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l-15 jl-10 jet fighter trainer

china is investing in the supporting elements of modern air power.

the jl-10 (also the hongdu l-15) is becoming china's top option for preparing pilots for flying stealth fighters. read on.

ehang 184

ehang 184 starts its drone limo service in july 2017

dubai will start passenger services with the ehang 184, each carrying a passenger as the drone zips through the air at speeds of 100 mph. read on.

valentine's day gift guide

because, on this day, nothing says "i think you're rad" quite like a greeting card that can sing for three straight hours.

valentine's day is happening again this year. here's what to buy for your sweetheart. or friends. or self.

qian xuesen

when fear trumps science and security, everybody loses

donald trump's executive order banning immigration from muslim countries argued that these new restrictions are necessary to prevent attacks. this is folly. read on.

a quick run-down of they have now, and what they'll get in the coming decades.

here's a quick run-down of the nuclear systems of both countries—and what they are planning to obtain in the next 25 years.

china high powered microwave weapon emp

an electronics-killing ray has a variety of uses in war.

a weapon that uses microwaves to knock out electronic equipment wins a top chinese science prize.

landspace technology china space private

the agreement was signed with a danish nanosatellite maker.

landspace signs an agreement with gomspace, a danish nanosat maker, to start launching its satellites in 2018.

china manned lunar mission landing gear

the country is looking to launch in 2032.

china tests the landing gear for its manned lunar lander, as part of a 15-year journey to humanity's lunar return. read on.

china sharp sword stealth ucav lijian

it just won a technology prize, so china's pretty proud of it.

the sharp sword won a big national technology award, showcasing china's secretive research into stealth drones.


most parts of the country will want to spend less time outside

while numerous climate studies in recent years have examined the influence of global warming on extreme weather events ,  there has been little attention directed at the…

liaoning aircraft carrier china

the liaoning carried at least three helicopters, eight fighters, three destroyers, two frigates, and a refueling ship.

the aircraft carrier liaoning is already making big waves. what's more, it's likely it'll be followed by even bigger carriers.


research with a narrative is shared more widely

a new study found that climate change papers written in a more narrative style — those that tell a story — were the most highly cited by other scientists, an important…

some unwrapping and assembling may be required. we're not animals.

some unpackaging and assembling may be required. we are not animals, here.

holiday presents for the tots on your list

got a nerdy kid (or nerd-adjacent kid) on your holiday gift list? here are a few presents that will delight your favorite babies and kids—and their parents.

because nothing else will make it in time for christmas

you're out of time. here are the gifts you can order tonight and still have arrive before christmas—without paying an arm and a leg for shipping.

fill their holiday season with reading material.

need a gift for your favorite smartypants? these are the best science and sci-fi books of 2016.

christmas gift

even dullards deserve some holiday cheer

being dull doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get a gift they love…

the "outdoorsy" type

some of your friends like to do stuff outside: hiking, climbing, skiing, camping. some of them just like to look like they do that stuff.

a very good dog

for the pooch who has everything.

gift ideas for the dog who has everything. read on.

bowties, cufflinks, collar pins, and more.

holiday gift ideas for that friend who makes geekery look like it belongs on the runway.

i am one of those people and i am not sorry

all the presents your little star wars nerd wants to see under the tree…


more highways mean less food scarcity, but at what cost?

governments and developers should aim to improve existing poor quality roads — those already located near farms — while keeping new roads out of areas with large natural…

it's a serious problem, but a little laughter goes a long way

satirists are teaching tv audiences about science, technology and climate change.

plant growing

for the gardeners—and wannabe gardeners—in your life

gift ideas for the gardeners—and wanna-be gardeners—in your life. read on.



these gifts may just be the perfect presents to give to your loved ones a fighting chance when the inevitable robot apocalypse happens.

or keep for yourself

there's nothing a tinkerer or builder likes more than working with his or her hands. these gifts will let diyers do just that.


a new study finds evidence of many local extinctions

climate change could doom numerous species irreversibly, including those that people depend on for resources and food. the trend is especially troubling in tropical and…

resistance is futile.

the best gifts for star trek fans. read on.


