youtube and daydream team up to improve vr videos

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youtube and daydream are working together to introduce a better way to project vr videos, making them look more realistic.
opening up youtube links in daydream is easy, provided you know what you're doing. everybody has navigated to youtube at least once, whether it's for a movie trailer, a music video, or just a news clip that they want to watch. what you may not have realized is that youtube has a pretty significant offering of 360 degree videos that can be enjoyed from within vr. if you've found one of these videos, and you're ready to watch it in vr you may have a pretty obvious question. 'how in the devil do i open this youtube link in daydream?' well have no fear, it's simple and we have the details for you here. read more at ...
you might have come across a few 360-degree gaming videos on youtube since last year. chances are, those are some of the results of the platform's partnership with creators and publishers formed in an effort to experiment with the production of vr ga...
just go ahead and install all of them. you know, for fun. google's first daydream headset is finally shipping to people who purchased the first daydream phone, and are quickly finding it's not easy to locate the whole list of daydream apps from the play store. while we've been having a lot of fun showing you the best free daydream apps and the daydream games everyone should have installed, the act of browsing for apps and then waiting for them to install while in vr isn't a good time. to make it a little easier, we've tracked down the first wave of google daydream apps that are available to install now, so you can load up your pixel with vr goodness and see what this new experience is all about. read more at vr heads! ...
youtube has supported 360-degree and vr videos for a while, and now it is making changes that will improve the quality of those videos. according to a new report from the service’s engineering team, a joint effort is taking place between daydream and youtube to make these types of videos look more realistic, doing so using ‘better projection methods.’ youtubes … continue reading
the official nba vr app for phones that support google's daydream view headset has launched, offering access to videos and interviews with players.
what are the best games for google daydream? for many people, daydream view is more than google's take on vr. it's the first vr headset for a lot of pixel owners, and that means there's plenty of room to explore and have some fun. it also means there are a lot of apps in the play store asking for some money from you without a whole lot of assurance that the game will be worth the cash. while there's plenty of fun to be had with the free apps available for daydream, some of the other experiences are on an entirely different level. here's where you need to start if you're looking for quality games for daydream. read more at vr heads! ...
when your controller stops working, there are a few things to double check. there are plenty of frustrating problems that can crop up while you are in vr, but one of the peskiest is having your daydream remote stop responding. since the only way to interact with the daydream menus and games is with the controller, having it stop moving is an instant problem. if this is the first time this has happened, we have a few tricks that may solve the problem. if it's happened before you might want to look into troubleshooting daydream controller issues. read more at ...
one way or another, daydream will work on the galaxy s8. if you try to install google daydream on the galaxy s8, a phone that exceeds the requirements for google's vr platform in every conceivable way, you'll be met with an error message stating a compatible version is missing and will not be able to install daydream. the bad news — a compatible version of google daydream doesn't exist for the galaxy s8. the good news — that isn't going to be true forever, no matter what samsung and google say. read more at vr heads! ...
now you can browse the internet in vr with the help of daydream. it's hard to believe that it's only been two years since vr rejoined our cultural consciousness, since it seems to be everywhere these days. previously the only way to enjoy vr with your phone was by downloading cardboard or daydream apps from the play store. however it looks like those days are quickly coming to an end. if you missed the news this week, google has announced that you will be able to browse chrome with a daydream headset. it's up to individual sites to implement chrome vr, but there are already a ton of great experiences that you can check out in vr from chrome. read more on ...
google daydream is google's big push into vr. it's still fairly new but you can find some good stuff. here are the best google daydream games right now!
dealing with a remote that won't charge is frustrating, but there is an easy way to deal with it. daydream view has taken mobile vr a leap forward by implementing a remote that allows you to interface with apps and experiences. this remote is necessary to do much of anything in a daydream app, and it adds layers to the types of games that you can play. however, if your remote won't charge then you're in a rotten situation. thankfully while this problem is extremely frustrating, there is a pretty simple way to troubleshoot the issue. read more at vr heads! ...
though they meet all of the necessary requirements, installing the daydream vr app on samsung's new phones simply yields an error message.
