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as we were updating the style guide for the new year, we came across an interesting question: do we refer to donald trump as: president-elect donald trump, or president-elect and russian agent donald trump, or president-elect and agent of russia donald trump. (obviously, “president-elect” changes to “president” on january 20, unless god graces us with a stroke of luck.) the first option was discarded as a disservice to our readers. so it really came down to this wording: “russian agent” or “agent of russia.” the committee was divided, and arguments were intense and lengthy. but we finally decided that “russian agent” could imply that he is on the books and takes direct orders from russia, which we can’t prove right now. however, “agent of russia” s
i just posted vesper’s api server up on github. again: this is provided as historical artifact, not as living software. it no longer runs anywhere. and i don’t make claims about quality — it’s just that it may be interesting. (and may not be.) it gives me something to write about, at least. for possibly-helpful background, see the vesper sync diary, which was written while i was working on this code. azure mobile services it’s a node.js server — but it ran on top of mobile services, which means you couldn’t just plop it down on a machine and run it unless you added the exact features that mobile services provides. nevertheless, i think the code is somewhat readable, even if it would be difficult to run it. (you’d also have to set up a database with the exact same schema, w

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