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this is the latest edition of the yatzer round-up -- our irregular column featuring creative projects and products worth sharing. from an idea to carrying your solid-brass fountain pen around to black furniture embroidered with pewter thread, here's a selection of innovative and beautiful design stories from around the world. do you want to be part of the round-up? then submit your project following our submission guidelines. globe exhibition of collectible design by aybar gallery

to celebrate the launch of its new satellite into space, the european space agency (esa) commissioned fabrica, the design and research department of benetton under the direction of sam baron, to create a short video about our life on earth and our relationship to outer space.

british artist dan hays presents a new series of oil paintings at broadway gallery in letchworth garden city, england, which reproduce pixelated poor-quality photos of the city’s landscapes and buildings.

located in the historic neighborhood of lisbon's príncipe real, deli, a new cafeteria designed by local architectural practice dc.ad, offers an all-day service in a clean-cut environment of minimal elegance and retro vibes.

"sustainability," the still very much in-tune buzzword among the international design community is celebrated in the “designed to last” exhibition, the second collaboration between the swedish magazine, residence, and design museum, arkdes (in 2016's designer of the year exhibition they fêted 

kc design studio has utilized a set of critical interventions to transform a 50 year old building in a central residential area of taiwan into a modern house of convenience and comfort.

spanish designer/artist, jaime hayon's work is infused with a recognizable characteristic humor that goes hand in hand with superior workmanship and artistic integrity.

the remote landscape of southern arizona’s san rafael valley, a rolling expanse of grass-covered alluvial hills peppered with emory oaks and manzanitas, although quite picturesque, seems quite inhospitable to build a house on, but tucson-based architects dust did just that.

the unreservedly remarkable pen and ink drawings of artist and photographer, alessandro paglia, should be used to eliciting the responses: "it can't possibly be… there's no way… that is definitely a photograph." created entirely by hand, first through a pencil sketch of the subject and then through the use of "superimposing a layer of chaotic lines on top of another" with intensely black, felt-tipped pens on rough-grain cotton paper, the artist spends a pains

the work of greek fine art photographer, george digalakis, almost breathes with a quiet that is so intensely palpable, viewers half-expect the images to begin to alter gently in front of their eyes. surprisingly, photography wasn't his original career choice; a medical doctor by profession, the photographer claims to not having thought of himself as a creative person in the past.

standing in front of one of german artist mike dargas’ paintings, one is overwhelmed by the immensity of the canvas, in some cases reaching two meters in height, and the extraordinary precision of the details. a master in hyper-realism, dargas paints portraits of extremely high resolution in dreamlike setups that are both viscerally real and seductively otherworldly.

located in south yarra, a vibrant and much coveted residential neighborhood in melbourne, australia, this bright victorian terrace flat has been recently renovated by local interior design studio fiona lynch who has drawn inspiration from scandinavian design to create an environment of eclectic understatement with a touch of parisian elegance.

eras and cultures playfully interact in linehouse's design for the chinese flagship location of the shared community office space wework in weihai lu, shanghai. completed in 2016, the five thousand five hundred square meters space is at once charming and quaint, respectful of the heritage of its ancient location while celebrating its thoroughly modern purpose.

“machine spectacle”, a monumental retrospective from swiss artist jean tinguely at the stedelijk museum in amsterdam, does not fail to deliver on its titular promise.

sitting atop a ridge amongst oak woodlands in beverly hills, california, this modern residence by los angeles based architectural studio walker workshop takes full advantage of its picturesque location to provide its occupants with panoramic canyon views along with an environment of minimal elegance, while maintaining a diminutive presence among the rolling landscape which surrounds it.

time machine, the mesmerizing photography series from hungarian photographer balint alovits can only be described as an homage to perfect geometry, repetitive shapes and perspective forms. by highlighting the staircases in beautiful art deco and bauhaus buildings, the series offers viewers the chance to really notice architectural features that often go overlooked.

beautiful illustrations come to life in the animated images of multi-talented portuguese designer ana rita ramos. originally trained as an interior designer, ana rita completed some very attractive projects in design and illustration over the years, and has even taught interior-design classes at the esad college of art and design in her hometown of porto.

when (in 2016) the haeberlin-baumann family decided to add a new annex, the spa des saules, to their 150 year old family run hôtel des berges, located in the picture perfect french village of illauhaeusern, alsace, they turned to the design team of patrick jouin and sanjit manku.

