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in today's indian landscape focussing on security and surveillance is the critical need be it in industrial, commercial or residential establishments. the security industry is undergoing a paradigm shift. with the increased focus on security, ubm -- a leading exhibition organiser -- organised a 10th edition of ifsec india awards 2016.
i first learned protocol-oriented-programming with objective-c, and i was very pleased to see the swift team emphasize this style. but, at least at this writing at the end of 2016, i still run into problems when i use this style of programming in swift. here’s the problem i’m trying to solve: variant value i’m working on a schema-less hierarchical database. tables can contain tables, and they can contain values such as strings, numbers, booleans, dates, arrays, and so on. to represent these values, i’d rather use a value protocol rather than a value class. if it’s a protocol, then i can have completely separate implementations: boolvalue and datevalue and arrayvalue and so on would conform to value, but otherwise would have different implementations. but here’s the thing: array
amazon is offering the amazing canary all-in-one security camera for just $167, a 40 percent discount and the lowest price we’ve ever seen. there’s no shortage of internet-connected security cameras, but the canary all-in-one is seriously one of our favorites. not only does it include temperature and air quality sensors, but it also has a super loud 90db alarm just in case you need some extra noise in your house. you can also set it to automatically record when it detects motion, which is great for those times when you’re away from home. oh, and you get some free cloud dvr space, something that a lot of high-quality security cameras. it also happens to be a #1 best seller with a 4-star rating from nearly 2,000 reviews. not bad! read canary all-in-one security device offe
bitdefender internet security 2017 - only $20.17 up to 3 devices, 1 year
creating and managing shared code, whether to open-source your libraries, and my secret to making git submodules actually work without driving you insane, all in less than 30 minutes! ∞ permalink
i just posted vesper’s api server up on github. again: this is provided as historical artifact, not as living software. it no longer runs anywhere. and i don’t make claims about quality — it’s just that it may be interesting. (and may not be.) it gives me something to write about, at least. for possibly-helpful background, see the vesper sync diary, which was written while i was working on this code. azure mobile services it’s a node.js server — but it ran on top of mobile services, which means you couldn’t just plop it down on a machine and run it unless you added the exact features that mobile services provides. nevertheless, i think the code is somewhat readable, even if it would be difficult to run it. (you’d also have to set up a database with the exact same schema, w
u.s. department of energy (doe) high-performance computer sites have selected a dynamic fusion code, led by physicist c.s. chang of the doe's princeton plasma physics laboratory (pppl), for optimization on three powerful new supercomputers. the pppl-led code was one of only three codes out of more than 30 science and engineering programs selected to participate in early science programs on all three new supercomputers, which will serve as forerunners for even more powerful exascale machines that are to begin operating in the united states in the early 2020s.
the uttarakhand bjp today approached the election commission alleging that chief minister harish rawat had disposed files in violation of model code of conduct and demanded scrapping of all his decisions.bjp state chief ajay bhatt alleged that rawat distributed a large number of mining leases, liquor and bar licences among his favourites when he "disposed" of a stack of files at his office here yesterday. the ec should act immediately in the matter as it was gross violation of the model code of conduct, he said.the bjp have also approached the election commission with this complaint. "this is
last night recode's peter kafka hosted an interview with apple's eddy cue, svp of internet software and services, who was joined by television producer ben silverman at recode's code media conference. the discussion centered around apple's video ambitions, with new information and trailers being released for two of apple's upcoming original shows: planet of the […]
the network of chinese human rights defenders (chrd) [advocacy website] released its annual report [text, pdf] on thursday, highlighting intensified crackdowns on human rights defenders in china. according to the chrd report, human rights activities are being criminalized as “‘political’ threats to ‘national security.’” [press release] the report further highlights a number of practices used by the government, such as enforced disappearances [un backgrounder], arbitrary detention, and acts of torture against human rights defenders, pointing particularly to those secretly detained...
