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there’s more than one way to get to las vegas from downtown los angeles. you could hop on a jet at lax and be there before you’re half-way through your in-flight movie. there’s always i-15, that shimmering ribbon of sun-baked asphalt that takes you through barstow and baker before spitting you out across the nevada line within spitting distance of … continue reading
it seems that lg has gotten the break it has been waiting for. while we will never completely know if it’s because samsung isn’t in the race just yet, the numbers do speak for themselves. ever since it opened the doors last thursday, lg has reported that pre-orders for the lg g6 has topped 40,000. that’s an average of 10,000 … continue reading
playstation now is going to get a major boost in value later this year, as sony announced today that it will soon add ps4 games to the ps now lineup. that’s pretty huge news, as ps now is currently exclusive to playstation 3 titles. the playstation 3 had a good library, to be sure, but at $20 per month, some … continue reading
the iphone 8 isn’t even out yet, or even confirmed, and it’s already being delayed. at least, that’s what sources were saying in comparison to the iphone 7s and 7s plus, which are expected to launch in september as per tradition. it wasn’t clear at first why apple would make such a move. perhaps it’s meant to give the more … continue reading
planned, some say forced, obsolescence is nothing new in business but it has become a rather thorny subject in the mobile industry. devices, especially android ones, are usually given only two years’ worth of major software updates, leaving them to become stale and “encourage” consumers to jump on more updated hardware. with the launch of the lg g6 and the … continue reading
lg has practically leaked every aspect of the lg g6 except for its actual appearance. others, however, are more than happy to provide those pieces of the puzzle. so far, we have indeed seen some inkling of the design and appearance of the lg g6, but mostly in renders. this latest leak shows what is allegedly a real model, or … continue reading
android smartphones may have dominated the mwc 2017 show but there was at least one non-android handset that was catching the crowd’s attention. that is none other than a still unannounced new elite x3, which could even be an elite x4, still the highest end windows 10 mobile phone you can get your mitts on. although hp didn’t allow anyone … continue reading
on the heels of sony kicking off the pre-order period for the xperia xz premium in the uk, retailer clove has also put up the pre-sale pages for the xperia xa1. the smallest and least “equipped” of the four xperia smartphones announced at mwc 2017, the xperia xa1 is, by no means, an underdog. the specs definitely match many of … continue reading
mobile world congress 2017 is drawing to a close, and whether you’re in the market for a new smartphone, tablet, laptop, or something else, there’s plenty to choose from. this year’s mobile gadgetry has spanned everything from retro revivals from names-of-yore like nokia and blackberry, through to big bets on new technology from lg and qualcomm. read on for our … continue reading
although lg has already officially started sales of the lg g6 in korea last friday, it seems that the korean oem isn’t too much in a rush to roll out its new premium smartphone in one of the world’s major smartphone markets, the us. according to sources, it won’t be until early april that the lg g6 is going to … continue reading
bigger companies usually can’t afford to diverge from more traditional paths, as lg learned the hard way with the lg g5. it is usually up to smaller manufacturers to dare dream up of more unconventional devices and features. the yotaphone from russia was one of those, combining a regular smartphone with an e-ink display at the back. but ever since … continue reading
the launcher for the samsung galaxy s8 has appeared this afternoon thanks to an anonymous tip to slashgear. this launcher is appearing just before the full reveal of the samsung galaxy s8, a device that’ll do battle with the iphone 8 and/or the iphone 7s before the end of the year. until then, there’s the lg g6, a device which … continue reading
huawei has already confirmed that its mwc 2017 presence will include the p10 as well as the huawei watch 2. other than that, however, it hasn’t said much. fortunately, others are doing the talking for the oem, like the fcc who graciously made public a few snapshots of the smartphone, both its shell and its innards. while they don’t exactly … continue reading
this week the folks at pandora have introduced a new pandora premium service which allows users to further control their listening experience. this is different from the past at pandora, a company that started its business with free music listening with playlists based in a basic way on preferred artists. here in 2017, users will be able to pay cash … continue reading
smartphone makers are jumping on the virtual reality train and most of them, unsurprisingly, put the smartphone at the center of it. that’s true even for samsung, even though it has gone its own path rather than get behind google’s cardboard, and now daydream, platforms. lg is finally following suit but it is following htc’s lead instead and in more … continue reading