if by default a photograph captures a moment in time, then hungarian photographer marietta varga’s images attempt to capture the memory of that moment. in “my town - siófok ii”, a series of photographs taken in her home town of siófok on a cold, winter morning, london-based varga attempts to visualize her memories of the place she grew up in, or, to use her own words, to see it precisely as it exists in her mind.

for the renovation of an old house in the small alpine village of ormône in valais, switzerland, the architecture studio of savioz fabrizzi has maintained the building’s character by keeping all of its haphazard additions and expansions in place. originally built in 1860, the house has a stone base that has been extended over the years with an additional floor in the form of a wooden structure on top of it, and a small room at the back.

stimulating young minds and bodies by providing hours upon hours of imaginative play is the sole purpose of the five fields play structure which was built by matter design studio in the five fields neighborhood common land in lexington, ma.

hao design had two main requests when hired by the hsu family to design their new apartment in pingtung city, taiwan. the first was that the entire 165 square meter plan encompass the expansive park views outside the wide windows; the second, that every room be tailor made to suit each of the four family member's needs and stylistic desires. completed in 2016, scenic ballade - as is the project's illustrative title - has fully met its marks.

the "city that never sleeps" plays the starring role in the complete rebranding of the pastry chain, new york sweets, by the team of minas kosmidis [architecture in concept] and is ideally exemplified in the renovation of the family company's flagship shop in nicosia, cyprus.

located in the parisian suburb of saint cloud (9.6 kilometres from the centre of paris) - one of the most exclusive and wealthiest residential areas in france with a rich history centered around the 14th century château de saint-cloud which was once the residence of several french rulers - this family house has been meticulously renovated by atelier tristan auer and wilson associates, to reflect both the refined e

located in the parisian suburb of saint cloud (9.6 kilometres from the centre of paris) - one of the most exclusive and wealthiest residential areas in france with a rich history centered around the 14th century château de saint-cloud which was once the residence of several french rulers - this family house has been meticulously renovated by wilson associates’ atelier tristan auer, to reflect both the refined eleg

located in the parisian suburb of saint cloud (9.6 kilometres from the centre of paris) - one of the most exclusive and wealthiest residential areas in france with a rich history centered around the 14th century château de saint-cloud which was once the residence of several french rulers - this family house has been meticulously renovated by atelier tristan auer, wilson associates, to reflect both the refined ele

haute couture fading behind milky, semi-transparent screens. glossy fashion magazine covers deconstructed like dada collages. editorials treated like experimental photography with triple exposures, layers in negative and other extreme effects.

to offer visitors a high-end venetian experience, quite like no other, is the ambitious idea that birthed casa flora in 2015.

tennessee williams once said that the greatest distance between two people is time. the same can apply to the distance between buildings. for example, there is a house in melgaço, in northern portugal. and it’s been just ruins of what is used to be, but that has been undone.

legendary nightclubs like new york’s studio 54 or manchester’s haçienda loom in our collective consciousness as emancipating places to see and be seen, but from an architect’s perspective they are also emancipating to design, a proposition that villa noailles in hyères, france, has this year devoted its annual architectural exhibition to elucidate.

it takes great ambition and audacity to open your first restaurant in cosmopolitan monte-carlo with a pledge to win three michelin stars within four years, and even greater talent and determination to achieve it in less than three, yet alain ducasse did just that in 1987, catapulting le louis xv onto the lists of the world's top restaurants where it has remained ever since.

created as a “warehouse of experiences”, armazém luxury housing hotel in porto, portugal, brings together two very contrasting worlds: on the one hand, the building’s former use as an iron warehouse lends the renovated hotel’s interiors industrial references, while on the other, the necessity for luxurious comfort and hospitality infuse every space with softness and warmth.

when benito mussolini ordered the construction of rome’s eur district in the 1930’s to host a world fair to celebrate his 20 years in power, little did he know that the second world war would prevent him from materialising his ambitious plan. meant to become rome’s new city centre, the eur is populated by monumental pavilions, each an imposing example of fascist architecture and what italian cities may very well have looked like had mussolini remained in power longer.

when ari vezené, the much acclaimed self-taught chef, butcher and owner of two equally celebrated restaurants in greece - vezené greek bistro bar in athens, as well as trattoria vezené on the ionian island of meganissi - hosted the philanthropic event, embrace, in partnership with the ngo boroume on january 19th, 2017,unsurprisingly it turned out to be an inspiring evening filled with the melding of cultures, the congregation of old and new friends, and… some really delicio

nestled among pine trees on a hillside overlooking the aegean, the skiathos blu hotel opened its doors this past summer after a thorough renovation by interior architect afroditi bonatsou and her athens-based interior design studio stones & walls.


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