vesper for ios is up on github. it’s presented as a historical artifact rather than as a living project. it’s definitely not an example of how to write apps these days — and it’s not even an example of how to write apps in 2013. there are good parts and bad parts, embarrassing parts, parts that clearly need refactoring, etc. etc. the only changes from the code in our current repository were to remove the incomplete mac app code, remove hockey, remove ideal sans (the embedded font), make a few code changes related to switching to the system font, and get it to compile with xcode 8.2.1. surprisingly big it’s been a while since i lived in this code and, coming back to it, i was struck by how very much code there is. it’s a little nuts. this is just a note-taking app, after all. i
postgres is our favorite database—it’s reliable, powerful and secure. here are a few essential tips learned from building, and helping our customers build, apps around postgres. these tips will help ensure you get the most out of postgres, whether you’re running it on your own box or using the heroku postgres add-on. use a connection pooler postgres connections are not free, as each established connection has a cost. by using a connection pooler, you’ll reduce the number of connections you use and reduce your overhead. most postgres client libraries include a built-in connection pooler; make sure you’re using it. you might also consider using our pgbouncer buildpack if your application requires a large number of connections. pgbouncer is a server-side connection pooler and connec
web pages are generally written in html (hypertext markup language) or comparable markup language. web browsers have to get along with a number of web resource elements like images, scripts, stylesheet and more to show the web page. ever wanted to view the source code of any webpage in safari on your iphone or mac? […]
redis might sound like it’s just a key/value store, but its versatility makes it a valuable swiss army knife for your application. caching, queueing, geolocation, and more: redis does it all. we’ve built (and helped our customers build) a lot of apps around redis over the years, so we wanted to share a few tips that will ensure you get the most out of redis, whether you’re running it on your own box or using the heroku redis add-on. use a connection pooler by using a connection pooler, you'll reduce the connection overhead and therefore speed up operations while reducing the number of connections you use. most redis libraries will provide you with a specific connection pooler implementation; you just have to make sure you use them. measure, compare, and adapt the size of your red
so you want to build an app with react? "getting started" is easy… and then what? react is a library for building user interfaces, which comprise only one part of an app. deciding on all the other parts — styles, routers, npm modules, es6 code, bundling and more — and then figuring out how to use them is a drain on developers. this has become known as javascript fatigue. despite this complexity, usage of react continues to grow. the community answers this challenge by sharing boilerplates. these boilerplates reveal the profusion of architectural choices developers must make. that official "getting started" seems so far away from the reality of an operational app. new, zero-configuration experience inspired by the cohesive developer experience provided by ember.js
omni: looking back, looking ahead—2017 edition: in 2016 we scratched the surface with url automation on ios, but in 2017 we plan to roll out user automation on ios in a big way across all our apps with a much richer set of capabilities. this automation support won’t be limited to a simple set of url primitives; instead, we’re adding support for running javascript code: code that has the same level of deep support for manipulating the data in our apps as we’ve previously exposed to applescript… right before the holidays i approached sal [soghoian] to review the automation work we’ve been doing, and over the past weeks he’s been enthusiastically exploring the boundaries of what’s already possible as well as helping us see what else we need to build before shipping this.
the milanese loop is considered to be one of the more elegant apple watch bands out there, and today you can get a replica milanese loop for your 38 or 42mm apple watch for as little as $7 when you use a special promo code. replica milanese loopfirst up is the 42mm milanese loop in silver. this brand, penom, is one of the more popular replica band sellers out there, with this particular band having a 4.5-star rating from over 3,000 reviews. it will work on any 42mm apple watch, including the sport and stainless steel versions. it also comes with a one-year warranty. apple sells this band for $149, but you can get this band for $6 when you use promo code frad7re4 at checkout. want the same thing above but in 38mm? you got it. just like the 42mm penom replica milanese loop, the 38mm ve
kaspersky researchers find android apps for connected cars soft targets for hackers.
