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avik roy and jonathan cohn discuss what republicans can realistically accomplish in repealing or replacing the affordable care act.

dr michael mosley accepted that sticking to just 600 calories in 24 hours was a challenge for even the most committed dieter

starting today, you can change your twitch username. what's more, you can do it every 60 days, and, seemingly as a shot at microsoft and xbox live, it won't cost you a dime to swap from "fluffyjungle9991" to something a that's easier to commit to mem...

the income tax department then verifies your name, date of birth, gender as per pan and aadhaar number with uidai. only if the data matches, it will be linked.

change is never easy. but when it comes to adopting new agricultural practices, some farmers are easier to convince than others.

between this job and school, i write a lot, so any tool that makes that task easier is great in my book. on that note, the g suite team has rolled out a small, but great, change to docs: you can now change the capitalization of a specific portion of text, and you get to choose between lowercase, all caps, and title case. speed is of the essence when writing, especially at any higher academic level, so this new feature is aimed at saving time while writing a document. read moregoogle docs now makes it easier to change your documents' text capitalization was written by the awesome team at android police.

change list x analyzes two final cut pro x timelines and produces a change list comparing the primary storylines of the two versions of the edit.version 1.2.6: bug fix for multicam clips os x 10.6.6 or later download now

change list x analyzes two final cut pro x timelines and produces a change list comparing the primary storylines of the two versions of the edit.version 1.2.7: bug fix for speed changed multicam clips os x 10.6.6 or later download now

macs and iphones are easier for it administrators to deploy to workers than pcs and other smartphone platforms, according to a survey examining the increased adoption of apple products in enterprise, with the results also indicating that macs and ios devices are also perceived as easier to secure and support than alternatives.

how do i change the format of my content in ibooks on my iphone and ipad? you can adjust the way your ibooks look in settings! updated march 2017: added information about ios 10.3. if you're not accustomed to reading your books on a screen, the way the lines break up can be a little jarring. the good news is you have a few options to change the formatting of all your content in ibooks, which may make things a little easier to read. note: enhanced ibooks and fixed-format ibooks may not pay attention to these rules. how to enable full justification in ibooks on iphone and ipad how to enable auto-hyphenation in ibooks on iphone and ipad how to enable both margins advance in ibooks on iphone and ipad how to enable full justification in ibooks on iphone and ipad by default, apple makes the text

author name:  global food security programme according to a recent public survey commissioned by the global food security (gfs) programme, many british adults recognise that the food system is a key contributor to climate change and would change their diets as a result of climate change.read more

we have to inform you the change in the address of the registrars share transfer agents of the company.

molly kapoor, head-marketing, birla sun life amc on how women can can empower themselves and be financially secure.

using a needle far thinner than a human hair, scientists revealed how to control mechanical stiffness in a promising material. the team applied an electric field with a nano-sized needle to cause a reversible change in the arrangement of the atoms in the material. this change is a phase transition. the team reconfigured the atomic force microscope they used to measure the resulting change in the mechanical properties of the material—with up to a 30 percent change.

android pay on your watch makes paying easier than ever. android pay has been making payments easier on all of us for a while by linking your bank card to your smartphone. things have just gotten even easier though, because it has been added to the android wear ecosystem. using your watch to pay means that you don't even need to take anything out of your pocket when it comes time to pay for your purchases, but to use android pay on your watch there are a few requirements. note: this list will be updated as new devices are released with android wear support. what is necessary for android pay to work? while android pay is brand new to the android wear ecosystem, it does have a few requirements to work correctly on your watch. namely, you'll need to make sure that your watch is running androi

older adults are powerful allies in addressing climate change, according to "gray and green together: climate change in an aging world," the latest edition of public policy & aging report (pp&ar) from the gerontological society of america (gsa).

don't like the page color? change it! font face or text size? change it! ibooks lets you not only read what you want, but how you want. updated march 2017: added information about cellular data and notifications. unlike a printed book, with apple's built-in ibooks app for iphone and ipad, you're not stuck on one paper style, font choice, or text size. you can customize your reading experience however you like and, better still, change it whenever you like! how to change text size how to change page color how to control brightness how to change the font how to give ibooks access to your contacts how to enable or disable cellular data how to customize notifications how to change text size the page layout for each ebook you read will be a little different, and as such, you may need to adjust

cessation of directorship of ms. soma mondal, director(c) on the board of nalco.

"resilience" is a buzzword often used in scientific literature to describe how animals, plants and landscapes can persist under climate change. it's typically considered a good quality, suggesting that those with resilience can withstand or adapt as the climate continues to change.

how do you easily switch itunes or app stores to get the content you want from the region where it's available? simple! on the desktop, changing your itunes or app store region is as simple as scrolling down, clicking on the current country flag icon and then choosing a new country flag. on iphone and ipad, not so much. it's still possible to change store locality, it's just not as easy. if you really want or need to change, here's how! how to change your local itunes store and app store country if you're moving or otherwise want to change your itunes store and app store at least semi-permanently, here's what to do. note: if you have subscriptions to apple music, itunes match, or another service attached to your local apple id, you'll need to cancel those first, then re-sign after you've s

at&t's $85 billion purchase of time warner may be getting an easier path to approval after the chief telecommunications regulator says it isn't likely to review the deal.

a change in attitude of fpis could change the market's fortunes

we often view climate change and air pollution as two separate entities. but, the two issues are united by one common driving factor: human emissions. nicholas school of the environment earth sciences professor drew shindell reminds us how interconnected these issues truly are, and how we must begin viewing them as such to create change.