an interview with jellyfish expert lisa-ann gershwin

jellyfish expert lisa-ann gershwin recently sat down with nexus media to share insights from her research and discuss her new books, jellyfish: a natural history and…


from my disease-fearing brain to yours

gifts for the person who thinks they have come down with everything from cancer to shingles.


oklahoma just saw temperatures close to triple digits

it is extremely unusual to see such sweltering temperatures in the dead of winter, but climate change is loading the dice for severe heat.

china shipbuilding trading company trimaran idex 2017

a trimaran vessel with all-electric propulsion, multiple helicopters, and anti-ship missiles.

china shipbuilding trading company plans for a high-tech trimaran warship with all-electric propulsion, multiple helicopters, and deadly missiles. read on.


silent hunter laser china dubai idex 2017

a peek at the arsenal at an arms fair in dubai.

china displays a whole bunch of high-tech and homemade weapons at the idex 2017 arms fair in dubai. read on.

a tesla charging station

is "range anxiety" a thing of the past?

in addition to nationwide volunteer peer-to-peer sharing, cities, states, utilities and private companies are setting up charging stations for the public.

a mexican gray wolf

an interview with photographer joel sartore

these photos capture the character and personality of naked mole rats, arctic foxes, and dozens of other beasts standing at the brink of extinction.

car tire

meals into wheels

researchers have discovered that food waste, specifically tomato peels and eggshells, makes excellent filler for rubber tires. read on.

revealing the deadly effects of an invisible pollutant

climate change is creating stagnant weather conditions in china, trapping pollution over its major cities. read on.

nature's nose job

climate has shaped the human nose, producing wider nostrils in warmer regions and smaller nostrils in cooler regions. read on:…

the sahara

solving the mystery of the sahara

new research suggests humans transformed the sahara from grassy woodland to desert wasteland. read on.


a new study suggests type 2 diabetes is rising along with the temperature

researchers find that as the earth warms, more americans are developing diabetes, and more people worldwide are developing glucose intolerance. read on.

china drone jamming gun

there's no shortage of targets.

chinese police have drone-jamming guns, while the chinese military has frigging laser guns.

china marines planmc

a reorganization and expansion brings the program from 20,000 to 100,000 marines.

china's marines are expanding in numbers, possibly soon to be armed with main battle tanks, heavy artillery and attack helicopters.


climate change could throw off the balance of ecosystems

rising temperatures could disrupt the fragile balance between predator and prey. read on.

type 054a jingzhou frigate china

around the world in 180 days.

three chinese warships are going to asia, africa, and europe, visiting a record 20+ countries.

type 001a aircraft carrier china

type 001a is the plan's first aircraft carrier built in china.

the carrier, the first built in china, was launched to public fanfare in dalian; once it becomes operational, it'll double chinese carrier aviation power.

a sabre-toothed cat

giant sloths and saber-toothed tigers, oh my

as persistent moisture increased at the end of the last ice age, many big animals across eurasia and the americas became extinct. read on.


facts don’t speak for themselves

tomorrow, thousands of americans will march for science. some scientists are worried about politicizing science, but harvard historian naomi oreskes says that it's "not…

tianzhou 1 china

tianzhou 1 is expected to be china's most prolific spacecraft.

the tianzhou 1 robot supply space craft will rendezvous with china's tiangong 2 space station, to help establish a permenant chinese manned presence in orbit.

the nansen ice shelf in antarctica

the antarctic ice sheet is draining huge quantities of water out to sea.

scientists have discovered that antarctica is melting from the inside out. they examine what this means for sea-level rise.

huludao bohai bshic nuclear submarine assembly china factory

it can build four subs at a time.

china's new submarine factory on the yellow sea will churn out modern ssns in the next decade, making plan submarines a deadly global force. read on.

china hypersonic aircraft

the latest scramjets, near-space planes, and super wind tunnels.

the 21st international space plane and hypersonic systems and technology in xiamen, china, offers details on key fast technologies. read on.

a woman enjoys the natural light refracted by water in a bottle

let the sunshine in

alfred moser had a eureka moment involving an old coke bottle and a spoonful of bleach. his makeshift lightbulb illuminates homes across the developing world.