rawat is being accused of disposing files from his office on friday
encrypted communication is now the norm for applications on the internet. at heroku, part of our mission is to spread encryption by making it easy for developers to setup and use ssl on every application. today we take a big step forward in that mission by making heroku ssl generally available, allowing you to easily add ssl encryption to your applications with nothing more than a valid ssl certificate and custom domain. heroku ssl is free for custom domains on hobby dynos and above and relies on the sni (“server name indication”) extension which is now supported by the vast majority of browsers and client libraries. the current ssl endpoint will remain available for the increasingly rare instances where your applications need to support legacy clients and browsers that do not support
postgresql 9.6 is now generally available for heroku postgres. the main focus of this release is centered around performance. postgresql 9.6 includes enhanced parallelism for key capabilities that sets the stage for significant performance improvements for a variety of analytic and transactional workloads. with 9.6, certain actions, like individual queries, can be split up into multiple parts and performed in parallel. this means that everything from running queries, creating indexes, and sorting have major improvements that should allow a number of different workloads to execute faster than they had in prior releases of postgresql. with 9.6, the postgresql community, along with heroku’s own open source contributions to this release (a special thanks to peter geoghegan), have laid the fo
trump's first choice to replace michael flynn turned down the offer
today we are announcing the newest version of the heroku cli. we know how much time you spend in the cli as developers and how much pride you take in being able to get things done quickly. our new cli has big improvements in performance as well as enhanced readability for humans and machines. tuned for performance cli response time is made up of two parts: the api response time and the performance of the cli itself, and the latter is where we’ve made big improvements. while a typical unix user should experience responses that are around half a second faster, the biggest gains are for windows users, as the new cli no longer has a ruby wrapper. when we measured the time it takes for the info command in the old vs. new cli, it decreases from 1690 to 1210 milliseconds in unix, and 3409 to 94
donald trump refuses to give up his old unsecured android phone, which has prompted several congressmen to author a letter to the house oversight committee to investigate the security ramifications.
yesterday at recode's code media event, a new tv box called caavo was unveiled. rather than being a competitor to existing products like apple tv, roku, or fire tv, caavo is a hub into which you plug those other streaming boxes. once a device is connected, caavo can navigate through each box's interface in a […]
one of the longest homekit equipment absences has been security cameras. despite apple expanding homekit to support cameras in ios 10, nothing has hit the market before today. macrumors reports on the end of the camera drought, as d-link's omna 180 cam hd is now available for purchase. the cylindrical omna 180 cam hd features […]
i was fixing a bug in omnioutliner where it wouldn’t open a file with an uppercase .opml suffix. i did some digging, and the fix was to register the app as handling the file type. which upset me. i’ll explain. opml — outline processor markup language — was invented in 2000 by dave winer at userland software. it’s not apple’s format, and the correct file type is org.opml.opml. i was working for dave at the time. some time after dave wrote the first opml reading and writing code, i ported it to c. later, when i was working on netnewswire, in 2002, i wrote what may have been the first objective-c code for reading and writing opml. and today i work on omnioutliner, which supports opml, and i’ve published an open source opml parser. so i know opml. after dave,
kangaroos coach mal meninga, one of the most important figures in state of origin history, believes there's merit in rival code rugby union's plan to stage their own version of the interstate battle.
the us senate on wednesday voted to reverse a 2007 law [jurist report] an obama-era gun regulation that required mental health information to be shared with the national gun background check system. the bill [materials], which passed the republican controlled senate with a vote of 57-43, instructs the social security administration to cease implementation of a portion of the 2007 nics improvement act [text, pdf] that prohibited individuals from buying guns if they were unable to work due to mental...
