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phil has already landed a prime-time three-part travel series after filming a mini-strand in south africa with his wife ­stephanie for this morning

گروهی از دختران در شهر کابل برخلاف عرف‌های سنتی افغانستان مصروف آموزش یک هنر رزمی باستانی چینی به نام ووشو هستند. تشنگی این دختران به آموزش ووشو آنها را به دامنه‌های کوه کشانده‌ است. شماری از آنها ووشو را در ایران آموخته‌اند و اکنون می‌خواهند که اندوخته‌هایشان را در اختیار دیگران بگذارند.

south korean prosecutors are taking a second go at gaining an arrest warrant for samsung electronics vice chairman lee jae-yong, the heir apparent to the samsung group. lee kun-hee, the only son of samsung’s incapacitated chairman, has been accused of using samsung subsidiaries to make possible bribery-related payments of millions of dollars as part of a scandal […] (via cult of mac - tech and culture through an apple lens)

the de-facto head of samsung, vice chairman lee jae-yong, was arrested earlier today on alleged corruption charges. according to the special prosecutor’s office, lee — who is the heir apparent to the samsung group and only son of samsung’s incapacitated chairman — is being held on charges including bribery, embezzlement, hiding assets overseas and perjury. he […] (via cult of mac - tech and culture through an apple lens)

un “chioschetto” per vedere in azione la console di nintendo. in rete è apparsa un’immagine che ritrae una stazione di prova di switch in un gamestop americano. la vedremo anche dalle nostre parti?

è stata la terza console più venduta di gennaio. va bene che la nostalgia è una gran brutta bestia, ma in pochi si sarebbero aspettati un simile successo della mini console nintendiana.

harman international's shareholders have voted overwhelmingly to approve the company's merger with samsung electronics.

a new report suggests that samsung will be reaching out to sony to help provide battery supplies for the galaxy s8 and s8 plus.

illumination entertainment’s sing is taking the home entertainment stage next month, with universal pictures home entertainment releasing the musical marvel on digital hd march 3, followed by 4k ultra hd, blu-ray 3d, blu-ray, dvd and on demand on march 21. to get in the groove, check out this sneak peek at one of the three […]the post miss crawly gets back in the game in ‘sing’ mini movie appeared first on animation magazine.

samsung has begun teasing its next exynos processor on twitter ahead of mobile world congress, which takes place in a few weeks in barcelona.

the jury’s still out on whether the macbook pro’s new touch bar is a useful upgrade or a fancy gimmick. but according to recent rumors, apple is already planning to bring similar functionality to this year’s iphone 8. to make this happen, the company would almost certainly have to drop touch id. would a mini touch […] (via cult of mac - tech and culture through an apple lens)

android headlines: samsung electronics filed for a “bixby reminder” trademark with the european union intellectual property office (euipo). the filing was made on thursday and seemingly describes one feature of bixby, the company’s upcoming artificial intelligence (ai) assistant that’s heavily rumored to debut with the galaxy s8 and the galaxy s8 plus this spring. add bixby to your list of the major digital assistants you'll hear people talking with on the street.∞ read this on the loop

http://loopinsight.com/redirect?s=/feed/&perm=http://loopinsight.com/2017/02/17/samsung-files-for-bixby-reminder-trademark-in-europe/&perm_title=Samsung files for “Bixby Reminder” trademark in Europe&u=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuYW5kcm9pZGhlYWRsaW5lcy5jb
the acting head of the samsung group, jay y. lee, was arrested on friday by police in south korea, taken into custody hours after a warrant for his arrest was approved by the country's central district court.

south korea's central district court has approved an arrest warrant for the acting head of the samsung group, jay y. lee, a report indicated on thursday.

source clicksmob advertising fraud is now a $8.2 billion issue for the advertising industry. not all of this is coming from mobile of course, but as the consumer migration to mobile devices is under way, fraudsters will follow. according to the latest report by clicksmob on the state of mobile ad fraud 2016 released today, part of the problem are recent advances in technology. the smarter the advertising technology, the more advanced the fraud. avishai shoushan, ceo of clicksmob, explains that fraud is a recent problem. “fraud is one of the biggest challenges in the mobile advertising world, and if nothing is done, it will only continue to grow, undermining billions of dollars in valuable ad investments. clicksmob’s key focus has always been high quality traffic. with the pos

reuters: samsung group chief jay y. lee was arrested on friday over his alleged role in a corruption scandal rocking the highest levels of power in south korea, dealing a fresh blow to the technology giant and standard-bearer for asia's fourth-largest economy. the special prosecutor's office accuses lee of bribing a close friend of president park geun-hye to gain government favors related to leadership succession at the conglomerate. it said on friday it will indict him on charges including bribery, embezzlement, hiding assets overseas and perjury. samsung's leadership has failed them. thanking the stars above apple has tim.∞ read this on the loop

http://loopinsight.com/redirect?s=/feed/&perm=http://loopinsight.com/2017/02/17/samsung-chief-lee-arrested-as-south-korean-corruption-probe-deepens/&perm_title=Samsung chief Lee arrested as South Korean corruption probe deepens&u=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5yZXV0ZXJzL
it took eight quarters, but apple has recovered its spot at the top of the worldwide smartphone market from android device maker samsung, according to the latest numbers from research firm gartner.