google daydream is a brand new vr platform. there isn't much yet, but some apps are starting to shine through. here are the best google daydream apps!
if you spend a lot of time playing vr, you're going to have to deal with sweaty facepads. google's daydream view was released alongside the google pixel last year and if you purchased one and use it regularly, you will have had to handwash the facepad at least once or twice so far. made from breathable mesh fabric, the facepad is a magnet for the sweat, grease, dirt, or makeup on our faces. if you're in need of some tips, our friends over at vrheads have this great guide for keeping your daydream view clean and hygienic. until now, cleaning your daydream view facepad meant that you had to spend some time in actual reality waiting for your clean facepad to dry. if this has annoyed you in the past, you'll be happy to know that google is now selling replacement facepads for the daydream view
source youtube google has decided to get rid of its 30-second video pre-roll ads which cannot be skipped. the ad product will be thrown out as of next year. the move is in line with google wanting to provide a better user experience. having said that, the company is not getting rid of its 20-second or 6-second pre-roll formats just yet. communicus inc research demonstrates that 15-second tv ads are 75% as effective as 30-second ads. add to that the fact they cost only half to produce and advertise. however, google’s own research also demonstrated that longer cuts do present an advantage. 30-second ads had the highest view-through rates whilst 15-second videos tended to be skipped the most. source google so why get rid of the post google to get rid of 30-second pre-roll video advertis
it has been discovered that the samsung galaxy s8 and s8 plus won't be compatible with google daydream out of the box.
people who use the daydream view vr headsets with their phones can get three major games on sale for 50 percent off for a limited time.
perfect partners for your pixel. so you've just dropped a chunk of cash on a shiny new pixel or pixel xl, and it'll soon be heading your way. but what about accessories for your shiny new google phone? google has a wide range of first-party accessories for its first own-branded handset, and we've also rounded up some top essentials from elsewhere. take a look! daydream view google live cases anker powerline usb-c cable google 18w pixel charger chromecast anker usb-c to micro-usb adapters daydream view ok, ok. this is a good deal larger (and a bit more expensive) than your traditional smartphone accessory. nevertheless, google's daydream view headset is something you should definitely consider buying alongside your new pixel. google's new phones are the first to be fully daydream-certified,
google has introduced replacement facepads for the daydream view headset while being priced at just $15.
the future is coming on, is coming on, is coming on... in vr. gorillaz have a new album dropping on april 28, and they've taken to google's nascent vr platform to promote it. partnering with google spotlight stories, the new truly weird vr music video titled saturnz barz is available on youtube vr with the some very interesting antics and — as always — some sick beats. the vr video can be broken down into two portions: the main video is a 360-degree horror movie drug trip, and the beginning and end of the video put you on a seemingly normal train car watching the beginning and end of the music video on a virtual smartphone. the video gets a bit trippy, between the alien monsters and the psychedelic space journey, but judge it for yourself. maybe not at work, as there is a censo
mobile vr usage has skyrocketed last year. google has announced that it shipped over 10 million cardboard vr viewers since its launch in 2014. the company also said that over 160 million cardboard apps have been downloaded, out of which 30 apps have over 1 million downloads. the numbers are a healthy increase from january 2016, when google touted 5 million sales and 25 million installs for cardboard apps. in recent months, google has turned its attention to the daydream mobile vr platform, with the company stating that it built a more immersive platform thanks to lessons learned from cardboard. the daydream view vr headset currently works with six phones — axon 7, pixel, pixel xl, and the moto z series — and there are over 100 apps tailored for the platform. google says that pe
google initially spearheaded virtual reality on android with google cardboard, which evolved into the more complete daydream vr platform. unlike cardboard, which could start on any somewhat-recent android or ios device, daydream support requires the phone manufacturer and google to make sure everything works. unfortunately, it looks like the samsung isn't supporting daydream vr on the new galaxy s8 and s8+. according to vrheads, trying to install the daydream app will result in an error message. read moredaydream vr support is absent on the galaxy s8 and s8+ was written by the awesome team at android police.
