats and the ability to access the application from a personal computer. as this software caters to international needs, it can be a great idea when speaking with friends and family members living abroad. groups sessions are offered and it is even possible to send entire urls within a standard chat.

additional benefits

besides standard direct messaging, groupme provides several other advantages. images, gifs and memes can all be sent with the click of a button. a handy image gallery will store this information for download at a later time. users can control the types of notifications that they receive and it is possible to mute the application when necessary.

download groupme 1.0 in softonic


avseq is an audio-visual sequencing game designed for personal computers. not only does it contain detailed graphics, but a nearly endless number of audio permutations will enable the player to literally create his or her own unique form of music as the game progresses. it offers a point-and-click architecture, so no keyboard is required. this is one of the many games which have been developed by big robot. it is hypnotic, extremely challenging and a great deal of fun.

main gameplay features

avseq is unique in the fact that there is no end to the game. instead, the player will have to match different atoms together which drop down from the top of the screen. the number of links will determine how many fragments are awarded. these fragments are required in order to progress to more difficult levels. an entrancing background further adds to the surreal nature of this game.

other unique qualities

no two games of avseq will ever be alike due to the random nature in which the atoms present themselves. however, the most interesting attribute of this game is the truly limitless audio creations to be enjoyed. the player will lose if this music stops, so he or she needs to pay close attention at all times.

download avseq 1 in softonic


death squared is a cooperative multiplayer puzzle game in which you control one of a team of block-shaped robots trying to navigate a path through a landscape of blocks and puzzles. you'll need the help of up to three other blocks to let you complete the puzzles and finish the levels.

co-op fun and frustration

death squared is a simple game with simple controls, you move your robots around the level, pushing blocks, triggering sensors and interacting with the various other objects and devices. it plays like a cross between a puzzle game like portal and the classic board game robo rally. the graphics are simple but clear, making the levels easily 'readable.' you may need a certain amount of trial and error to work out what each unfamiliar new feature does. the ideal play style is patient and experimental, and at higher levels it may take a while to figure out any one level. the movement controls can take a little getting used to at first, which can lead to frustration when your robot tumbles off the edge of the map accidentally. once you've completed the core story campaign, you can keep testing your skill on harder puzzles in vault mode.

a fun choice for puzzle fans

if you've got a couple of friends who like puzzle games as much as you do, you should check out death squared. it's a challenging, entertaining multiplayer puzzle experience.

download death squared 1 in softonic


those looking to take their driving test will know all about the hazard perception test, which is part of the theoretical side of driving. it can be hard to revise for this, but apps like hazard perception test do help. this simple app plays videos showing driving scenarios with potential hazards, so you can spot them ahead of time. this has 42 official dsa videos and unique custom videos, with explanations so you can learn from mistakes. as hazards come along, tap to identify them. if you tap too much, which can trigger anti-cheating measures in the real test, you will be alerted.

download hazard perception test 1 in softonic


kitty is a free program for windows that belongs to the category internet-network, and has been developed by cyd. this program is available in english.

download kitty varies with device in softonic


yandex.disk is a free program for windows that belongs to the category backup-cloud-storage, and has been developed by yandex llc.. this program is available in english.

download yandex.disk varies with device in softonic


ardour is a free program for windows that belongs to the category audio, and has been developed by mpv. this program is available in english.

download ardour varies with device in softonic


qttabbar is a free program for windows that belongs to the category file-managers, and has been developed by quizo. this program is available in english.

download qttabbar varies with device in softonic


wrike is a free program for windows that belongs to the category business-productivity, and has been developed by wrike. this program is available in english.

download wrike varies with device in softonic


yacy is a free program for windows that belongs to the category development, and has been developed by michael peter christen et al.. this program is available in english.

download yacy varies with device in softonic


seafile is a free program for windows that belongs to the category backup-cloud-storage, and has been developed by seafile ltd.. this program is available in english.

download seafile varies with device in softonic


bluefish editor is a free program for windows that belongs to the category development, and has been developed by olivier sessink, daniel leidert. this program is available in english.

download bluefish editor varies with device in softonic


comodo dragon is a powerful browser that's based on chromium, the source code for google chrome. it's fast, dynamic and has plenty of features for making online browsing more secure. 



first priority: online security


comodo dragon is more than just a simple "copy" of chrome. it comes with several very useful features and plenty of security options. during installation, for example, the program gives you the option to add comodo securedns, which guarantees safe web browsing and restricts access to high-risk sites.

the browser includes the webinspector online service, a tool that verifies a websites security, and privdog, which blocks ads, cookies, trackers and third-party widgets.

in addition, comodo dragon also comes with a media downloader to download online videos for free, and a feature to instantly share web content to your facebook, twitter and linkedin accounts.

it's also got some interesting features for searching online and sharing content. you can highlight text and then drag and drop it in the address bar to run a search on google, google images, google translate, youtube, or wikipedia. you can also share links and content on facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus, or linkedin by simply dragging and dropping them in the browser's left margin.

like google chrome, comodo dragon creates a separate process for each open tab, includes a bookmark manager, and has a home page with previews of your most visited sites, as well as the option to create private browsing sessions. comodo dragon also supports the same installable extensions as chrome. 


elegant design


in terms of it's use, comodo dragon isn't much different from chrome. the design is simple and elegant with a predominance of dark tones. on the other hand, it does seem more rigid than google's browser.

