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appness is heading to san francisco. join them at gdc, from february 27- march 3rd. make sure to meet jane artemova – she will be glad to advise you on how to boost your facebook advertising campaigns. don’t hesitate to сontact jane: email: [email protected] whatsapp: +7 931-297-72-83 for more information, visit the appness site here. the post appness is heading to gdc 2017 in san francisco appeared first on mobyaffiliates.
this post originally featured on the propellerad’s blog here.  propellerads presents new technology that automates buying of display or mobile traffic on a cpa bidding via self-serve platform, giving advertisers access to their target audience for the lowest possible cost. nobody likes saying this out loud, but there is a certain risk that your ad campaign will bring zero conversions even though you spend your entire budget on it. it’s no wonder that advertisers from all over the world prefer to work on a cost-per-acquisition or a cost-per-action (cpa) basis; they pay only when a desired action is performed. considering the primary benefits of this bidding model, propellerads introduces smartcpa – a unique solution to enable a smooth launch and an effortless optimization of cpa
deciding to step in online markets is not an easy decision. usually people from outside think that stepping in this industry is somehow logic and quite easy to do. everything is moving in that direction and everyone is online so, why not? why not to prove it and see if it works? yes, easier saying than doing it. lots of users jump in very quickly, without knowing what to do and how to move in the online traffic market and sometimes people stop in front unknown difficulties thinking that are insurmountable, giving up at the first stop. my advice on this is stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right, creating a good strategy to avoid unpleasant surprises. the post the go-to-market strategy for online advertising appeared first on mobyaffiliates.
when considering the next step of business development, you’ve probably already thought of developing a mobile app for ios or android, or probably both. whatever the case is, you might have also wondered what region or continent you’d want to start from once your app has been developed. consider this article as the go-to-for-infographics, most relevant statistics based on reputable reports from 2016 and professional predictions for 2017. the mobile market in general has seen a lot of changes since its dawn, but what awaits app publishers and mobile users in the coming year is rather impressive. “china, usa and india now contribute to half of the global smartphone shipments”, – announced counterpoint in its press release. if the following statement answers the main question th
mobvista is co-hosting at ad:tech new delhi 2017 with dailyhunt. a panel will take place at the event on the subject of ‘how to earn big in apps’. dailyhunt features over 90 million users and is a popular news aggregator app that harvests news from over 600 different sources and supports 14 different indian languages. here are the key details for the event: hosting is robin duan, founder and ceo of mobvista. speakers at the event include the following: the full agenda can be found below: for more information, you can visit the mobvista site here. the post meet mobvista at ad:tech new delhi 2017 appeared first on mobyaffiliates.
this post originally featured on the yeahmobi blog here.  the content and mobile insights lead of appsflyer, shani rosenfelder, recently spoke with yeahmobi’s ceo peter zou, and discussed market trends and china’s role in the global app economy. china is playing an increasingly major role in the global app economy. it is now the largest revenue generator in apple’s app store. it is projected to generate over $20 billion in mobile ad spend in 2016 and more than double that in 2018. it is therefore no surprise that more and more apps are taking their business to china, despite the challenges (localization, government bureaucracy, android app store fragmentation, to name a few). with their know-how, chinese apps and media companies are also spreading their wings across the the po
mobyaffiliates is pleased to offer you the opportunity of winning a free ticket for the app promotion summit, the leading app marketing event. the ticket includes full access to the main conference and workshops plus breakfast, lunch, a cocktail hour and the networking drinks reception. app promotion summit new york will take place on 6 april in manhattan and will cover the full range of marketing techniques including app store search ads, mobile growth hacking, aso, user engagement & retention, analytics, deep linking and video promotion. presenters include experts from ebay, the new york times,, urban airship, starwood hotels, 1stdibs, harry’s, dashlane, google, iheartradio, todaytix, duolingo and nickelodeon. the conference will assemble over 200 app marketing professional
the clickdealer team is excited to announce that we are a diamond sponsor of moscow affiliate conference 2017 – an international gathering of performance marketing experts and leading affiliate networks! join our team in the heart of russia on 30th march and take part in panel discussions, network in the meetup and lounge area, pick up some useful case studies and exchange arbitrage insights. schedule a meeting or just drop by our booth d2 and learn how to skyrocket your roi with clickdealer! fill out the form to book a meeting at moscow affiliate conference 2017. the post get together with clickdealer at moscow affiliate conference 2017 appeared first on mobyaffiliates.