author name:  science daily change is never easy. but when it comes to adopting new agricultural practices, some farmers are easier to convince than others. a group of researchers wanted to know which farmers are most likely to adopt multifunctional perennial cropping systems -- trees, shrubs, or grasses that simultaneously benefit the environment and generate high-value products that can be harvested for a profit. (science daily)read more

need to make changes to your apple id? you can manage it on your iphone! your icloud account is used to keep your data stored in apple's cloud storage service. it's also connected to your apple id, which is used to make online purchases using your iphone and ipad. it's easy to change your contact info, shipping address, and password for your apple id. here's how. how to change your icloud account and apple id contact info on iphone and ipad how to change your icloud account and apple id password and security questions on iphone and ipad how to change the security questions for your apple id how to change shipping and payment info for your icloud account and apple id on iphone and ipad how to change your apple id contact info on iphone and ipad you can change your name, email address, phone

you can purchase apps and games from the mac app store with one touch thanks to the touch bar on the macbook pro. thanks to touch id on the 2016 macbook pro, you can use your fingerprint to make mac app store purchases and access content requiring your apple id password. not only does it make it easier to quickly download apps and games you want, but it also means you can create a long, complex apple id password without worrying about how often you'll have to enter it. we, naturally, have an inclination to make life easier for ourselves. when it comes to passwords we know we'll be using regularly, it might be tempting to create something simple, easy to remember, and short. we know it's a bad idea, but sometimes, we do things we know are bad if it makes our lives a little easier. now that

this is to inform that the board of directors of the company at their meeting held today have accepted and taken on record the retirement of dr. albert hieronimus as independent director with effect from april 01, 2017.

opening day is right around the corner, and mlb.com at bat has a small treat for baseball fans. major league baseball has updated its mlb.com at bat app to take advantage of a brand new feature in ios 10.3 that lets you change the app's icon. if you've downloaded ios 10.3, mlb.com at bat gives you the option of changing its icon from the standard mlb logo to that of your favorite baseball team. here's how you can change the app icon for mlb.com at bat: open mlb.com at bat. tap more. tap settings. tap set home screen icon. tap the team whose logo you'd like to use, either from your favorites, or the rest of the league, sorted by division. tap ok. this is a neat little change that is sure to help fans get a little more excited ahead of opening day of the professional baseball season next wee

the team spent three hours on the epic bulb change - and say the experience is a little bit like working in space

"a bjp tsunami will soon hit uttar pradesh, heralding a major change in the course of country's politics," he said, discounting as "remote" the possibility of the state throwing up a hung assembly.

author name:  farming online a report released this week by the world meteorological organisation (wmo) has confirmed that 2016 was a year of record breaking climate change on several fronts, and further reduced any possible doubt that the changes we are witnessing are down to anything but human activity, thanks to advances in the science of climate attribution. the state of the global climate report also shows that extreme weather and climate change conditions have continued into 2017. (farming online)read more

converting files can be a pain, not ever app handles each file type, and not all converters are equal. you can easily spend hours searching for ways to convert some file types into ones that will work the way that you want, and these days most people don't have time for that. whether you want to avoid using itunes to sync media with your iphone, or wish you could download a great video from youtube, there are easier ways to do it, and this is one of them. make converting files a breeze! learn more meet the ultimate a/v converter kit for mac, a great way for you to make converting files for yourself easier. from being able to drag and drop files from your computer to your iphone without itunes or being able to grab videos off youtube, this software will make your time much easier, and way l

sundram fasteners has informed about name change of company's registrar and transfer agent.

climate projections for west africa show that crop yields and grass for livestock grazing are likely to decline in the future. but a new study in the journal global environmental change shows that when ineffective institutions and political instability limit investment in agriculture climate change would have greater impacts on regional food security.

pollution and climate change are adversely affecting people of all age groups and these are also going to have a serious impact in the future, union home minister rajnath singh said today.addressing the valedictory session at the ngt world environment conference here, he said climate change has now a days been recognised as a major global challenge."we in india believe that climate change is the result of emission of greenhouse gases and the resultant global warming that came from the industrial advancement in developed nations, powered by fossil fuel," he said.the home minister said although

from apartment therapy → the kitchen of the future: 10 smart gadgets that make eating at home easier read more »

the us house of representatives [official website] approved [materials] a bill [text] on thursday making it easier for certain veterans to obtain firearms. the bill adds a requirement that declaring a veteran mentally defective for purposes of restricting their ability to purchase or own a firearm must be done with an “order or finding of a judge, magistrate, or other judicial authority of competent jurisdiction that such person is a danger to himself or herself or others.” 18 usc §...

antarctic bottom water is a thing, and it's one worth getting into the discussion about the consequences of climate change.

inter-se transfers of shares haven't resulted in any change in overall promoter group shareholding

apple has made a noteworthy change to its dedicated site for homekit accessories, making it much easier to find a specific product. continue reading →

now that the galaxy s8 and s8 plus are official, we want to know - what would you change about samsung's latest flagship smartphones?

discussion around limiting climate change primarily focusses on whether the best results can be gained by individuals changing how they act, or governments introducing new legislation.

depending on your convenience, you can change formats and adjust text in ibooks on your iphone. luckily, there are some neat features that allow you to tweak formats for a more comfortable reading experience. you can enable full justification, turn on the auto-night theme, change text font and even enable a handy scrolling view to […]


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