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you can now design custom themes in telegram. encrypted messaging platform telegram has added support for themes with the v3.17 update. you can now select from three themes — the default one, a blue theme, and a dark theme — and there's also the option to design your own via a theme editor. to apply a theme or create a new one, you'll have to navigate to settings -> themes. you can also share your creations with the rest of the telegram community: just like stickers and bots, telegram themes are part of an open platform, so anybody can create a theme and dazzle the world with new colors and backgrounds. you can browse themes created by other users by visiting the @themes channel, which lists android and desktop themes. themes support is now available for all android users, w
the infamous zimmermann telegram was given to president woodrow wilson 100 years ago, on feb. 24, 1917
в telegram нет токсичных комментариев, запутанных алгоритмов новостных лент и навязчивой рекламы. поэтому блогеры и сми активно используют эту площадку для доставки контента читателям. если такой формат вам по душе и вы любите книги, взгляните на подборку литературных telegram-каналов от лайфхакера.
im+ is the messaging app for all your messaging. some like whatsapp, others like skype. im+ includes skype, whatsapp, wechat, facebook messenger, twitter, slack, linkedin messaging, and telegram in one simple app. features support for skype, whatsapp, wechat, facebook messenger, slack, linkedin messages, twitter, and telegram navigate through your accounts using the sidebar or hotkeys add multiple accounts per service, e.g. add a couple twitter profiles distinguish messengers easier with color tags support for file sharing manage notification settings for all accounts at once or per service version 1.1.7: added google inbox, hipchat look-up in the dictionary (select text, then two-finger touch) [fixed bugs] new message count in hangouts and linkedin os x 10.9 or later download now
теперь любимый мессенджер можно сделать ещё и самым красивым.
if you're a telegram user (hi), then you'll understand how cool this latest news is. the privacy-focused messaging service is finally getting custom theme support on android, which is just fantastic. you have three basic ones to start, and one of those is dark theme.  other than that, you get the standard default theme — you know, the one we've all been staring at for a while. the final one is blue, which feels slightly redundant, but, i think that it looks quite nice. read moretelegram v3.17 brings the long overdue support for custom themes was written by the awesome team at android police.
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