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samsung has announced that the new dex station for the galaxy s8 and s8 plus is now available for pre-order for $149.99 plus shipping & handling.
yesterday, the samsung galaxy s8 (and s8 plus) were finally made official. today, you can already pre-order the devices from the four major u.s. carriers, best buy, and amazon.
the unlocked model of the samsung galaxy s8 and s8 plus will be available for pre-order on may 9th, just a few weeks after the launch of the carrier models.
u.s. pricing starts at $600, and other countries are equally pricey. the samsung galaxy tab s3 is being pitched as a premium tablet, with ipad-like pricing to match. a best buy pre-order page for the device, in wi-fi-only flavor, lists it with a $599.99 price tag. the lte-capable tab s3 isn't listed by the retailer, but typically you'd be looking at a premium of $100 or more to add cellular connectivity. over in canada the wi-fi-only tab s3 is up for pre-order for c$799.99, in line with the current exchange rate. and brits can expect to pay a little more for samsung's latest tablet, with retailer john lewis listing the wi-fi-only tab s3 for £599.99 with availability coming in early april. the company will be hoping to build momentum behind its new tab before apple's upcoming ipad pro
awesome deal from vodafone, pre order the s8 or s8+ and receive a free samsung gear vr. 24 month plan unlimited calls and text 12gb data $5 / day roaming for overseas unlimited calls & text for roaming no upfront fees 10% off for student 1 month free access fee get the samsung galaxy s8 for $10 on our recommended $80 mymix red data plan. get bonus samsung gear vr when you pre-order the samsung galaxy s8 or samsung galaxy s8+ on this plan. offer ends 27/04/17. headset may be delivered separately. t&c apply. *2gb/mth bonus data for use in oz when you sign up to this plan with the samsung galaxy s8 or s8+. offer ends 09/05/17. t&c apply. *2gb/mth bonus data for use in oz when you sign up to this plan. offer ends 09/05/17. t&c apply. student offer - get 10% off access fees when
as samsung often does with each release of a major new flagship, they've introduced a refreshed model of the samsung gear vr headset. this one comes with a remote, and is also packaged with all galaxy s8 pre-orders.
remember when samsung seriously changed its design in order to shake things up and improve its reputation? no, we're not talking about the galaxy s8 family. travel with us back to 2015, and the dawn of the galaxy s6.
get 3 free renewals on any unlimited plan + bonus samsung gear vr with every pre-order. ships from 21 april, 2017. samsung galaxy s8 $1199 5.8" quadhd+ infinity display 12mp dual pixel camera water and dust resistant (ip68) 148.9 x 68.1 x 8.0mm, 155 grams samsung galaxy s8+ $1349 6.2" quadhd+ infinity display 12mp dual pixel camera water and dust resistant (ip68) 159.5 x 73.4 x 8.1mm, 173 grams to get your 3 free unlimited plan renewals and samsung gear vr, you need to pre-order the samsung galaxy s8 or s8+ through amaysim by 28th of april 2017. for existing customers, your free renewals promo code will be sent to you via email from 21 april 2017. for new customers, your free renewals promo code will be sent to you with your new phone. redeem your promo code in
wallet-friendly deals on the big phone of the moment: samsung's galaxy s8
wallet-friendly deals on the big phone of the moment: samsung's galaxy s8
a brand new samsung phone requires some fresh accessories! with the samsung galaxy s8 now official, next comes the seemingly never-ending wave of accessories. from cases to screen protectors to chargers, there's no shortage of 'things' to wrap around and attach to your new phone to get the most out of the experience. as always, we'll be providing full coverage of all the accessories you need to know about as we get closer the s8's ship date, but for now here are the best accessories we've found so far. like the phone itself, most of these are still in the pre-order stage or are currently unavailable, but there's nothing wrong with a little window shopping, right? samsung covers and battery packs gear vr w/ new gear vr controller spigen cases moshi accessories cm4 q card case lifeproof case
apple is going to need a lot of help from samsung to bring a totally new display to the iphone 8. samsung reportedly received an order from apple buying over 70 million bendable oled for its upcoming iphone that many fans and rumormongers anticipate will be the most innovative smartphone to ever come out of […] (via cult of mac - tech and culture through an apple lens)
the acting head of the samsung group, jay y. lee, was put on trial in south korea on thursday, facing allegations that he funneled money to a close friend of the country's president in order to gain influence and consolidate power.
