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if 2016 was a tough year for a number of reasons, it was tough especially because we agreed to hand a machine gun to a monkey. so we can all agree that we’d like to put 2016 behind us. good riddance to a bad year. the problem is that 2017 is the year that the monkey pulls the trigger.

apple might have sold a record-breaking 78.3 million iphone units in the last quarter of 2016 and overall had a great 2016. however, despite making heavy investments in china and rapid expansion, the company lost market share in china to other local chinese oems. continue reading →

though some may consider the touch bar on the 2016 macbook pro a gimmick, there is no denying that touch id is the best feature to ever come to the mac. i've been regularly using the 2016 macbook pro since it arrived on my doorstep nearly three months ago. i love many things about it, but i've been at odds with what i think about the touch bar since day one. i probably use it more often than most, but still don't use it often enough. one thing about the 2016 macbook pro i do use regularly, and consider it to be the most important new feature for mac, is touch id. touch id lets me create even more complex passwords thanks to touch id on the iphone and ipad, i've been much better at creating long, complex passwords for my apple id. in the past, i still reigned it in because i knew i had to r

quelques mois après la fin des jeux olympiques 2016, d’importantes installations sportives se dégradent faute d’entretien. en images, l’état de délabrement du stade macarena, des piscines olympiques et du parcours de golf.

source positive mobile location-based mobile video advertising was a key mobile advertising trend in 2016, increasing from 5% mid-year to 17%, according to new insights from positive mobile, based on its mobile video ssp. the upward trend is supported by research from bia/kelsey which published findings which support the view that local video targeting will increase by $5bn from $32.6bn in 2016 to $37.6bn by 2021. tzahi stein, ceo & founder, positive mobile, explains: “from local car dealer and retail ads to ads for congressional candidates leading up to election day, we’ve seen exponential growth in location-basedmobile video ads. thanks to our integration with nielsen channels, we’re able to integrate rich demographic data and layer demo targeting in order to power this l

horse & hound's racing columnist on why altior shouldn't be compared to sprinter sacre quite yet.

آمار فروش گوشی های هوشمند در سه ماهه اول سال 2016 منتشر شده و نشان می دهد سامسونگ و اندروید در صدر جداول فروش جهان هستند.

gift guides fill their holiday season with reading material. need a gift for your favorite smartypants? these are the best science and sci-fi books of 2016.

gift guides because nothing else will make it in time for christmas you're out of time. here are the gifts you can order tonight and still have arrive before christmas—without paying an arm and a leg for shipping.

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gift guides from my disease-fearing brain to yours gifts for the person who thinks they have come down with everything from cancer to shingles.

gift guides the "outdoorsy" type some of your friends like to do stuff outside: hiking, climbing, skiing, camping. some of them just like to look like they do that stuff.

space it's permanently stuck in the wrong orbit, but at least there's a nice view the juno spacecraft has been stuck in the wrong orbit around jupiter for months, and today nasa announced that's where it will live out the rest of its mission.

from our blogs: nexus media news it's a serious problem, but a little laughter goes a long way satirists are teaching tv audiences about science, technology and climate change.

gift guides for the gardeners—and wannabe gardeners—in your life gift ideas for the gardeners—and wanna-be gardeners—in your life. read on.

gift guides even dullards deserve some holiday cheer being dull doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get a gift they love…

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from our blogs: nexus media news a new study finds evidence of many local extinctions climate change could doom numerous species irreversibly, including those that people depend on for resources and food. the trend is especially troubling in tropical and…

gift guides some unwrapping and assembling may be required. we're not animals. some unpackaging and assembling may be required. we are not animals, here.

from our blogs: nexus media news more highways mean less food scarcity, but at what cost? governments and developers should aim to improve existing poor quality roads — those already located near farms — while keeping new roads out of areas with large natural…

the post talent radar 2016-17 young players team of the week #20: anthony martial, kylian mbappe-lottin & nabil bentaleb feature appeared first on outside of the boot. outside of the boot - a website meant for the football enthusiast a regular feature on our website is the talent radar team of the week with the best young players compiled into an xi from across europe’s top seven leagues. you can read this for all details on talent radar, who is eligible under it and what else we publish within this feature.  [eligibility: as of 1st […] the post talent radar 2016-17 young players team of the week #20: anthony martial, kylian mbappe-lottin & nabil bentaleb feature appeared first on outside of the boot.

