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mos defence said 28 infiltration attempts were made in 2015, 88 in 2016 and 11 till feb this year

this finding supported the idea that stigma - involving loss of status, discrimination or stereotyping - may underlie some suicide attempts, public health experts said

while kingfisher house will be put under the hammer for the fourth time after three failed attempts, kingfisher villa is being put on sale for the third time. the reserve prices for both the properties owned by mallya have been lowered after the earlier attempts of the 17-lender consortium failed to attract bidders.

it vainly attempts to pretend there's something there that wasn't there before.

there's a rather worrying crunching noise as the vehicle attempts to slip between the two brick pillars

the ban is reportedly due to 'evaluated intelligence' about attempts to smuggle explosive device

senior aap leader sanjay singh was today slapped by a woman party worker who claimed she was not allowed to raise the issue of alleged corruption in poll ticket distribution in the party.simran bedi, a party volunteer from rajouri garden assembly constituency, said she slapped singh as the party did not allow her to raise the issue despite several attempts.singh was campaigning for the party for rajouri garden assembly bypoll."i slapped sanjay singh as all my attempts to raise the issue of alleged corruption in the party went unheard. i tried meeting the top brass including arvind kejriwal and

reserve prices for both properties owned by mallya have been lowered after earlier failed attempts

reserve prices for both properties owned by mallya have been lowered after earlier failed attempts

the flight is an "historic milestone on the road to full and rapid reusability."

the bad news about the regulators' new attempts to hose down housing investment enthusiasm is that they are, at best, second rate.

a new ad campaign by perfetti for alpenliebe gold attempts to position the candy as a family product

the forward is stalling on contract talks as he attempts to force a summer move

dubset media is getting an injection of funds as it attempts to solve one of dance music's most frustrating issues. the company, led by ceo...

a book recalls attempts by the congress for cultural freedom to penetrate indian intellectual space

lloyd is already happy with the results

the federal government's attempts to deliver massive tax cuts to big business will come to a head on friday.

health minister intervenes as surgeons walk off job, leaving a backlog of patients waiting for orthopaedic procedures.

from defining what mental illness is, to decriminalising suicide attempts, the bill goes a long way

sharif said that musharraf was willing to meet him and made several attempts to do so in the past

greens brisbane city councillor jonathan sri attempts to break into a property to raise awareness about public housing.

nbc news' attempts to speak with wh officials on if they provided devin nunes information on white house grounds. hallie jackson discusses.

these are the charts that show the true impact of the ongoing queensland rail fails on commuters.

tulsa's city council unanimously approved an ordinance that would create a commission designed to address the needs of the tulsa african-american community.

the company hopes to place a communications satellite into orbit

for all of the choices you now have when it comes to electric cars, you're not so fortunate if you're looking for a personal watercraft. there have been attempts, but you're usually looking at a big hydrofoil rather than something as nimble and porta...

in the extraordinary footage, an unidentified journalist attempts to get the trio to confirm their identities as they sit at 35,000ft

for all of the choices you now have when it comes to electric cars, you're not so fortunate if you're looking for a personal watercraft. there have been attempts, but you're usually looking at a big hydrofoil rather than something as nimble and porta...

هفت‌شنبه یک برنامه هفتگی از رادیوی فارسی بی‌بی‌سی است که به تازه‌های موسیقی پاپ ایران اختصاص دارد.

the video was everywhere. as a reporter goes live in charleston, south carolina suddenly someone leaps into a crowd of protesters and attempts to grab a confederate flag from a white man waving it...

no fresh data on the area's significance for black cockatoos was collected, despite residents' repeated attempts to present such data.

she repeatedly ignored police officers' attempts to get her to stop

in a letter intended for tara brown's family, lionel patea still attempts to avoid admitting his responsibility for murdering her.

despite youtube's attempts to safeguard user anonymity, intelligence agencies, hackers and online advertising companies can still determine which videos a user is watching, according to ben-gurion university of the negev (bgu) research.

physics is sometimes closer to philosophy when it comes to understanding the universe. donald chang from hong kong university of science and technology, china, attempts to elucidate whether the universe has a resting frame. the results have recently been published in epj plus.

there have been many attempts to modify this stubborn little enzyme, but none have succeeded. until now. with new findings from chalmers university of technology, the fatty acid synthase (fas) enzyme has started to produce sustainable chemicals for biofuels. the results were recently published in the journal nature chemical biology.

guardiola has never failed to reach a champions league semi-final in seven attempts as a manager but faces a severe test in the last 16 from the french league leaders

typing with one finger and sore ribs during foul weather, west australian sailing legend jon sanders has sent word he's approaching the remote island of st helena as he attempts to sail around the world for the tenth time.

a new film version of richard wright's iconic native son is in the works. the announcement gives fans hope that it'll be better than previous attempts.

هفت‌شنبه یک برنامه هفتگی از رادیوی فارسی بی‌بی‌سی است که به تازه‌های موسیقی پاپ ایران اختصاص دارد. این برنامه را علی همدانی تهیه و اجرا می‌کند.

age readers anonymously tell of their own attempts to seek justice for sexual assault and rape.

лайфхакер составил список веб-сервисов и приложений, которые спасут вас от проблем с гибдд.


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