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apple has just launched a new ad campaign called 'we hear you', and it's going to show real people how ipad pro can solve their real computing problems. "we hear you", apple's new ipad pro campaign, reminded me immediately of "get a mac", the classic series of ads that had john hodgman as pc and justin long as mac show how windows pain points could be easily, often delightfully fixed simply by switching to a mac. apple has had its biggest success with ipad when it's targeted people who were alienated and frustrated by traditional windows pcs. smart people. productive people. creative people. people who, simply by virtue of nature or nurture, found pointers and file systems indirect and abstract. "we believe", the ipad 2 ad where apple affirmed for them that technology alone wasn't enough,

ryan gosling plays another music man in the trailer for "song to song," co-starring rooney mara, michael fassbender, and natalie portman.

apple released four 15-second commercials each promoting different features of the ipad pro. all four open with an actor holding up a large image of a tweet. ‘better than a computer’ opens with the snarky tweet: ‘an ipad pro is not even close to being a computer.’ the narrator agrees explaining that it’s not a […]

great to hear there will be more clarity on what the "sell by" dates mean. i'll throw out less food now.∞ read this on the loop

http://loopinsight.com/redirect?s=/feed/&perm=http://loopinsight.com/2017/02/17/youre-about-to-see-a-big-change-to-the-sell-by-dates-on-food/&perm_title=You’re about to see a big change to the sell-by dates on food&u=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cud2FzaGluZ3RvbnBvc3Qu
android headlines: samsung electronics filed for a “bixby reminder” trademark with the european union intellectual property office (euipo). the filing was made on thursday and seemingly describes one feature of bixby, the company’s upcoming artificial intelligence (ai) assistant that’s heavily rumored to debut with the galaxy s8 and the galaxy s8 plus this spring. add bixby to your list of the major digital assistants you'll hear people talking with on the street.∞ read this on the loop

http://loopinsight.com/redirect?s=/feed/&perm=http://loopinsight.com/2017/02/17/samsung-files-for-bixby-reminder-trademark-in-europe/&perm_title=Samsung files for “Bixby Reminder” trademark in Europe&u=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuYW5kcm9pZGhlYWRsaW5lcy5jb
the post kosovo: the battle for recognition appeared first on outside of the boot. outside of the boot - a website meant for the football enthusiast griffin o’neill writes about the uphill battle kosovo faced and continue to face in order to play international football. what do you think of when you hear “kosovo”? many think of kosovo as a war torn area of eastern europe with deeply rooted political and ethnic divides.  kosovo’s war for independence against serbia in the […] the post kosovo: the battle for recognition appeared first on outside of the boot.

filed as apple bug (radar) 27848317. the problem, in short: avfoundation, the low-level audio/video framework in ios and macos, does not accurately seek within vbr mp3s, making vbr impractical to use for long files such as podcasts. jumping to a timestamp in an hour-long vbr podcast can result in an error of over a minute, without the listener even knowing because the displayed timecode shows the expected time. why vbr? vbr encoding is far more space-efficient and better-sounding than constant-bitrate (cbr) encoding. it’s especially pronounced in podcasts, where vbr makes most podcasts 20–50% smaller and better-sounding than the 64 kbps cbr encoding that most podcasters are forced to use today. vbr could save podcast listeners massive amounts of data transfer over time. (and theref

it’s looking increasingly likely that there will never be another mac pro. here’s why that would be a shame. pro buyers depend on apple to make the hardware that satisfies our needs. and we’re flexible. we’ve adapted over the years to new cpu architectures, port changes, capability changes, price increases, and a slower update pace. the 5k imac is a truly great computer. it’s the best general-purpose desktop apple has ever made. it almost replaces the need for the mac pro. many of us can get by with the 5k imac. but there are some things that only a mac pro can deliver. more than 4 cores. per-core performance has been eking out diminishing returns for years, so today’s newest processors aren’t much faster than those from a few years ago. if you nee

the ruby maintainers continued their annual tradition by gifting us a new ruby version to celebrate the holiday: ruby 2.4 is now available and you can try it out on heroku. ruby 2.4 brings some impressive new features and performance improvements to the table, here are a few of the big ones: binding#irb - runtime invocation for irb unified integers - fixnum and bignum are now integer rounding changes - more accurate kernel#sprintf rounding background: 32-bit vs 64-bit word length c data models fixnum sizes across rubies proposed changes gaussian rounding hash changes - open addressing for cache utilization via full cycle lcg background: processor caching a diy hash: turbohash open addressing linear probing the linear congruential generator binding#irb have you ever used p or puts to get th


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