are your cpi campaigns delivering quality users or just installs? the actions a user takes after they install your app, are where their value is observed. are they engaging with the app or did they uninstall the next day? have they made any in-app purchases? your internal key performance indicators (kpis) such as user retention, purchase value and life time value (ltv), are the ideal metrics to determine the value of each user and the overall success of your campaigns. to understand performance against these kpi’s and optimise campaigns against them, you need to share your pie – that is your post-install event data. here are three main ways you can share your pie and eat it too: benchmarking and optimising with a larger pool of data the post how-to get quality mobile users, not just
the global online advertising community is gearing up for the brightest marketing conference in the heart of europe. on may 17th ukraine’s capital city will turn into a hotspot for the industry leaders, marketers and affiliates from around the globe. ad summit kyiv, organized by epom, is set to be held at hyatt regency hotel kyiv in the historic part of the vibrant city. if you still haven’t booked your tickets – it’s about time! here are a few reasons why ad summit should definitely be on your event schedule. explore the global 2017-2018 trends in-depth how do you improve your ad campaigns with advanced analytics, big data and smart targeting? how do you get more people from facebook and boost your e-mail acquisition and the post why ad summit kyiv should be on your event schedule
artificial intelligence (ai) is one of the most hyped concepts of the last few years. from self-driving cars and automatic speech recognition to machines that can learn to play video games, robots are taking over tasks that were traditionally deemed as an exclusive competence of humans. most of these recent breakthroughs have been driven by a particular type of ai: machine learning. machine learning is defined as a type of ai that focuses on the development of algorithms that have the ability to learn from data, find hidden relations between different variables and use those relations to predict the future outcome of events. while this is something a human can do, the scale at which modern algorithms can learn is beyond anything we’ve ever seen the post the amazing capabilities of ai
source snapchat having announced an ipo, it remains to be seen if snap inc. can be successful with imaging app snapchat and please its shareholders, advertisers but ultimately its consumers. that’s why fluent, the mobile content organisation, surveyed 3,327 adults on their views about snapchat longevity and user retention. according to the key findings, almost half (48%) of american adults believe that snapchat is nothing more but “a fad”, whilst 52% believe it’s here to stay. interestingly, 62% of respondents believe that there’ll be an alternative for snapchat rolling out sooner or later which they will switch to. young people have a similar opinion. a majority of them do not believe they’ll still be using the app past the age of 35 years. in addition,
facebook has rolled out additional trials of ad breaks after having tested the format with a group of video creators over the last few months. the ad format lets video creators take a short break during a live video. ads are up to 20 seconds long and the social media company offers a 55% ad revenue share. facebook itself is keeping a whopping 45%. the new offering has potential to entice more producers to join facebook and publish their live videos. right now, pages and profiles in the us can apply to test ad breaks if they have over 2,000 followers and have previously reached at least 300 viewers in a live video. ad breaks can be taken during any live video by tapping on the $ icon in the post facebook trials ad breaks between live videos appeared first on mobyaffiliates.