as part of its 2017 all-star weekend festivities, the nba is launching a virtual reality app for google's daydream platform. the main piece of nba vr is a new series called house of legends, which the league created in partnership with digital domain...
virtual rabbids, beartopia, virtual virtual reality, and along together are soon coming to the daydream vr platform.
since youtube launched in 2005, these official music videos — many from current artists who’ve mastered the form — have garnered...
the trucking industry loses billions of dollars and wastes millions of hours each year sitting idle in traffic. helping drivers avoid congestion would increase productivity and improve safety, says a team of iowa state university and industry researchers.
doesn't like taxpayer-funded ads showing up before david duke videos.
doesn’t like taxpayer-funded ads showing up before david duke videos.
when it came to home entertainment, a dvr was the thing to have. a dvr means being able to record shows while you’re away from home, being able to catch up on shows later on while you watch something else now, and being able to watch episodes even if the cable goes out. as with all things, though, times are … continue reading
now that google's daydream view is giving gear vr a run for its money, how is samsung going to respond? by implementing one of daydream's best features, of course. both an fcc filing and an apparent scoop from roland quandt indicate that this year'...
but the cricket team has to improve its abysmal overseas record
get in the game like never before! it's the nba all-star weekend and, this year, the nba is allowing fans more access to their favorite athletes, by working with google to create new virtual reality experiences for fans. one of the more interesting ideas that's rolling out this weekend is called house of legends, an episodic sports talk show hosted by retired nba players such as james worthy, bruce bowen, chauncey billups, john starks and others, and presented in virtual reality via google's daydream platform. fans will have the opportunity to virtually sit down with these nba greats as they share stories from their careers and discuss league happenings and other topics of conversation. to get in on the fun, you'll need a daydream view and a daydream-compatible phone, then it's simply a ma
sur youtube, david forge partage son quotidien d'agriculteur avec des milliers d'abonnés dans de superbes vidéos.
today youtube launched a new iphone-only app called uptime. uptime adopts many of the social features commonly found in social video streaming apps like periscope – live comments, reactions, etc. – and applies them to youtube videos. inside the app, you browse videos in a feed consisting of content shared by people you follow in […]
google's daydream view vr headset was released last year alongside the pixel phones. one of the headset's features is the removable facepad, which you can hand wash occasionally to keep the headset clean. if something happens to the facepad, or maybe you just want a spare, google is now selling them separately for $14.99. only the gray facepad is available right now, so if you have a crimson or snow daydream view, it won't match the original facepad color. read morereplacement daydream view facepads now sold on the google store was written by the awesome team at android police.
the uk government as well as popular uk media have removed their ads from youtube amidst concerns that they are appearing next to extremist videos.
photography by francesco bolis   inspired by the lemniscate (the symbol for infinity) and designed to encourage both mental and physical relaxation, industrial designer assaf isreal of joynout has created daydream, a simple chair made from two interlocking cushioned panels.   photography by francesco bolis launching next month at salone del mobile in italy, the daydream chair was […]
hey, would you look at that? the youtube app is getting a much-needed change to improve its usability.
the team created the nanomachine from compartments made up of dna enzyme molecules and substrates
gaming is one of the primary use cases for virtual reality, but man, those vr games are expensive. spending $10-20 for a mobile vr game is a tough sell, but there's a sale on three of the top daydream games today to make vr gaming a little more palatable. gunjack 2, keep talking & nobody explodes, and need for speed no limits are all 50% off. gunjack 2 is a space shooter wherein you use the daydream controller to aim and fire at enemy craft as they fly toward your stationary weapon emplacement. read moredaydream vr games on sale for 50% off: gunjack 2, keep talking & nobody explodes, and need for speed no limits was written by the awesome team at android police.
youtube has had community-sourced subtitle translations since 2015, but they're only useful if people can find the videos in the first place... what about labeling the videos? you now have a chance to help. the internet video service has expanded i...
denver — there was a moment this season when niwot senior tommy stager questioned everything he knew about the sport he loved.

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