a pokemon go trading update, one of three major upgrades to pokemon go for the year 2017, has been revealed to slashgear this week. in addition to a strong indication of this notion from our own anonymous source with information on the subject, an interview with niantic this week seems to seal the deal. in the interview published this week, … continue reading
a pokemon go trading update, one of three major upgrades to pokemon go for the year 2017, has been revealed to slashgear this week. in addition to a strong indication of this notion from our own anonymous source with information on the subject, an interview with niantic this week seems to seal the deal. in the interview published this week, … continue reading
playstation vr owners will soon have access to a new ‘aim’ controller vaguely shaped like a gun. the new controller will be available starting in may to coincide with the farpoint virtual reality shooting game that is exclusive to the ps vr. sony made the new ‘aim’ controller based in part on recommendations from impulse gear, the indie studio behind … continue reading
lenovo and motorola (formerly moto formerly motorola) haven’t given up on the modular phone idea, even when its peers have and even when the market doesn’t seem to be that enthusiastic about it. in a few months’ time, however, we might be thankful it didn’t either. while the initial set of moto mods for the moto z family have been … continue reading
hp has taken the wraps off a slew of pc products, among them being the new elitedesk 800 g3 tower, the eliteone 800 g3 all-in-one pc, the elitedesk 800 g3 desktop mini, and the elitedesk 800 g3 desktop mini 65w. talking about the products, hp vp alex cho said, “the newest lineup of elite desktops and aios reflects the vision … continue reading
goodbye power bricks! at least as far as the xbox consoles are concerned. or at least that is probably the trend that microsoft is trying to set. the xbox one s, though slimmer than its predecessor, managed to still squeeze in its power supply inside, doing away with the external, bulky psus of old. and, according to sources, that will … continue reading
in just a matter of days, samsung will be unveiling its galaxy tab s3 at mwc 2017. the tablet is pretty much no longer a secret, with leaks, even a user manual, telling almost everything there is to know about it. what is a secret, however, is where the device will be made available and with what capabilities. in this … continue reading
back in november, it was announced that the lego worlds video game would be launching this past february. while a tad late, the game is now officially available for those on xbox one, playstation 4, or pc, and has already received a patch to improve gameplay right off the bat. those who nab the title will get to create their … continue reading
the latest patent oddity comes from google, which has detailed a wearable baseball hat/camera/broadcasting system that would, in theory at least, make it easy to share your world with the rest of the world. the camera system involves a battery-toting baseball cap with a camera and microphone clipped onto the brim, a bone conduction speaker tucked away somewhere near the … continue reading
it’s just a few days before mwc 2017, so, naturally, lg is kicking off its marketing engines into full gear. which means even more breadcrumbs of clues, some of which we already more or less know. still, it’s good to see some more or less formal confirmation of those features. lg has all but confirmed that the lg g6 will … continue reading
truth be told, there is no shortage of network speed test apps, especially on android. there’s the ever so used, and perhaps abused, by ookla and, more recently, netflix’s own each of course advertises to be more truthful than the others, but opensignal thinks it can do one better. it has launched a new meteor app for android … continue reading
there’s no lack of streaming radio apps available for your smartphone, but one thing that is still mysteriously in short supply is access to fm radio. most smartphones today have fm radio antennas built into them, but those antennas are only active in about half of smartphones here in the us. the fcc‘s new commissioner, ajit pai, would like to … continue reading
faithful mac users might have to wait a bit longer to get their fair share of the virtual reality pie. that is, unless apple suddenly comes up with its own vr platform and headset within the next six months. that’s because oculus, one of the three biggest vr companies, doesn’t yet have macos in its sights. not even within the … continue reading
there’s a monster named blissey in pokemon go right this minute, keeping pokemon gyms stacked and making it near-impossible to battle. we’ve done some research here at slashgear and have found a few different ways in which blissey can be blasted with relative ease. ease as in not impossible to battle because blissey has such an epic amount of hit … continue reading
last week jide made an announcement that had a familiar message. following the likes of microsoft continuum and ubuntu convergence, its remix singularity project wanted to turn the very same android smartphone and apps that you keep in your pocket into the pc that you’ll use on your desktop. jide is hardly the first nor the only one who has … continue reading
