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this video takes a look inside berlin-based audio software company u-he. … read more inside u-he
electronic rock duo exreplica shared their cover of orbital's the box.… read more orbital – the box (cover)
bitwig studio 2 expands on the modularity introduced in version 1 with nested device chains and modulator devices.… read more bitwig studio 2 now available
what do you want to know about the novation circuit?… read more ask novation: what do you want to know about the novation circuit?
the art of listening is a new documentary about the journey music takes to reach a listener’s ear, from the intent of an instrument maker and composer, to the producers and engineers who capture and preserve an artist’s voice.… read more the art of listening (documentary)
this video captures a eurorack modular synth jam that explores ambient territory, with a bit of a b.o.c. feel.… read more eurorack ambient synth jam
this video takes a look at several approaches to creating hooks in songs.… read more creating hooks in your songs
this video captures a hardware synth jam, featuring the trautonium. … read more hardware synth jam with trautonium
this short documentary explores the electronic art of walter giers.… read more the electronic art of walter giers
paul vo has officially launched a project to fund production of the wond ii, the next generation of his hand-held device for exploring 'acoustic synthesis'. … read more paul vo intros wond ii
this video compares two generations of yamaha dx7 synthesizers, the original yamaha dx7 and the dx7ii (mk2, dx7s).… read more yamaha dx7 vs dx7ii (mk2, dx7s)
the commodore story is a planned documentary exploring the history and impact of the seminal personal computer manufacturer. … read more new c64 documentary – ‘the commodore story’
the module is 'for randomizing boring cv input signals'.… read more analog craftsman acneuron 5u module
seaquence is a new ios music app that lets you compose with collections of musical 'creatures'.… read more new ios app, seaquence, pairs serious synthesis with a fun interface
features the sounds of the jupiter 4 synth, "one of the greatest analog polysynths ever built."… read more 80’s soundtrack style hardware synth jam
"the basic track was initially put together from a stereo recording that i made in an old elevator equipment room," notes mitchell. "there were a lot of open faced relays clacking open and closed."… read more when robots started dreaming
steinberg media technologies gmbh has announced the upcoming release of nuendo 8.… read more steinberg nuendo 8 sneak preview
moscow-based media artist dmitry morozov has created a new blood-powered synth installation, 'until i die'.… read more blood-powered synthesizer not for the squeamish
ableton has launched a new video series, one thing, that focuses on things that established artists do to keep their creativity flowing. … read more 13 things you can do to expand your musical creativity
the concert was filmed as immersive 360° video. … read more planetarium theremin concert in 360° video
"i think if you need to try and justify this setup-it's probably not right for your environment," notes doggett. "but for the high pressure situations where something going wrong isn't an option-this setup is a must."… read more how to create a redundant ableton live rig
uvs-3200 delivers a collection of over 220 patches, including basses, pads, leads and more.… read more uvi intros uvs-3200, a virtual korg ps-3200
this video captures a hardware synth jam, inspired by tangerine dream's pergamon.… read more tangerine dream – pergamon (cover)
forever beats is a melodic step sequencer with synthesized instruments for ipad.… read more new ipad beatmaking app, forever beats
nina richards jams with a eurorack modular synth, controlled by a pair of stepper acid sequencers.… read more acid modular synth jam session
resample is a new app, for mac & windows, designed to let you edit, process and analyze audio. … read more new audio editor for mac & windows, resample
this video, via berlin-based skinnerbox, explores the idea of making music with the acoustic sounds of a minimoog synthesizer. … read more the acoustic sounds of a vintage minimoog
living memory software has introduced layr - a massively polyphonic, multi-timbral synthesizer for ipad and iphone. … read more new multitimbral software synthesizer for ios, layr
here's a a hands-on demo that looks at ways to use the arturia keystep midi controller & sequencer with a variety of gear. … read more arturia keystep hands-on demo
the magnetic fields shared their music video for '81 how to play the synthesizer.… read more the magnetic fields – ’81 how to play the synthesizer
soul clap makes the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" case, with synthesizer girlfriend, featuring vocalist ntem and the funky talkbox work of hazmat.… read more soul clap – synthesizer girlfriend
director arturo r. jiménez has released a new documentary on nyle steiner, creator of the electronic valve instrument (evi).… read more steiner’s workshop – a nyle steiner documentary
the eurorack module manufacturers world map plots various manufacturers on google maps:… read more eurorack module manufacturers world map
in the latest episode of sonic state's sonic lab, nick batt takes a look at the arturia matrixbrute analog synthesizer.… read more arturia matrixbrute synthesizer review
would you want to own a minimoog knockoff? … read more behringer building a budget minimoog clone
kv331 audio has released synthmaster one — a new wavetable synthesizer for mac os x and windows.… read more synthmaster one features expandable wavetable library
this video captures a live improvisation by vika yermolyeva and nanisound, playing an unusual electronic setup.… read more vkgoeswild live improvisation for piano & electronics
walter giers – electronic art visual art and electronic music regularly intertwines and with djs and live acts like moderat, richie hawtin and dubfire to name a few, continuing to push the envelope in this area, this connection is getting deeper. telekom electronic beats tv looked into this relationship and stumbled upon the work of… read more the electronic art of walter giers
the idea behind seq was to craft the ultimate hardware step sequencer - 32 steps, 8 polyphonic tracks & 256 pattern storage.… read more polyend seq polyphonic step sequencer now available to order
a two-night festival in celebration and remembrance of electronic music and design pioneer don buchla is scheduled for saturday, april 22 and sunday, april 23rd...… read more don buchla memorial concerts april 22-23 in san francisco
the performance will be jaw-dropping to many people familiar with the theremin and traditional theremin repertoire:… read more jaw-dropping theremin performance of ‘flight of the bumblebee’
kontrol is designed for wirelessly controlling traktor from your iphone or ipad, and it's now been updated to let you control it from an apple watch. … read more new app, kontrol, lets you dj with traktor from your apple watch
daniel lanois shared this video, capturing a session with aaron funk of venetian snares.… read more venetian snares & daniel lanois – night
in the video, kebu performs perplexagon part 3, using only analog synthesizers, played live or sequenced.… read more live synth jam by kebu – ‘perplexagon part 3″
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