ad fatigue (ad lassitudinem) is expected to cost digital publishers $27 billion by 2020. although the in-app environment has largely been immune to ad fatigue, this will change as mobile ad budgets continue their migration to apps. app users don’t operate in a vacuum: they are active on other platforms and already susceptible to ad fatigue. by taking measures to ensure a good user experience, you can prevent ad fatigue from developing within your user base and extending to the greater digital environment. what is ad fatigue and what causes it? ad fatigue (af) is a psychobehavioral syndrome with genetic, cultural and environmental factors. its clinical presentation is characterized by affect instability, increased ad disturbance and decreased ad engagement. every internet user appears to
despite an enthusiastic start and sweeping adoption of the snapchat app, the company has struggled to attract advertisers to tap into its creative features and target its youthful audience. snapchat launched discover in 2016 to enable brands to interact with audiences by offering curated content. however, it’s not entirely clear if consumers are using the platform to find new content. that’s why newscred surveyed 100 snapchat users on their usage of the app. the key points from the resulting infographic below are: 30% of media agencies and brands are planning to run an advert on snapchat for the super bowl event this year. 54% of snapchat users use the app daily, whilst 32% open it four to five times per week. the majority of snapchat users the post the majority of snapchat us
it seems facebook has finally added a dislike button. but if you’ve just gone off to check your facebook feed and couldn’t find the button, that’s because it’s not been added to the feed. instead, facebook has rolled out the emoji addition to messenger. given that many users have installed an emoticon keyboard, which provides a thumbs down option in messenger, the addition doesn’t feel particularly groundbreaking. one thing that is different, is that facebook now lets you hover over a friend’s message to like/dislike a specific message in a thread. whilst the option is still being tested and not available to everyone just yet, messenger reactions could be rolled out to everyone soon. could this also be the start of a dislike button for facebook’s news the post facebook adds
this is that time of a year when barcelona becomes the hottest place for all mobile – on february 27th the city will greet hundreds of mobile industry professionals from all over the world to become part of the mobile world congress 2017. kimia team will have a booth h10, check out the map of the venue below to see where you’ll be able to find them and talk. you can win 2 passes to the mobile world congress by following these 3 easy steps: follow kimia on facebook, linkedin and twitter share any article from tag your post with #mindtheroi, #mwc17 and you are practically a winner! ps. if you’re curious to know how kimia manages to make 1 of 30 affiliates they work with a millionaire, the post kimia goes to mobile world congress 2017 in barcelona a
blogs and mobile websites that have a lot of textual content often face the problem of traffic monetization. placing images, text, and ads on a small screen is a challenge. site owners need to find a way to benefit from the content while not disrupting user interaction with content, or driving them away with irrelevant information. the audience reacts better to ads that blend naturally into the environment, fit the context of the website and provide additional value to users. this type of advertisement helps to avoid user frustration and abandonment — common reactions to overly intrusive ads. there is a solution for text monetization which has been successfully functioning on desktop for about 15 years — in-text ads. and yet, this format is quite the post introducing in-text ads for mo
source spectacles ahead of its ipo, snap inc. seems to be pulling out all the stops – with new innovations and seemingly last-minute product roll outs to sweeten the deal for investors. snap inc. is getting into shape. now, the company has showed off a range of new spectacles with video-recording features for $129.99 a pair which can be ordered online. spectacles aren’t exactly a new product from snap inc., but until now they were only available at vending machines. the glasses are capable of recording video snippets of 10-seconds in length. with each charge, the specs can record around 100 10-second videos. source spectacles once the glasses are paired with your snapchat account, they will auto-upload your snaps to the app. snap inc. spectacles the post snap now sells spectacl
smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. new types of devices and technologies are introduced each year and they’re really changing the game for e-commerce. we’ve compiled a list of 7 most important mobile marketing tips to stay ahead of the competition in 2017. but first, let’s take a look at some interesting stats. key trends in mobile (facts and figures) the overall number of mobile users is expected to reach nearly 5 billion in 2017 source: statista the number of app downloads will reach 268 million. those downloads will total in $77 billion in business revenue  source: statista apple and samsung are the most popular mobile device vendors. the former has the largest market share in japan, australia, usa, canada and the post 7 key tips for beating your mobi
the mobile advertising index allows you to quickly discover and evaluate the best advertising partners of the moment, so you can optimize return on ad spend and scale your target audience. the tool will enable you to filter advertising partner performance across 20 criteria ranging from device type, geolocation, payout structure, and more. get instant results for over 1000 ad networks and publishers. tune mobile advertising index filters according to this rating, mobupps company entered to the top of 10 worldwide ad networks by the number of clients working with it, as well top 25 by volume of traffic. mobupps took a strong position in the next markets: top 10 in asia top 10 in east europe top 9 in europe tomchin yaron ceo of mobupps the post mobupps enters the top of mobile advertising i
on april 12 st. petersburg, russia will greet hundreds of online advertising professionals at the cpa life 2017 conference. this will be the fourth annual event to host a number of keynotes in two halls and provide a great environment for digital ad industry professionals meet face-to-face and do business. last year the conference was attended by over 1,200 people, including representatives from such companies as yandex, target @ mail and others. in 2016 we became the biggest event in advertising in the cis. follow this link to buy your ticket. the venue address: russia, st. petersburg, nab pirogovskaya. 5/2 the after party will take place at: club aurora, pirogovsky nab.5 / 2 the post adwad hosts cpa life 2017 iv annual conference appeared first on mobyaffiliates.
on april 12 st. petersburg, russia will greet hundreds of online advertising professionals at the cpa life 2017 conference. this will be the fourth annual event to host a number of keynotes in two halls and provide a great environment for digital ad industry professionals meet face-to-face and do business. last year the conference was attended by over 1,200 people, including representatives from such companies as yandex, target @ mail and others. in 2016 we became the biggest event in advertising in the cis. follow this link to buy your ticket. the venue address: russia, st. petersburg, nab pirogovskaya. 5/2 the after party will take place at: club aurora, pirogovsky nab.5 / 2 the post adwad hosts cpa life 2017 iv annual conference appeared first on mobyaffiliates.
source sardunyareklam twitter is still no entirely sure how to best attract advertisers. the decline in ad revenue from $641 million in 2015 to $638 million in 2016, reported last week is just one sign of an ad business in despair. according to sources close to the company, techcrunch reports that the company is now shuffling to refocus its business and align it more closely with its strengths. in recent months, twitter has become a place to discover the latest news content before it even breaks on a publisher’s site. that’s why the company wants to make some change to its direct response activities, promoted tweets as well as its tellapart business, which it acquired for $532 million in 2015. as part of a wider plan to reshuffle the post twitter set to reshuffle its mobile
on february 27th barcelona, spain will greet hundreds and hundreds mobile advertising professionals from all corners of the world at mobile world congress 2017. the next 4 days will be fully packed with keynotes, sessions and countless number of personal face-to-face meetings.  the mobile advertising community is always well represented at the event as the key mobile ad and app marketing players come to buy and sell installs and traffic, meet with clients and socialise at the many parties and drinks events. we want to help you to make the most of your visit and did a heavy lifting of gathering contact information about all mobile advertising companies that will be there for you to meet with. it’s been proven many times that to have the post 50+ mobile advertising companies to meet a
over three-quarters of all online display advertising revenue will be attributed to mobile by 2020. that’s according to findings from ihs markit, the analytics and solutions provider. mobile display advertising worldwide increased to a whopping 72% in 2015 compared to the year before and accounted for 45% of all online display ad revenue at a total $29bn. in 2016, global mobile advertising grew 42% to $41bn. this is the first year that it will generate over half of all online display advertising revenue at 55%. qingzhen chen, senior analyst at ihs markit, explained: “mobile advertising has grown stronger than any other medium in the last four years, and now accounts for a significant proportion of online advertising revenue.” a spotlight look at china reveals that the pos