the rivalry between iphone and android users are often sensationalized and magnified but, if given the chance, some might prefer having both. that is, as long as it doesn’t mean carrying around a second device. running android and ios on the same phone is still an impossibility, but some have tried to find ways around it. take this eye case … continue reading
in recent days, we’ve discovered that the joy-con controllers for the nintendo switch have compatibility with more devices beyond the console they’re intended for. we can add one more to the list today, as 8bitdo and analogue are making them compatible with the nes classic through their previously released retro receiver. many of you probably already have an nes classic … continue reading
it’s one of the stranger wearables we’ve seen, and one that is entirely advertisement-focused, if not amusing: pizza hut smart shoes. these shoes are exactly what they sound like — a pair of shoes with embedded technology that, in this case, enables wearers to order a pizza by pressing a button on the shoe. the shoes are high tops, but … continue reading
with android nougat well settled in, at least based on the latest android distribution chart, and with google i/o just a little over two months, the guessing game not only for android’s next name but also its upcoming features is starting to warm up. with assistant, google seems to be driving its platforms, including android, towards artificial intelligence and that … continue reading
prisma, the photo app that enables users to turn images into works of art, is planning to give users one of their top requested features: the ability to create their own filters. this feature is only available online and to superusers at the moment, though it should eventually make its way to everyone. in addition, the app has been updated … continue reading
gone are the days when only apple, samsung, and sony were considered to have the best smartphone cameras in town. it might surprise some that huawei is now among the top contenders in that area as well. it’s definitely taking photography seriously and that has seemingly paid off in the huawei p10. based on dxomark’s extensive review, the 2017 flagship … continue reading
despite the convenience of not having to deal with cables, wireless connections, especially those based on bluetooth, are still far from being close to ideal. connections get lost or forgotten, requiring users to pair things up again. many times, they’re minor annoyances, but not when such a connection is essential to enjoying a game. such, however, is the unfavorable circumstances … continue reading
is pluto a planet or not? depending the age of whom you ask, and depending they keep up with the latest new, they might answer yes or now. apparently, it also depends whether you’re asking an astronomer or a planetary scientists. at least that’s the sentiment that nasa scientists, led by new horizon principal investigator alan stern, is giving off … continue reading
it’s fair to say the lg g6 looked pretty odd in the first leaked photos. by the time the android smartphone hit the stands at mobile world congress last month we were pretty much inured – both from leaks and lg’s own near-constant drip-drip-drip of announcements – to its tall & skinny design. still, when you first pick it up … continue reading
the whole world now knows lg’s vision for a 2017 champion. in less than 30 days, we’re about to see samsung’s as well. but not before everyone else beats it to the punch. a new set of leaks, both in moving and still images format, show off the gentle curves of the galaxy s8 and its larger galaxy s8 plus … continue reading
tired of using vpns and piracy to get your british television fix in the us? a new streaming service from the bbc and itv called ‘britbox‘ aims to be the solution, offering those in the united states access to some british shows for $6.99/month. you’ll need to have a broad taste in shows, however, as the service seems to offer … continue reading
if you’ve been thinking about picking up a ps4 pro, you might want to hop on this new deal from newegg quickly. still being relatively new, we haven’t really seen many deals on the ps4 pro just yet. just as well, the fact that this new console is meant to be sony’s premium offering likely means that we won’t see … continue reading
companies take great pains to put a tight cover on upcoming products, but leaks do still get out, sometimes even from the companies themselves. in contrast, motorola seems to be not that concerned that it may have given the public a glimpse of this year’s moto z flagship. at its press conference at mwc 2017 last month, motorola showed off … continue reading
شکست سد جهرم حقیقت دارد ؟     اخبار ایران و جهان ، پرمگ : در پی انتشار برخی اخبار و شایعات در فضای مجازی در خصوص شکسته شدن سد جهرم، مدیرکل مدیریت بحران استان فارس این خبر را تکذیب کرد. فیاض‌پور در گفت‌وگو با ایسنا، در این باره گفت: به دنبال انتشار اخباری در … برای دیدن مطلب در کیفیت بهتر به لینک شکست سد جهرم حقیقت دارد ؟ مراجعه کنید منتشر کننده نوشته : مجله فارسی پرمگشکست-سد-جهرم-حقیقت-دارد-؟.html

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