this morning samsung revealed the samsung galaxy s8 in all its glory – now we’ve got the details about its release. in stores, the samsung galaxy s8 will be joined by the galaxy s8+, or galaxy s8 plus, if you prefer. this will be the larger of the two devices, both having very similar insides as they’re released to the … continue reading
in just two weeks, the samsung galaxy s8 and its larger sibling, the galaxy s8+, will start shipping in the us. that gives soon to be owners plenty of time to decide if they want to keep their smartphone’s pristine beauty or hide and protect it under a case. one accessory, however, might be worth investing in, if you’re anything … continue reading
apple reportedly signed a two-year contract with samsung display to supply small-size curved oled panels for future iphones. the deal, valued at $9 billion, would see samsung display ship between 70 million and 92 million curved displays to apple this year alone. in order to meet demand, samsung display is said to be converting an […] (via cult of mac - tech and culture through an apple lens)
despite just being announced earlier today, the unlocked international variants of the samsung galaxy s8 and galaxy s8 plus are now available for pre-order through amazon.
pre-orders have started for the samsung galaxy s8 dex station. the dock for the galaxy s8 and s8 plus smartphones is priced at $149.99.
expect a big pre-order push in samsung's home market. as it looks to draw a line under last year's note 7 unpleasantness, samsung is reportedly betting big on galaxy s8 pre-orders. south korean outlet the investor reports that subsidized deals for the new flagship will be unveiled from april 7, with pre-orders shipping out to customers as soon as april 18. it's worth noting that this likely refers to korea, not necessarily other parts of the world, where an april 28 ship date has been rumored. a "nationwide hands-on event" will also launch immediately after the march 29 launch event, the outlet reports. again, this probably refers to korea, though don't be surprised to see local samsung offices adopting similar strategies in the run up to retail availability. the investor's sources predict
don't be confused: it's not about law. what it's about is order, and promising his supporters their place in that order.
update, 22 february 2017: our new pick for best chromebook is the samsung chromebook pro, bumping the acer chromebook r13, which is now our budget pick. best overall best on the go best on a budget best overall samsung chromebook pro see at amazon samsung and google have built the best chromebook you can buy with the samsung chromebook pro. it's incredibly well built, has one of the best displays of any laptop and has the horsepower to handle anything you throw at it. and handle it well. the bottom line: for anyone who wants to use a chromebook on a regular basis, and values getting extra performance and hardware quality at an added price, samsung has made the chromebook for you. one more thing: there's also a samsung chromebook plus, built with a slightly slower arm processor and availabl
samsung is reportedly about to trial run enabling samsung pay on mid-range devices in india in advance of a global rollout if the test is successful.
samsung is going to try to recreate its hardware navigation button layout with software buttons on the galaxy s8. we always knew the day would come (or did we?) when samsung would do away with its capacitive navigation buttons and physical home button for something a bit more... flexible. now, it looks like exactly that is happening, based on earlier leaked photos and some illustrations from the upcoming galaxy tab s3 manual. the galaxy s8 will indeed have on-screen navigation buttons, but according to leaked images, they will be reversed from the standard format found on most android devices today — and in accordance with samsung's reverse order that it maintained for so many years. while this makes sense from a continuity perspective, it also finds samsung continuing to go against
this handy cashback offer for everyone will make your pre-order even sweeter
this handy cashback offer will make your pre-order even sweeter
this deal ends today & the s8/s8+ has now been added, you have to speak to them on chat to pre order for the 25% off, just a heads up if anyone is looking for s8/s8+ go here & click a referrals link 25% off new monthly mobile plan with optus then talk to optus on chat to order credit to mods for fixing the post s8+ s8 1gb 3.5gb 8gb 15gb s8 $72 $72.75 $72.75 $80 s8+ $77 $81.75 $83.75 $88 comments from others who have ordered: $65.25 per month for 24 months on the 1gb plan. seems like a mistake. should be $77. note: reps are giving a 25% discount off the plans only.
slim-bezeled phone available for pre-order march 30, launches april 21.
