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environment why we created the environmental protection agency—and why we still need it what did america look like before the epa? popsci takes a look.

diy get around those region limits with the right apps installed, you can tune into tv from anywhere in the world—without having to pack your bags and take a flight.

diy protect your house from vermin everything you need to know about mouse control…

diy because you forgot to stock up on real food how to enjoy some delicious, sugary taffy using mother nature's icebox. read on.

diy grab that screengrab whether you're on windows, macos, android, or ios, here are the button combinations you need to capture an image of your screen and save it for posterity.

environment the epa used to enjoy bipartisan support the epa wasn’t always divided along party lines. here’s how that changed, and why you should care.

diy those drips could be costing you a fortune fixing a leaky faucet is one of the simplest and cheapest diy jobs you can do. but if you put it off, you might get a nasty shock with your next water bill.

science weathering the waves at some point, the constant battering was just too much for the old rocks to handle. read on.

environment and it all started with an e-mail researchers are trying to understand interglacials—the pauses that occur between ice ages. technically, we're living in one now. but when will the next ice age come?

science there's more to it than smarter a.i. filler sound can make customer support computers seem friendlier and more helpful.

health the one simple trick? stay inside. all the ways you're likely to die in a blizzard—oh yeah, and how to prevent them. read on.

diy and take your gaming anywhere both the xbox one and playstation 4 consoles can stream games to a laptop or desktop over the web. here's how to get everything set up.

animals but it depends on the species and the context a study concludes that de-extinction could actually lead to a net loss of biodiversity. read on.

science watch it for yourself a new study explains how some bacteria end up airborne. read on.

science an illuminating study on a very strange demise recently, in an undisclosed place and time, police wandered onto a grisly and unusual scene.

gadgets the end-of-week dispatch from pop sci's commerce editor. grab hold of this internet booty. 5 rad finds that stand on their own. read on.

science they were just way better at it than we are when we think of the amazon rainforest, we tend to think of two things; either a pristine tropical paradise bursting with biodiversity, or a threatened area that’s being…

gadgets should we start a book club? from sci fi to toni morrison, these are the books we're reading now. onward!

environment it wasn't pretty a snapshot from america before the impact of the epa and the effects of rules regulating clean water and air were felt.

environment make the epa great again? the current administration has floated a bill to a, while a house bill to terminate the epa has resurfaced. but what does an america without the epa look like? and are…

space you can basically read fanfiction about them on wednesday, nasa announced the discovery of seven "earthlike" planets orbiting a nearby star. and then they rolled out a lot of goodies.

environment only you can prevent forest fires. for real. in the past 20 years, thousands of wildfires have raged across the united states, and most of them are our fault.

science these 208 minerals were all caused by human activities minerals are tricky things. we just made it even more difficult.

gadgets cruise clearly anytime. it's $32 bucks. crazy bright led bike lights for 75 percent off? i'd buy it. read on.

science newsworthy eye candy from freshly-discovered exoplanets of earth size to the new j-shaped straw of mcdonald's, popsci brings you the images of the week.

science understand this and you'll be a master spearfisher. place a straw in a glass of water, and behold: it looks broken. what’s tricking your brain?

health even if you don't buy the fake pharmaceuticals yourself poor quality and outright fake medicines are a serious public health threat. read on.

health with the right sensor, this could soon be a thing an app alone can’t test water, but a sensor connected to it can. and the key bacterium to check for is e. coli.

science the evidence lies in a chaco canyon crypt in a colossal 650-room structure built over a millennia ago in present-day new mexico, women ruled.

science newsworthy eye candy our favorite images from this week in science, health, and space news.

animals the study shows that bees can adapt to really weird circumstances here's the buzz: bees are brilliant.

diy it's cheaper and sturdier than the store-bought kind with limited options in the store, my husband and i set out to build our own cat scratching post.

diy take charge of your emails not sure how to start dealing with that mountain of unread and still-incoming emails? these tricks should help you clean up your inbox in record time.

health and obesity is probably a culprit colorectal cancer is on the rise in young people. don’t freak out.

science and that's the problem we tested out mcdonalds' crazy new straw. it's got some issues.

health it probably saved your life you probably owe your life to fungus. and someone just paid almost $15k for it. but it might not be the original.

diy keep your digital memories safe worried about losing your precious pictures? make sure they're saved for posterity on the web—whether you're using ios, android, macos, or windows—with these leading…

diy don't just dump your old mobile with a variety of private and public recycling schemes now up and running in every state, there's no excuse for not disposing of your electronics in an environmentally…

technology most of today’s ai is designed to solve specific problems artificial intelligence can solve many problems, but it won’t replicate the human brain anytime soon.

technology most of today’s ai is designed to solve specific problems artificial intelligence can solve many problems, but it won’t replicate the human brain anytime soon.

science it was not filled with chocolate new research casts light on how earth’s first continents formed – and a key theory of geology…

here's why the website is going to look a little light today. we'd like to explain why.

environment a clarification about our waterseer article it's not likely that waterseer could pull 11 to 14 gallons of water from the air per day.

دوستان عزیز تعدادی از فروشگاه دارها اطلاع دادن که تعرفه های پست تغییر کرده در صورتی که شما در 3 روز گذشته تغییری در تعرفه ها مشاهده یا احساس کردید...


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