from our blogs: nexus media news an interview with jellyfish expert lisa-ann gershwin jellyfish expert lisa-ann gershwin recently sat down with nexus media to share insights from her research and discuss her new books, jellyfish: a natural history and…

gift guides holiday presents for the tots on your list got a nerdy kid (or nerd-adjacent kid) on your holiday gift list? here are a few presents that will delight your favorite babies and kids—and their parents.

apple's wwdc has been one of the most anticipated events in the tech world for over two and a half decades. as the biggest showpiece conference of every year, it enormously influences the tech industry. with several major announcements, the cupertino-based company brings about a massive change in the way we interact with technology. as […]

introducing a list of foods that you never knew... the post 25 of the most delicious “secret menu” items at popular restaurants appeared first on worldlifestyle.

prior to the october cut, rates were reduced by 20% to $3.06 from april 1, 2016

moynihan received $18.5 million in stock grants for 2016, according to a regulatory filing friday

cyanogenmod has been the most widely-used custom rom for years, with at least 10 million users at one point. after cyanogen inc kicked the bucket, the community-maintained lineageos continued cm's efforts. the official statistics page for the project now shows 515,000 active installs (at the time of writing), a great achievement for the relatively-new rom. the statistics page has some other interesting information. the most popular device, in terms of active installations, is the oneplus one (bacon) with 40,000 installs. read morelineageos passes 500,000 active installs worldwide, oneplus one is the most popular device was written by the awesome team at android police.

update 1: 2017/02/17 9:19am pst it turns out that the update is rolling out to non-beta enrolled s7 and s7 edge smartphones as well. thanks to all of you in the comments section who brought this cameras and displays are areas in which samsung mobile traditionally excels; quick updates aren't one of them. however, with the galaxy s7 and s7 edge's galaxy beta program, the south korean company proved that it was willing to change that. read more[update: regular users too] t-mobile rolling out official nougat update to galaxy s7 and s7 edge, starting with current beta users was written by the awesome team at android police.

compensation announcement comes ahead of proposed balidan divas to be observed in state on sunday

the money was frozen following alerts from the vatican financial intelligence authority (aif)

امروز یکی از روزهای پرحادثه در کرمانشاه بود و مردمی که در حال عبور از بلوار شهید بهشتی منتهی به پل ولایت بودند با مشاهده درگیری منجر به تیر اندازی پلیس به یک خودرو شگفت زده شدند.

el número de afliados a la seguridad social en este municipio de 32.000 vecinos creció un 52% en 2016. ni ayuntamiento ni empresarios tienen la menor idea de dónde han salido

planet of the apps, pokémon go, and why you’re all going to email casey. ∞ permalink

in 2016, a total of 1.8 million indians visited dubai either for business or leisure

essendon's 2016 captain brendon goddard says he is relieved the returning bombers can once again focus on football.

il 2016 si è concluso con poche novità hardware da parte di apple. al contrario, nel 2017 dovrebbero essere rilasciate...

source: un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs country: south sudan, sudan over 65% of the 131,000 refugees who arrived in 2016 were children, many with critical levels of malnutrition. unhcr and partners anticipate the continued influx of refugees throughout 2017. highlights about 80,000 people returned to umm dukhun locality, central darfur between 2014 and 2016. returnees in um dukhun have poor access to basic services—such as water, education, health and nutrition services. over 300,000 south sudanese refugees have arrived in sudan since mid-december 2013. wfp provided food assistance to 3.9 million people across sudan in 2016. figures 2016 hrp /# people in need in sudan (2016 hno) 5.8 million /# people in need in darfur (2016 hno) 3.3 million gam caseload 2.1 million