source chartboost chartboost, the mobile gaming marketing company, has launched its own brand of playable ads for mobile games. called chartboost playable ads, the company hopes that these ads will attract increased user interest and growing revenue for game publishers. generally, this type of in-app advertising has been shown to result in greater engagement. consumers can tap on an ad and instantly have a go at the game advertised. maria alegre, the ceo of chartboost, explains that interaction is a vital part of the advertising experience. “today we’re excited to introduce an entirely new ad experience built around the player – starting with the chartboost playable ad. this new ad format is more than just a playable ad, it’s an immersive interactive moment within a game
source youtube google has decided to get rid of its 30-second video pre-roll ads which cannot be skipped. the ad product will be thrown out as of next year. the move is in line with google wanting to provide a better user experience. having said that, the company is not getting rid of its 20-second or 6-second pre-roll formats just yet. communicus inc research demonstrates that 15-second tv ads are 75% as effective as 30-second ads. add to that the fact they cost only half to produce and advertise. however, google’s own research also demonstrated that longer cuts do present an advantage. 30-second ads had the highest view-through rates whilst 15-second videos tended to be skipped the most. source google so why get rid of the post google to get rid of 30-second pre-roll video advertis
avazu holding is attending mobile world congress 2017. mobile world congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, organised by the gsma (one of the three major international organisations in mobile world), and this year, the event will be held in the mobile world capital barcelona, 27 february – 2 march 2017. mobile world congress 2017 will unite more than 2,000 companies and 101,000 industry talents in the broader mobile ecosystem from 208 countries and areas in the world. over 3,600 industry analysts and media reporters will attend the conference. mwc at a glance there will be a large variety of new technologies at the conference, including 5g technology, equipment, laa, nfv and more, that will affect the future trends in the mobile world. the post meet avaz
kimia is a premium performance network for affiliates. they focus on bringing together premium publishers and direct advertisers utilizing their proprietary world-class ad serving technology and team of over 130 employees in offices in madrid, barcelona, mumbai, singapore & shanghai. they provide a range of top mobile offers for affiliates in the following verticals: mobile content pin submit dating sweepstakes health and beauty nutra finance e-commerce binary/forex games video streaming gambling utilities all of these are previously benchmarked on performance and competitiveness. only the top 20% are published on kimia’s performance market. for more information, you can visit kimia’s site here.  the post monetize your traffic with high converting offers from kimia ap
source taptica with the uk now being the second most advanced mobile ad market according to zenith media, mobile advertising platform, taptica, has announced the opening of an office in the country. the move is in line with the company’s global expansion plans and presents the fourth international office launch by taptica over the last 12 months. the new uk office plans to work with ad agencies with a particular focus on brands within the entertainment, ecommerce, retail, digital banking, travel and gaming sectors. taptica wants to expand on relationships with existing european clients headquartered in the uk. as part of the move, amit dar, taptica’s head of strategic partnerships in europe, has relocated to london to lead the new uk office. he joined the company the post taptica open
mobusi mobile advertising is a leading advertising company with a mobile-first and performance mind-set.  as one of the most valued mobile agencies worldwide, we’re able to help increase the volume of qualified users for any app on the market.  we’re also able to monetize the current audience with the best results and innovative formats. what have we got to offer? advertising: we explore all realms! we offer video, both cpi and branding, all ad formats, including playable ads and in-app advertising.  you name it, we do it! targets: we pride ourselves on hitting kpis hard, optimizing every source to ensure the best results for our clients. branding: we’re able to run campaigns for brands through sunmedia, who is responsible for video and branding at mobusi.  the post 8 reasons to
