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mumbai attack mastermind and jud chief hafiz saeed, who is under house arrest, has now been listed under pakistan's anti-terrorism act, a tacit acknowledgement of his links to militancy.

planet of the apps, pokémon go, and why you’re all going to email casey. ∞ permalink

entre deux défilés, des stars du monde de la mode se sont réunies pour prôner fièrement leurs origines et exprimer leur indignation après le décret anti-immigration de donald trump, dans une vidéo du magazine américain w magazine.

shia labeouf's anti-trump livestreaming art piece in new york city was ignominiously shut down just a few weeks into its planned 4-year run, but it's getting a revival... albeit nowhere near its original home. labeouf and his artist partners have re...

his listing under fourth schedule of the act is a tacit acknowledgement of his links to militancy

upa's failure to reach out to kashmiris, nda's 'anti-muslim' stance has fuelled anger in the valley

le député néerlandais d’extrême droite et anti-islam est donné en tête par les sondages pour les élections législatives du 15 mars.

the party has gained at the expense of anti-incumbency sentiment for the bjd and congress party

pro et anti-fillon se sont fait face lors d’une visite du candidat à la présidentielle dans la ville du nord.

le député néerlandais d’extrême droite et anti-islam est donné en tête par les sondages pour les élections du 15 mars au cours desquelles les néerlandais renouvelleront le parlement.

a state liberal mp known for his refusal to stand in parliament after a speech by anti-domestic violence campaigner rosie batty has fended off a preselection challenge for his eastern suburbs electorate.  

ms mani, senior director, deloitte, said the clause will also help curb inflationary pressures on the economy when gst is implemented.

strasbourg - plusieurs centaines de militants anti-nucléaires se sont réunis samedi à bure (meuse) pour protester contre le projet cigéo d'enfouissement de déchets radioactifs, un rassemblement marqué par des incidents, qui a abouti à deux interpellations, a annoncé la préfecture.

it was one drama that had several climaxes and anti-climaxes woven into each other. it made a hero out of o paneerselvam, while putting a little known koovathur on the political map of tamil nadu. it had good friends draw daggers at each other. governor ch vidyasagar rao might have just put an end to this political drama that played out over a week in tamil nadu, but for many it is just a lull before another fiery storm.the political uncertainty that loomed over the aiadmk after j jayalalithaa’s death on december 5 seemed momentary with the aiadmk leaders quickly rallying around her “soul

spijkenisse (pays-bas) - le député néerlandais d'extrême droite et anti-islam geert wilders a lancé samedi sa campagne pour les législatives du mois de mars par une attaque contre "la racaille marocaine" dont il a dit vouloir débarrasser le pays pour "le rendre au peuple néerlandais".

[jurist] the washington supreme court [official website] ruled [opinion, pdf] thursday that a florist that refused to sell flowers to a same-sex couple for their wedding violated the washington law against discrimination (wlad) [text]. the wlad bars “unfair practices of places of public resort, accommodation, assemblage, [and] amusement.” according to the opinion, the florist argued that the wlad did not apply to her conduct, and, that if it did, it violated her state and federal constitutional rights of free speech,...

dmk working president m k stalin was today detained after he sat on a protest at marina beach here against the alleged attack on him and his party mlas during the trust vote in the state assembly.terming today as a "black day" for democracy, the senior dmk leader urged all those who wanted to "remove" the "anti- democratic" aiadmk government to join him.after alleging that he was manhandled in the assembly by the marshals on the day of the vote of confidence, which the palaniswami government won with a comfortable margin of 122-11, stalin sat on a protest at the marina along with his mlas.howe

it’s not russian roulette when there’s a bullet in every chamber — it’s just russian. * * * it should be clear by now that democrats in congress should resist every single thing trump attempts. every nominee. every law. every single thing. do not collaborate. * * * the next thing might be a “religious freedom” executive order that permits anti-lgbtq discrimination. * * * things move fast. history: jan 30, 1933: hitler becomes chancellor of germany. feb 27, 1933: reichstag fire. mar 23, 1933: enabling act, which establishes the dictatorship. things move faster these days, seems like. the question is: what will be the equivalent of the reichstag fire? it has to be an emergency where trump can claim “temporary” expanded powers. would massive, continuous protests be enough? qu


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