the tools menu is located on the left (not on the right like in chrome). next to the address bar, you can find buttons for privdog, webinspector, share and media downloader. 



like chrome, but more


the developer's slogan makes it clear: "a safer and faster version of chrome." and so far, comodo dragon has kept its promise.

the browser is fast, but more importantly, it's very careful when it comes to privacy and network security. the preinstalled plugins are very effective, and comodo securedns is incredibly useful for blocking sites with a high risk of malware and other online threats.

the comodo dragon browser is ideal if you're looking for something a bit more advanced than google chrome in terms of features. it's perfect for anyone who wants more security when surfing online. 

download comodo dragon 55.0.2883.59 in softonic


musicbrainz picard is a free program for windows that belongs to the category audio, and has been developed by lukas lalinsky and robert kaye. this program is available in english.

download musicbrainz picard varies with device in softonic


istat is a full version program for windows that belongs to the category utilities-tools, and has been developed by bjango. this program is available in english.

download istat varies with device in softonic


clamwin is a free program for windows that belongs to the category security-privacy, and has been developed by clamwin. this program is available in english.

download clamwin varies with device in softonic


keynote nf is a free program for windows that belongs to the category development, and has been developed by daniel pradov. this program is available in english.

download keynote nf varies with device in softonic


veracrypt is a free program for windows that belongs to the category security-privacy, and has been developed by veracrypt. this program is available in english.

download veracrypt varies with device in softonic


backblaze is a full version program for windows that belongs to the category backup-cloud-storage, and has been developed by backblaze. this program is available in english.

download backblaze varies with device in softonic


toggl is a free program for windows that belongs to the category business-productivity, and has been developed by apprise. this program is available in english.

download toggl varies with device in softonic


clonezilla is a free program for windows that belongs to the category backup-cloud-storage, and has been developed by steven shiau. this program is available in english.

download clonezilla varies with device in softonic


mremoteng is a free program for windows that belongs to the category internet-network, and has been developed by mremoteng. this program is available in english.

download mremoteng varies with device in softonic


open hardware monitor is a free program for windows that belongs to the category utilities-tools, and has been developed by michael möller. this program is available in english.

download open hardware monitor varies with device in softonic


mpv is a free program for windows that belongs to the category video, and has been developed by mpv. this program is available in english.

download mpv varies with device in softonic


syncthing is a free program for windows that belongs to the category backup-cloud-storage, and has been developed by jakob borg. this program is available in english.

download syncthing varies with device in softonic


nordvpn is a vpn (virtual private network) service, and nord is a massive company. they have a network with over 770 servers that cover every continent except antarctica. they have servers in 57 different countries too. this is a big company with a lot of technology on hand. as a result, you get a very fast and efficient service that is very secure. the company has also taken all the work out of connecting by doing the technical stuff for you. 

the tightest security in the vpn industry

nord vpn encrypts your information twice. this won’t stop foreign government agencies from seeing what you are doing with your internet, but it will give many hackers a very hard time. it will also require more processing power to crack the encryption, which means government agencies have to dedicate more time to seeing what you are doing. nordvpn has fast servers, and their extensive network of servers helps keep your internet very fast. the automatic kill switch is a fantastic addition to the network program. if your network connection is compromised or goes offline, the program will shut down any website you are on and any software you are using to be sure your information is never compromised. as should be the case with all vpn services, there are no logs kept, which means your internet activities are kept a secret. the vpn company has also solved the dns leak problem by ensuring that unencrypted queries are not sent outside of vpn tunnels. 

popularizing vpn by making it accessible to everybody 

content management systems made it so that anybody could start a website without any sort of coding or web design training. google blogger means that anybody can start a blog, even people who cannot afford a blog. nord vpn have made using vpn so easy, that they are the cms and blogger of the vpn world. even people who are barely computer literate are able to use virtual private networks. they also have customer support agents that work 24/7 for if you have any issues. you may use up to six devices at one time, and your use is unmetered. when you log in to your account, you are presented with a list of servers in a small grey box. choose a country, or choose a specific server if you know a little more about servers and which one is the best. for example, there is a server dedicated to netflix for people in countries where they cannot get netflix. once you choose your server, then your internet is secured. that is all you see of the nord vpn gui. you can check to see if you are secure with websites such as, where you can check to see if the ip address shown is actually your own in your own country, or if it is the ip address of the server you chose. 

vpn doesn’t get much better than this

there are some advantages to big businesses dominating a certain industry, and nordvpn is proof of that. using the company’s wealth and power, they have set up over 770 servers in country on almost every continent, and they have some of the best security in the vpn industry. their technology has helped to keep their service fast, and has helped to keep the use of their technology very simple. for example, their smart play function will have your internet-using apps sign in through vpn to help you avoid extra steps when using your apps. there are no bandwidth limits, and you may use the service on up to six devices simultaneously. nord’s vpn is very hard to beat. 

download nordvpn in softonic


modx is a free program for windows that belongs to the category business-productivity, and has been developed by modx. this program is available in english.

download modx varies with device in softonic


konqueror is a free program for windows that belongs to the category development, and has been developed by the kde team. this program is available in english.

download konqueror varies with device in softonic


chocolatey is a free program for windows that belongs to the category utilities-tools, and has been developed by rob reynolds. this program is available in english.

download chocolatey varies with device in softonic