chris apostle joins moburst as cro moburst, the app store optimisation company, just announced that chris apostle has joined the company as a chief revenue officer. apostle is a marketing and advertising veteran and will head the moburst sales and marketing division to boost strategic partnerships and business development across the company. gilad bechar, moburst’s ceo and founder, said: “i’m very excited to have chris join us. he brings a perfect balance of agency experience from ogilvy, razorfish and r/ga and expertise in solving challenges for some of the largest brands in the world including verizon, disney, general motors, microsoft, walmart, nestle to name just a few. we look forward to doing some great things for moburst together.” laura adams is vp of corporate comm
mobile advertising network, exoclick, has launched a new native advertising format across its platform. native advertising formats have been gaining ground over the last few years as they fit in more easily with publisher content and offer higher click-through rates. consumers are said to interact between 20-60% more with native ads than standard banners. the latest exoclick addition comes in a range of format sizes and is fully responsive across mobile phones, tablets and desktops. that means it will auto-resize to fit the screen. publishers can customize the widget to copy the look and feel of editorial content across their site(s). exoclick hopes that the new native ad format will allow publishers to generate revnue without disrupting the user experience. benjamin fonzé, founder and c
source youappi mobile marketing platform, youappi, has just launched its new software development kit (sdk) as an extension to the onerun platform. the new sdk lets publishers and app developers choose between rewarded videos and video interstitials. it offers youappi’s post-install event-driven targeting, that considers over 60 segmentation parameters including device and geographic location. in addition, the sdk is integrated with mediation partners admob (google) and mopub (twitter) so that adverts are being seen by the chosen audiences. youappi says that what sets its sdk apart from others is the rewarded video technology, which is based on values of gamification. that means, youappi rewarded videos encourage user engagement by offering a value exchange between the end users and
mobile advertising spend is set to increase to £7 billion in 2017. that’s according to the latest data released by research firm emarketer. the spending rate represent over a third of the uk’s media advertising expenditure. the firm revealed that digital ad spend is growing 11% in 2017 to £10.89 billion. this year, digital will represent over half (58%) of total media spending. that boost is largely driven by mobile with investments anticipated in the region of 27.4%. emarketer also predicts that mobile ad spend may top £12 billion by 2021. whilst mobile ad spend was boosted by almost 50% to £5.40 billion in 2016, desktop spend was significantly lower at £4.41 billion. the research company added that google is likely to benefit the most from the post mobile advertising spending t
an affiliate network helps publishers to monetize their inventory by providing a variety of options, as well as all necessary tools for running campaigns (tracking links, creatives etc.). for advertisers, affiliate network services and benefits include payment processing, ad tracking technology, ad campaign reporting tools, as well as access to a vast database of publishers.  affiliate networks work on a cpa (cost per action) based model which means that they can effectively deliver a 100% fill rate for publishers.  some publishers, known as ‘affiliates’ or ‘media buyers’ will create or buy traffic using advertising specifically to promote campaigns from a network (rather than just to monetise existing inventory). according to wikipedia the definition of an a
users are spending more time with their mobile devices than ever before. according to the latest flurry insights, us consumers are now using their mobile devices a staggering 5 hours per day. the company previously reported time in apps increasing 69% from 2015 to 2016 with messaging and social apps leading the pack. the latest results present a 20% jump in time-spent compared to 2015. browser share on mobile devices dropped to 8%, whilst the chat bot revolution hasn’t been able to catch on. that means apps are once again the big winners. it’s not surprising that more users are turning toward apps given the large selection in app stores, stability factors, but most importantly matching screen sizes. apps are made for mobile devices and hence their the post time spent using mo
yeahmobi is heading to barcelona, spain, to attend mobile world congress. this year, yeahmobi is bringing a full range of technological products to meet the needs of different clients. for advertisers, yeahmobi uses four major traffic channels to help acquire active users: media buying, performance network, native ads platform and yeahdsp, allowing access to over 75% of the world’s premium traffic and a large volume of long tail traffic, available in more than 200 countries and regions worldwide. yeahmobi adtech for app developers, yeahmobi’s extensive direct advertiser portfolio provides a flexible, easy and efficient monetization solution. developers maximize their ecpm by choosing to integrate an sdk, an offline or online api, or a smart link. for the gaming and e-commerce industrie