source inneractive mobile programmatic has evolved to include a larger variety of inventory. it now attracts more brands and advertisers turning mobile into a unique advertising format with considerable benefits to marketers globally. that’s according to the latest findings from inneractive‘s mobile ad trends 2016 report. the mobile ad and publisher platform examined data from over 800m unique monthly users and 200bn monthly ad requests. it noted five key trends. 1. the us continues to lead the programmatic video movement. more buyers opted for programmatic video in the country than elsewhere with ad requests increasing 65% in 2016. however, the rest of the world is catching up with a 155% increase in ad requests from publishers outside of the us during the same period. this th

creating and managing shared code, whether to open-source your libraries, and my secret to making git submodules actually work without driving you insane, all in less than 30 minutes! ∞ permalink

twitter’s verified program, viability of podcast tools, and three mac nerds figuring out how to play a windows game. ∞ permalink

my 15-inch 2016 macbook pro with touch bar is pretty good in most ways, but it’s a noticeable regression in battery life from the previous generation. apple claims it lasts 10 hours, but i’ve never gotten that — in a fairly light web-productivity workload, i average around 5–7 hours, and if i’m using xcode, i’m lucky to get 4–5 hours. this seems common — many other customers and reviewers have noted similarly disappointing battery life in the 5-hour range. apple issued a software update today to address this. you see, the problem wasn’t that apple’s brand new, flagship, “pro” laptop’s battery only lasts 5 hours for a lot of its customers’ actual usage. the real problem, according to apple in a statement to jim dalrympl

china shipped 131.6 million smartphones in q4 with huawei's share at 76.2 million units

‌начиная с конца 2016 года, знаменитые красавицы российского и мирового шоу-бизнеса одна за другой объявляют о беременности. такие разные, но одинаково прекрасные будущие мамы уже в нашей фотогалерее.

un trailer italiano dedicato a una delle creature meccaniche che troveremo nel gioco.

source pandora music discovery and listening app, pandora, made progress in 2016. the company’s latest revenue increased 17% to $392.6 million. advertising revenue jumped 16% to $313.3 million, whilst subscriptions rose 5% year-on-year to $59.8 million. despite beating expectations, its stocks fell 4% in after-hours trading, because investors had expected something even bigger. however, net losses in the fourth quarter 2016 were four times as high as in 2015 at $90 million. tim westergren, ceo of pandora said in a statement: “we enter 2017 laser-focused on the growth of our ad-supported business, the launch and growth of our subscription products, and an artist-to-fan platform to drive listener engagement and ticket sales. these three strategic pillars operate in harmony to

روزنامه‌های چاپ کابل در سرمقاله‌های روز شنبه خود موضع اخیر پاکستان در قبال افغانستان به دنبال حمله به زیارتگاهی در ایالت سند پاکستان را نقد کرده‌اند. بیشتر این روزنامه ها پاکستان را حامی تروریسم دانسته و دولت این کشور را متهم به راه اندازی تبلیغات رسانه ای کرده اند.

this week: why arm macs aren’t imminent, a huge rant on the ancient mac lineup (especially the neglect of the mac pro and mac mini), dog rental, and my algorithm for syncing audio tracks and correcting drift. ∞ permalink

le ambientazioni e i pericoli del mondo di gioco in un nuovo ed evocativo trailer italiano.

بی‌توجهی دولت‌ها، مجامع و نهادهای مدعی دفاع از حقوق بشر به حدی رسیده است که مردم مظلوم کفریا و فوعه اقدام به راه‌اندازی کمپینی با عنوان «ما نان می‌خواهیم ای خدا» کرده‌اند، این شهروندان بی‌دفاع همه جهانیان را مخاطب خود قرار داده و تاکید کرده‌اند تنها درخواست ما یک قرص نان است، چرا که گرسنگی در حال از بین بردن کوچک و بزرگ در این شهرک‌هاست.

ms mani, senior director, deloitte, said the clause will also help curb inflationary pressures on the economy when gst is implemented.

after 18 months of ankle problems, tough mid keen to shine again

north rests swingman, swans opt to leave out running backman

زلزله‌ای قدرتمند بخشهایی از مرز شمالی آرژانتین و شیلی را تکان داد.


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