apple has ordered 70 million oled panels from samsung, according to a new report, indicating big expectations on apple’s part for the upcoming iphone 8. this isn’t the first time we’ve heard sources claim apple is nabbing loads of oled panels from samsung, but it is the latest, and it comes with a bit more information. the iphone 8 is … continue reading
if you know for sure you're getting the samsung galaxy s8, you can already buy some cases. samsung is set to officially unveil the galaxy s8 and s8 plus on march 29, and is expected to start shipping out to stores and pre-orderers by late april — but that doesn't mean you need to wait to start shopping for cases. case manufacturers are often some of the first to receive concrete specs and design details for new phones so that they can have their own accessories and products ready to be sold on day one. search amazon for "samsung galaxy s8 cases" and you'll find a whole bunch of options populating your search results, so you can start buying cases for your phone right now… but should you? we've vetted a few case options that are up on amazon right now if you're that eager, but
a leaked target ad is showing the retailer throwing in a free gear vr and $100 gift card with every samsung galaxy s8 pre-order (and subsequent activation). that's one hell of a deal.
a great way to soften the blow to your wallet. what's better than a brand new galaxy tab s3 and its gorgeous screen? a brand new galaxy tab s3 with a free keyboard cover or 64gb sd card! folks in the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland who pre-order a galaxy tab s3 through samsung eshop before march 31 will be gifted a fancy keyboard book cover. these keyboard covers are priced at £119, so this is a really great deal and softens the blow that the £600 tablet gives to your wallet. a good keyboard changes the way you can use a tablet and what used to be just something to consume your media or play a game or two is now a more productive part of your life. when you have to edit a document or work on a spreadsheet while you're on the go, a good tablet with a good ke
this might be a good deal for some. get a samsung galaxy s8 or s8+ with 12gb data, unlimited calls and text with 300 mins international for $92/$95 per month. includes a bonus samsung gear vr. select the l 8gb plan and the bonus 4gb will be added if you preorder before 27 april 2017. bonus $101 cashback at cashrewards credit to rzrz for the original deal and tightarse for pointing out the new offer.
the macalope just makes me smile.∞ read this on the loop of Samsung president huge win for Samsung&u=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5tYWN3b3JsZC5jb20vYXJ0aWNsZS8zMTcxMDcwL2lvcy91bmJ
this handy cashback deal will make your pre-order even sweeter
the relentless march of smartphone upgrades continues. the hot new galaxy s8 is here, and suddenly people with perfectly good galaxy s7s are looking longingly at the order page considering an upgrade after a year (at most) with their phone. the galaxy s8 introduces a fresh design, new hardware features and a few pieces of altogether new software, but that doesn't mean the galaxy s7 feels like a fossil. let's take a look at the galaxy s8 and see what you're missing out on, and whether or not it make sense to make the jump to the latest version. hardware, specs and features the galaxy s8's hardware design may not be as mind-blowing revolutionary as samsung claims, but it has definitely progressed nicely from its predecessor. the biggest changes are actually not altogether new to the galaxy s
the chief vigilance officer (cvo) has raised concerns with securities and exchange board of india over delays in passing of orders relating to quasi-judicial matters, and has issued a ‘guidance’ note seeking faster order issuances.
apple has reportedly placed orders for 70 million oled panels to samsung ahead of the iphone 8 launch later this year. the huge order indicates that apple is confident about the demand of the oled iphone 8 despite its possibly premium pricing. continue reading →
remember the c7 pro? the galaxy c5 pro is essentially a smaller version of that phone, packing the same overall design and specs.
how does the galaxy s8 compare to the iphone 7? the apple world may feel fairly insulated from the day-to-day minutiae of the android world, but there is one moment each year where even the iphone faithful need to sit up and pay attention: galaxy launch day. after the dismal recall and subsequent cancellation of the galaxy note 7 in late 2016, samsung has delayed the launch of the galaxy s8 to ensure that it has everything in order, from the availability of hardware to the messaging around safety. to that end, the galaxy s8 is samsung's most important release ever, and it's sure to give the iphone 7 a run for its money. samsung galaxy s8 hands-on preview there are two phones, the 5.8-inch galaxy s8 and the 6.2-inch galaxy s8+. both of them sport super-tall 18.5:9 aspect ratios, which make
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