ronny lua is the co-founder of wewe media network, a industry-leading performance network specialized in smartlinks/rotators. ronny has been in affiliate marketing since 2008, and has managed 8-figure campaigns together with his media buying team. he is presently the affiliate director at wewe media network, and happily shares his wealth of experience with the affiliates on his network. what is wewe media network and how are you positioned in the market? wewe media network is a tier-1 affiliate network specialized in the most profitable verticals and offers –– mobile content, leadgens, cc trials, casino, downloads/extensions. we take pride in being a boutique network –– so we make sure we give affiliates what they want! we are the first to offer fixed-payout smartlinks, and man
source whatsapp messaging app whatsapp has just launched whatsapp status – a special tab that lets users share embellished photos and videos. similar to snapchat, they disappear within 24 hours. it’s not the first time, facebook subsidiaries have copied snapchat products. indeed, instagram just recently unveiled a feature that blatantly copies snapchat stories. so what’s the big difference with status? for one, the whatsapp feature is encrypted. available on ios, android and windows phone, users share their creative images with friends and contacts. in addition, the tool could potentially be a boon for advertisers by allowing ads between statuses. whatsapp currently has 1.2 billion month users with 60 billion messages sent daily. the success of status may potentially hinder some
facebook has just improved its instant articles advertising feature for publishers by letting them add more adverts into each instant article. previously, adverts could appear every 350 words, but that has now been amended to every 250 words. the move is part of the facebook journalism project, which aims to work more tightly with publishers in order to become the leading source of ad traffic. as part of the journalism project, facebook wants to get publishers and partners together to develop new products, including new storytelling formats which extend the live 350 and instant articles formats. in addition, the company is focusing on local news to connect communities and drive local initiatives. another key area for collaboration will be emerging businesses. facebook says that it the post
yaron tomchin is ceo at mobupps company. management professional with deep knowledge in the online advertising industry. expert in setting up new business and international cooperation. develop and manage the ad network’s business prospects while leading the company’s clients and partners relations. what is mobupps and how are you positioned in the market? we offer to our clients 2 products, access to global mobile ad network and agency model for media planning and buying. our platform includes direct app publishers and sites, a dsp integrated with the biggest ad-exchanges and a mobile marketing agency which covers most of the mobile market, thus we are able to supply our clients with a large scale of targeted media. what types of clients do you work with? basically, the post y
cheetah mobile inc., the mobile utility and content app developer, has just rebranded its mobile advertising business as cheetah ads. the company says that the rebrand combines its utility apps and mobile content under a single hood with a focus on launching vertical video ads to match mobile moments. the ad platform currently reaches over 600 million users from over 200 countries and regions across cheetah mobile’s inventory, including news republic,, clean master, and cm security, and partner apps, such as it is now one of the top app developers with over 612 million monthly active users globally. scarlett xiao, senior vice president, global marketing and business development at cheetah mobile, explains that the technology can potentially “transform ads into u
singular recently announced the top 20 best performing mobile ad networks based on the world’s first roi index. both mobvista and its subsidiary nativex are included on the list. as the only chinese company on the list, mobvista ranks 7th and 15th for ios and android respectively, while nativex ranks 17th on the ios list. the mobile industry used to measure performance of mobile ad networks with criteria like ‘retention rate’ and ‘revenue’. singular, as a new judge, uses a new criterion – roi. what are we actually talking about with roi? how do the world’s top 20 mobile ad networks do with ads? 1. find a new weapon – native performance-based ads today’s latest weapon is native ads, which are unrivalled among performance-based ads. the post three ti
سلام دوستان آیا کدی برای نمایش تصویر کانال تلگرام هست ؟ می خوام تو سایت قرار بدم تا نیاز به آپلود تصویر کانال نباشه و فقط لینک کانال رو قرار بدن...

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