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the trump administration has sought 60 days to respond to a court case that challenges the decision of the previous obama administration to authorise spouses of h1b visa holders to work in the us.

'based on my own conversations, people abroad are very concerned about trump admin'

it is to counter security threats and balance china's growing military power in the pacific

varsity has sought police assistance; delhi high court has refused to issue any direction

currently, administrative charges are 0.85% of total wages

we saw a lot of goodwill and a lot of interest in taking the relationship forward: jaishankar

gov. dannel malloy (d-ct) joins mtp daily to discuss if he has confidence in president trump on healthcare and working with the administration.

fabulous places, fascinating friends and buying stuff: having an admin job in a global circus is a blast, says melbourne woman.

sen. sheldon whitehouse (d-ri): "the difference between misdirection and obstruction of justice is one that i think they’re beginning to trespass pretty close to."

guidance memos were released which describe how trump admin plans to implement immigration orders

sen. john cornyn, r-texas, shares his thoughts on neil gorsuch, why he advocates a 'wait-and-see' approach on the fbi investigation and why we don't know if someone in obama admin. tapped trump.

reverend al sharpton, president of the national action network, shares his disapproval for the recent comments made by dr. ben carson and betsy devos.

sen. ben cardin (d-md) tells greta van susteren that the international community must hold syrian president bashar al-assad accountable for war crimes.

rachel maddow reviews a litany of mistakes and infractions committed in the opening month of the trump administration and wonders if they're a sign of malice or just incompetence.

all in exclusive: notes from private town hall reveal plans to expand detention beds by nearly 500%, potentially separate women and children.

the 'boomerang' appointments are being made to obtain routine medicine or book follow-up hospital visits, which could be done on wards

white house was responding to a question on possible changes in h-1b visas

save jobs usa' soon took the matter to the washington dc appeals court after a district court

administration worker cindy prior has dropped legal proceedings against the queensland university of technology a fortnight after she was denied leave to appeal over a racial discrimination case against three students.

top talkers: nbc news has confirmed that blackwater founder erik prince represented donald trump in january at a secret overseas meeting convened by the uae, according to two intelligence sources.

the wall street journal’s shane harris joins us to discuss the trump administration’s plan to increase the power of the cia and military to perform drone strikes.

rachel maddow reports on a leaked dhs intelligence report that finds that donald trump's focus on countries in his muslim ban is not a reliable way of targeting terrorists.

​queensland university technology administration officer cindy prior has been denied leave to appeal her racial discrimination case against three students.

rumana ahmed was hired in 2011 to work at the white house and the national security council

president obama's national security adviser susan rice asked for the 'unmasking' of names of trump associates, according to new reports. also, did trump admin seek back-channel line with moscow?

the united states has almost certainly never had a budget chief as nutty as trump's omb director, mick mulvaney.

pres. trump has said he loves wikileaks, yet was silent after it attacked the cia by revealing secrets. gop foreign policy adviser max boot explains how the admin. has cozied up to wikileaks. david corn and fmr. cia chief of staff jeremy bash also join...

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as the prime minister hits the campaign trail in his lok sabha constituency, the bjp here today charged the administration with "selectively" pulling down its posters in the name of implementing the poll code.however, a top police official dismissed as "baseless" the allegations levelled by the party and said the administration was acting in an "impartial" and "non-partisan" manner.bjp spokesman shrikant sharma said, "the entire city is dotted with posters and banners put up by the ruling samajwadi party in the state and its ally, the congress."however, we have observed that the district admin

the us today said it is working with india and nsg members to push for new delhi's membership in the elite grouping, indicating that there is no change in america's policy on the issue under the trump administration."the united states supports india's full membership in the four multilateral export control regimes, and we believe that india is ready for nsg membership," a state department spokesperson told pti.the spokesperson was responding to questions on the position of the trump administration on india's bid to be a member of the 48-member nuclear suppliers group (nsg).the united states an

the trump administration has revoked the obama-era regulations that extended certain protections to transgender students, allowing them to use bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identities.the roll-back announced yesterday by the department of justice and education department resulted in a furious reaction from the opposition democratic party leaders.the trump administration cited too many lawsuits and legal loopholes in the obama-era regulation, which required public schools to allow students to use the bathrooms corresponding to their gender identities, as one of the reasons fo

the trump administration has a "very positive view" of the indo-us relationship and a lot of interest in taking the ties forward, foreign secretary s jaishankar said today after his wide-ranging talks with senior cabinet members and top officials here."optimistic" about the continuation of the upward trajectory of the bilateral relationship, jaishankar told indian reporters here that the india-us strategic and commercial dialogue, which was started under the previous obama administration, would be held later this year.dates were being worked out for the india visit of secretary of state rex ti

two top senators have urged the trump administration to push for the sale of f-16 fighter jets to india to build its capability to counter security threats and balance china's growing military power in the pacific.senators mark warner from virginia and john cornyn from texa in a joint letter to us defence secretary james mattis and secretary of state rex tillerson said, the trump administration must make the fighter jet acquisition a priority during initial bilateral discussions with india.india has launched an effort to expand its combat aircraft fleet and the competition has reportedly narro

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the us senate has confirmed indian-american seema verma for a top health care position in the trump administration and she was set to play a key role in the government's bid to "repeal and replace" obamacare.verma, who has been described by the white house as the "unquestionably qualified" first generation indian-american, was confirmed by the senate by a vote of 55-43.she is likely to play a key role in the health care reform of us president donald trump, who has made it a priority to repeal and replace the affordable healthcare of his predecessor barack obama.the second indian-american in th

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die stiftung warentest hat 17 brezeln untersucht. ergebnis: tiefkühlware ist häufig knuspriger als die frische - und die käufer können das salz selbst dosieren.


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