one of the issues of yesterday’s “database incident” is that most of their database backups weren’t being tested, and when they needed a restore, they discovered that most of the backup methods hadn’t been working. untested backup methods that turn out to be missing or broken are extremely common. i can’t fault them much because it’s a very easy mistake to make: most backups, by nature, never need to be restored from, so you never realize if something changes and they stop working… until it’s too late. the solution is to frequently and automatically test backups by: regularly downloading the latest backup from s3 (or wherever) and performing a full restore onto a clean server. testing its validity in a way that a human is sur
kyle seaman is director of farm technology for freight farms, producer of pre-assembled, iot-enabled, hydroponic farms inside repurposed freight containers. read the freight farms customer story to learn more about how heroku has helped the company scale their business. what is freight farms? our flagship product, the leafy green machine (lgm), is a complete, commercial-ready, hydroponic growing system assembled inside a repurposed shipping container. each of our 100+ farms is connected to an iot network built on heroku. tell us about your stack. we’re running the open source version of the parse server on heroku. our stack is mostly javascript: mongodb along with a node.js api. we also use heroku postgres. xively is a core component of our stack. we use the xively add-on to sync our her
im lock is an android security utility for internet filtering, blocking, safety, security, monitoring, and parental control. this android filter is ideal for network administrators, employers, and parents to block apps and filter internet content. fast and easy setup ,manage from any browser.tags: internet content filter, parental control, web filter, block websites, web blocker, block pornography, porn addictionsubmitted: 2017-02-18 01:12:30download imlock web filter app blockermobile friendly download
figuring out which skills to try and learn can be difficult. what is popular when you start learning may not be what is popular when you are done, so why not learn a bunch of different topics at your own pace? whether you are interested in animation and 3d, networking and security, game designing or other topics, wouldn't it be nice to be able to switch your focus between them all as you see fit? well, you can. save 96% right now! learn more that's right, with a lifetime single user subscription to the virtual training company you'll have instant access to more than 1,000 online courses on a variety of popular topics and skills. this allows you to move between them as you see fit, and use your time to accomplish the courses. get lifetime access to 1,026 courses on any topic available at th
at heroku, we're always working towards increased operational stability with the services we offer. as we recently launched the beta of apache kafka on heroku, we've been running a number of clusters on behalf of our beta customers. over the course of the beta, we have thoroughly exercised kafka through a wide range of cases, which is an important part of bringing a fast-moving open-source project to market as a managed service. this breadth of exposure led us to the discovery of a memory leak in kafka, having a bit of an adventure debugging it, and then contributing a patch to the apache kafka community to fix it. issue discovery for the most part, we’ve seen very few issues running kafka in production. the system itself is very stable and performs very well even under massive a
filed as apple bug (radar) 27848317. the problem, in short: avfoundation, the low-level audio/video framework in ios and macos, does not accurately seek within vbr mp3s, making vbr impractical to use for long files such as podcasts. jumping to a timestamp in an hour-long vbr podcast can result in an error of over a minute, without the listener even knowing because the displayed timecode shows the expected time. why vbr? vbr encoding is far more space-efficient and better-sounding than constant-bitrate (cbr) encoding. it’s especially pronounced in podcasts, where vbr makes most podcasts 20–50% smaller and better-sounding than the 64 kbps cbr encoding that most podcasters are forced to use today. vbr could save podcast listeners massive amounts of data transfer over time. (and theref
it’s not russian roulette when there’s a bullet in every chamber — it’s just russian. * * * it should be clear by now that democrats in congress should resist every single thing trump attempts. every nominee. every law. every single thing. do not collaborate. * * * the next thing might be a “religious freedom” executive order that permits anti-lgbtq discrimination. * * * things move fast. history: jan 30, 1933: hitler becomes chancellor of germany. feb 27, 1933: reichstag fire. mar 23, 1933: enabling act, which establishes the dictatorship. things move faster these days, seems like. the question is: what will be the equivalent of the reichstag fire? it has to be an emergency where trump can claim “temporary” expanded powers. would massive, continuous protests be enough? qu
from our blogs: eastern arsenal when fear trumps science and security, everybody loses donald trump's executive order banning immigration from muslim countries argued that these new restrictions are necessary to prevent attacks. this is folly. read on.
