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upa's failure to reach out to kashmiris, nda's 'anti-muslim' stance has fuelled anger in the valley
entre deux défilés, des stars du monde de la mode se sont réunies pour prôner fièrement leurs origines et exprimer leur indignation après le décret anti-immigration de donald trump, dans une vidéo du magazine américain w magazine.
[jursit] the us court of appeals for the ninth circuit [official website] on thursday issued a stay [text, pdf] of proceedings concerning president donald trump’s executive order [text] restricting immigration from seven muslim-majority nations. representatives from the department of justice had asked the court to “‘hold its consideration of the case until the president issues the new order.’ the united states has further represented that it will inform the court of any new developments.” in a press conference at the...
from our blogs: eastern arsenal when fear trumps science and security, everybody loses donald trump's executive order banning immigration from muslim countries argued that these new restrictions are necessary to prevent attacks. this is folly. read on.
even trump’s supporters know he’s not a good and competent man — nevertheless, they think they can get what they want from him. it’s a cynical deal, and bad, but you can understand it. trump’s vagueness and flip-flops, and the suggestion that he not be taken literally, all help him with this: his supporters, who don’t all want the same things, see what they want to see. many republicans wanted a corporatist to replace scalia on the supreme court, so that decisions like roe v. wade could be over-turned and, especially, so that more decisions like citizens united would be made. it’s likely they’ll get that with a gorsuch confirmation, no matter how democrats fight (and they should fight). but beyond that, every time trump actually does something specific — as opposed to j
source: un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs country: somalia humanitarian community requests a total of us$825 million for the first half of 2017 to reach 5.5 million people with life-saving assistance and livelihood support. situation overview the humanitarian situation in somalia is rapidly deteriorating and famine is a strong possibility in 2017. this comes only six years after a devastating famine led to the death of more than a quarter of a million people – half of them children. the severe drought is a result of two consecutive seasons of poor rainfall, more in some areas. in the worst affected areas, large-scale crop failure and high levels of livestock deaths are occurring. malnutrition and drought-related diseases are on the rise, so are displacements, includi

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