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author name:  physorg researchers from the university of sheffield have calculated the environmental impact of a loaf of bread and which part of its production contributes the most greenhouse gas. (physorg) interdisciplinary researchers from the university's grantham centre for sustainable futures, analysed the complete process from growing and harvesting the wheat; milling the grain; producing the flour; baking the bread and the production of the final product, ready to be sold by more
author name:  physorg website a team of researchers from china has found that adding aerosol ot, dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate increases the wetting ability of the liquid ( deposition of liquid droplets on solid surfaces is of great importance to many fundamental scientific principles and technological applications, such as spraying, coating, and printing. for example, during the process of pesticide spraying, more than 50% of agrochemicals are lost because of the undesired bouncing and splashing behaviors on hydrophobic or superhydrophobic leaves. read more

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