heroku recently released a managed apache kafka offering. as a node.js developer, i wanted to demystify kafka by sharing a simple yet practical use case with the many node.js developers who are curious how this technology might be useful. at heroku we use kafka internally for a number of uses including data pipelines.  i thought that would be a good place to start. when it comes to actual examples, java and scala get all the love in the kafka world.  of course, these are powerful languages, but i wanted to explore kafka from the perspective of node.js.  while there are no technical limitations to using node.js with kafka, i was unable to find many examples of their use together in tutorials, open source code on github, or blog posts.  libraries implementing kafka’s binary (and fairly
today we are announcing a significant enhancement to heroku external objects: write support. salesforce users can now create, read, update, and delete records that physically reside in any heroku postgres database from within their salesforce deployment. increasingly, developers need to build applications with the sophistication and user experience of the consumer internet, coupled with the seamless customer experience that comes from integration with salesforce. heroku external objects enable a compelling set of integrations scenarios between heroku and salesforce deployments, allowing postgres to be updated based on business processes or customer records in salesforce. with heroku external objects, data persisted in heroku postgres is presented as an external object in salesforce. extern
many of the compelling and engaging application experiences we enjoy every day are powered by event-based systems; requesting a ride and watching its progress, communicating with a friend or large group in real time, or connecting our increasingly intelligent devices to our phones and each other. behind the scenes, similar architectures let developers connect separate services into single systems, or process huge data streams to generate real-time insights. together, these event-driven architectures and systems are quickly becoming a powerful complement to the relational database and app server models that have been at the core of internet applications for over twenty years. at heroku, we want to make the power of this increasingly important model available to a broader range of developers
here is a roundup of everything published on gearadvice for february 16, 2017. happy national almond day! be sure to follow gearadvice on twitter so you can be immediately informed of the best deals of the day as well as be alerted to when we post a new review, gift guide or best accessory article. dealsread get the ue roll 2 for just $69, an all-time lowread anker's 24-hour-lasting soundcore bluetooth speaker is 60% offread grab anker's new slim bluetooth headphones for just $24read the netgear arlo q 1080p hd security camera is at its all-time lowread undefinedread this aukey 20000mah battery with lighting input is a deal at $30reviewsread the ultimate cable television cord cutting solution for apple tv
scott raio is co-founder and cto of combatant gentlemen, a design-to-delivery menswear e-commerce brand. read our combatant gentlemen customer story to learn more about how heroku helped them build a successful online business. what microservices are you running in heroku private spaces? we’ve written an individual service for every business use case. for example, we have services for order processing, product catalog, account management, authentication, swatch display, pos, logistics, payments, etc. with all these different services, we chose heroku private spaces as a way to make service discovery easier. we’re currently running about 25 services, which is a relatively small number compared to netflix or twitter (who employ hundreds of services). but we’re growing, and we’re alwa
the ruby maintainers continued their annual tradition by gifting us a new ruby version to celebrate the holiday: ruby 2.4 is now available and you can try it out on heroku. ruby 2.4 brings some impressive new features and performance improvements to the table, here are a few of the big ones: binding#irb - runtime invocation for irb unified integers - fixnum and bignum are now integer rounding changes - more accurate kernel#sprintf rounding background: 32-bit vs 64-bit word length c data models fixnum sizes across rubies proposed changes gaussian rounding hash changes - open addressing for cache utilization via full cycle lcg background: processor caching a diy hash: turbohash open addressing linear probing the linear congruential generator binding#irb have you ever used p or puts to get th
facebook has recently announced that businesses in the united states and canada can post their job openings to the social network. job seekers can also easily apply through the ios app or web. easy for business and job seekersanyone looking for a job can find the positions on their facebook page or jobs bookmark. on the ios app, select the menu button, tap “jobs,” and then scroll down to see the positions available in your area. after employers post a position, they’ll be able to track applications and contact applicants through facebook messenger. when an applicant on the apply now button, they’ll see a form that’s already populated with information from their profile. that can be reviewed and edited before being submitted to the employer. the facebook app is designed fo
source: agency for technical cooperation and development country: iraq with much of the city’s inhabitants having remained in the city or now returning, the provision of key services is vital to preventing the outbreak of disease and assisting on the path to recovery. this report was written by acted’s ame unit to provide a snapshot of humanitarian needs and conditions in neighborhoods around mosul. data was collected via key informant and observational tools on feb 8th. highlights access to clean drinking water is the top priority need. al-tahrir residents are currently drinking water from unprotected boreholes or relying on water trucking. livelihoods, cash and job opportunities are identified as a top priority need for this neighborhood. markets are functioning and food, water, nfis
