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a faith-based theme park, which receives taxpayer support, has a new exhibit: "gladiator-style fights involving humans, giants and a dinosaur."
widewalls-artmagazine: hula / sean yoro once more tackles the theme of climate change with an amazing temporary mural done with natural chalk that washes away‬ entitled “‬pūliki‪” ( “to embrace” in hawaiian )
jailbreaking your ios device opens the doors to endless customization capabilities. you can change the system font, theme the app icons, add new features to stock and third-party apps and much more. continue reading →
i'm all about expressing myself. i'm the girl with the disney shirt on every day, with a beautiful case for my phone, my headphones on top of my jeep cap, and a song in my heart, if not on my lips. i spent some of my schooling years hiding who i am as a means to escape bullying, and i'm done with that. i'm done with hiding. i believe in being who i am and i believe in showing who i am in the technology i rock. and this is why i theme. your smartphone is one of the most basic and personal extensions of your body in the "post-pc age". i was the kid in school that would spend hours editing tons of awesome wallpapers for my desktop, and when i got an android phone, you bet your sweet ass i scoured the internet for awesome wallpapers to put on it. but we don't have to stop at the wallpaper on a
overcast has had two business models to date: year one: free up front, but with many limits and missing features unless you bought the $4.99 (one-time) in-app purchase to unlock them. this brought in good money up front, but income slowly declined, as all paid-once purchases do, and it restricted the app’s best and most compelling features to the very small percentage of people who paid. everyone else got a sub-par app. year two: free for all features that were previously locked behind the purchase, with an optional $1/month patronage, to deliver the best app to the most people and hopefully change the direction of the downward revenue curve by replacing one-time purchases with recurring income. this simply hasn’t brought in enough money, which i’ll get into below. starti
line is an instant messaging application and voip platform that lets you send messages and make free voice and video calls, and it has a windows client so that you can do all it all from your pc. free calling and messaging line’s main purpose is to help you communicate with your friends for free. just like skype, facebook messenger, yahoo! messenger, and many others, line lets you send free text messages and chat with friends who are also using this app; you can even start group chats. line also includes voip features allowing you to make voice and video calls. line aims to differentiate itself from the competition by adding features that will appeal to its younger users. in addition to the traditional messages and photo and audio sharing features, line includes many sticke
wolf lets you build beautiful, responsive websites! features brought to you by the team behind the orion mac suite, wolf's editor interface is designed with key focuses on simplicity and ease-of-use. drag-and-drop to add objects to your design, click-and-drag to resize and manage layout. zero coding: we think web design should be simple and fun, so anyone can build beautiful websites without needing to learn or understand how to code. responsive and mobile friendly: integrated with the powerful bootstrap framework, your website will look amazing on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices. shared website header and footer: easily build and maintain a consistent theme for the entire website using wolf's exclusive shared header and footer feature. support for ftp: upload to your own web host. su
retaining the same difficulty, style, and tone as the rest of the franchise, dark soul iii continues from software’s medieval fantasy, action-rpg series. dark souls iii is the conclusion of the trilogy – though interviews with director hidetaka miazaki (via vg247) have confirmed that this won’t mean the end of the franchise. back to its roots dark souls iii’s story revolves around the lord of cinder. this calls back to the first dark souls, once again picking up the theme of fire, darkness, and cycles. this more explicit referencing of original dark souls lore could be hidetaka miazaki influence. the original game’s director has returned to co-directing this third installment. this will be good news for some fans, who cited his absence as a weakness for dark souls ii. in keeping
filed as apple bug (radar) 27848317. the problem, in short: avfoundation, the low-level audio/video framework in ios and macos, does not accurately seek within vbr mp3s, making vbr impractical to use for long files such as podcasts. jumping to a timestamp in an hour-long vbr podcast can result in an error of over a minute, without the listener even knowing because the displayed timecode shows the expected time. why vbr? vbr encoding is far more space-efficient and better-sounding than constant-bitrate (cbr) encoding. it’s especially pronounced in podcasts, where vbr makes most podcasts 20–50% smaller and better-sounding than the 64 kbps cbr encoding that most podcasters are forced to use today. vbr could save podcast listeners massive amounts of data transfer over time. (and theref

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