source: world food programme country: world the guidance provides an overview of the gvb key issues in the context of wfp’s operations. it helps staff and partners to identify and respond to gbv risks related to hunger, nutrition and wfp programmes. about this manual what is it? this manual provides an overview of the key issues related to gender-based violence (gbv) in the context of wfp’s operations. it seeks to guide staff and partners so they can better identify and respond to gbv risks related to hunger and nutrition and to wfp programmes. in particular, the guidance aims to identify practical steps to ensure that wfp staff are able to: understand what gbv means; understand how gbv is relevant to wfp; conduct gbv analysis in order to identify gbv-related threats, vulnerabilities,
today we’re happy to announce that the sydney, australia region is now generally available for use with heroku private spaces. sydney joins virginia, oregon, frankfurt, and tokyo as regions where private spaces can be created by any heroku enterprise user. developers can now deploy heroku apps closer to customers in the asia-pacific area to reduce latency and take advantage of the advanced network & trust controls of spaces to ensure sensitive data stays protected. usage to create a private space in sydney, select the spaces tab in heroku dashboard in heroku enterprise, then click the “new space” button and choose “sydney, australia” from the the space region dropdown. after a private space in sydney is created, heroku apps can be created inside it as normal. heroku postgres,
$1774.04 after 4% cashback with cashrewards if taken off $2499rrp or $1799.04 if 4% is taken from sale price $1874 was down to $1999 in the ebay 20% off sale, much more reasonable at $1774/$1799 after cashrewards tech specs: processor 6th generation intel® core™ i7-6700 processor 3.40 ghz (8m cache, up to 4.0 ghz max turbo frequency) operating system (dell recommends windows 10 pro.) windows 10 home 64bit english microsoft office microsoft® office trial security software mcafee live safe 12 month subscription monitor no monitor memory 16gb single channel ddr4 2133mhz (16gbx1) hard drive 256gb m.2 solid state drive + 2tb 7200 rpm hard drive video card nvidia® geforce® gtx 1070 with 8gb gddr5 graphics memory optical drive tray load dvd drive (reads and writes to dvd/cd) warranty 1yr pr
source: catholic agency for overseas development, actionaid, coopi - cooperazione internazionale, global alliance for improved nutrition, norwegian refugee council, tearfund, care, caritas, search for common ground, christian aid, mercy corps, action contre la faim france, médecins du monde, oxfam, international rescue committee, refugees international, save the children, plan, secours islamique france, center for civilians in conflict country: cameroon, chad, niger, nigeria ahead of next week's conference in oslo on the humanitarian crisis in north east nigeria and the lake chad basin, some 22 ngos have identified seven steps needed to make an impact.a violent eight-year conflict originating in nigeria has intensified in the last four years and spread across borders into niger, chad and
source: un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs country: south sudan, sudan over 65% of the 131,000 refugees who arrived in 2016 were children, many with critical levels of malnutrition. unhcr and partners anticipate the continued influx of refugees throughout 2017. highlights about 80,000 people returned to umm dukhun locality, central darfur between 2014 and 2016. returnees in um dukhun have poor access to basic services—such as water, education, health and nutrition services. over 300,000 south sudanese refugees have arrived in sudan since mid-december 2013. wfp provided food assistance to 3.9 million people across sudan in 2016. figures 2016 hrp /# people in need in sudan (2016 hno) 5.8 million /# people in need in darfur (2016 hno) 3.3 million gam caseload 2.1 million
at rubykaigi i caught up with matz, koichi, and aaron patterson aka tenderlove to talk about ruby 3x3 and our path so far to reach that goal. we discussed koichi’s guild proposal, just-in-time compilation and the future of ruby performance. jonan: welcome everyone. today we are doing an interview to talk about new features coming in ruby 3. i am here with my coworkers from heroku, sasada koichi and yukihiro matsumoto, along with aaron patterson from github. jonan: so, last year at rubykaigi you announced an initiative to speed up ruby by three times by the release of version three. tell us more about ruby 3x3. matz: in the design of the ruby language we have been primarily focused on productivity and the joy of programming. as a result, ruby was too slow, because we focused on run-time e
as we begin 2017, we want to thank you for supporting heroku. your creativity and innovation continues to inspire us, and pushed us to deliver even more new products and features in 2016. we especially want to thank everyone who helped us by beta testing, sharing heroku with others, and providing feedback. here are the highlights of what became generally available in 2016. advancing the developer experience heroku pipelines a new way to structure, manage and visualize continuous delivery. heroku review apps test code at a shareable url using disposable heroku apps that spin up with each github pull request. free ssl for apps on paid dynos get ssl encryption on custom domains for free on apps that use paid dynos. the new heroku cli take advantage of the cli’s faster performance and new us

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