we’re getting down to the wire as far as samsung’s galaxy s8 reveal is concerned. though we know it won’t be making an appearance at mwc 2017 later this month, we should get an official reveal shortly after. with its anticipated announcement seemingly on the horizon, the leaks are ramping up, and today a new one is giving us some … continue reading

مدارس و مراکز آموزش عالی در نوبت صبح و عصر فردا (یک‌شنبه، اول اسفندماه) در شهرستان‌ اهواز و نوبت صبح در 11 شهرستان‌ خوزستان تعطیل اعلام شد.

با کدتخفیف 301195 تا پایان امشب می توانید پکیج های: - برنامه نویسی اندروید - اموزش 0 تا 100 وردپرس - طراحی وب - سیسکو - میکروتیک - نتورک پلاس...

آمار فروش گوشی های هوشمند در سه ماهه اول سال 2016 منتشر شده و نشان می دهد سامسونگ و اندروید در صدر جداول فروش جهان هستند.

samsung’s [corporate website] would be head lee jae-yong (jay y lee) [forbes profile] was arrested in seoul [wp report] on friday on charges of bribery and undue influence in connection with a scandal involving south korea president park geun-hye. in approving the warrant for the arrest, the seoul central district court stated in a text message released to the press: “the rationale for and the necessity of his arrest is acknowledged considering the new charges and additional evidence collected.” lee...

president vladimir putin sees any westward expansion of nato as a threat to russian security

باسلام و درود خدمت شما کاربر گرامی : باتوجه به بازخورد بسیار عالی شما کاربر گرامی از قسمت اول این مجموعه آموزشی (آموزش بهبود رتبه الکسا - قسمت...

one month ago, an arrest warrant was issued for lee jae-yong, the de facto chairman of the entire samsung conglomerate. the warrant later was nullified when challenged in court by samsung, but a new warrant issued today has stuck: mr. lee was arrested in seoul and charged with bribery. the entire scandal revolves around an ongoing political crisis involving the country's president. lee is accused of paying bribes to organizations run by president park's personal advisor, choi soon-sil, in exchange for political favors. read moresamsung chairman lee jae-yong now actually arrested on bribery charges in south korea was written by the awesome team at android police.

in an attempt to keep everyone on their toes for mwc, the samsung exynos twitter account put out a teaser image hinting at a new soc. labeled as "coming soon," the heavy emphasis on the 9 implies that this is a new series of samsung's in-house chipset. it isn't hard to imagine that this new exynos line could make an appearance in some variants of the upcoming galaxy s8, along with the snapdragon 835 versions that we'll likely get here in north america. read moresamsung hints at a new exynos 9 series coming soon was written by the awesome team at android police.

apple finished 4q16 with slightly more smartphone sales than samsung, capturing 17.9% of the market compared to samsung's 17.8%, reports gartner.it's been two years since apple topped the global smartphone vendor ranking but its lead is small with only 256,000 units difference."the last time apple was in the leading position was in the fourth quarter of 2014, when its sales were driven by its first ever large-screen iphone 6 and 6 plus," said anshul gupta, research director at gartner. "this time it achieved it thanks to strong sales of its flagship phones — the iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus; it also benefited from the weakened demand for samsung's smartphones in mature markets such as north america and western europe, and in some mature markets in asia such as australia and south korea."sh

android 7.0 nougat is rolling out to the galaxy s7 and s7 edge on america's second-biggest carrier. after t-mobile, it is now at&t's turn to roll out android 7.0 nougat to the galaxy s7 and s7 edge. last year's most popular flagship is also one of the last to get updated to the not-exactly-the-latest-but-better-than-nothing version of android, after a length beta period that began in late 2016. along with nougat's requisite improvements, including a native multi-window mode and improvements to notifications, samsung has also toned down some of its more garish colors, opting for simple whites and blues, and the phone now defaults to 1080p to save some much-needed battery. the update is rolling out to at&t customers now, and with t-mobile already on its way, we just have verizon and

lee is a suspect in the influence-peddling scandal that led parliament to impeach park geun-hye

samsung is involved in an alleged bribery scandal that includes the president of south korea, $36m in funds, and an equestrian horse. the scandal involves samsung’s de-facto leader lee jae-yong (aka jay y. lee), the grandson of the founder of the company*. it also involves south korean president park geun-hye and her suspension from power amid impeachment proceedings – also … continue reading

australian prime minister malcolm turnbull said he has turned down an offer by his new zealand counterpart to take 150 refugees from australia's offshore detention camps, opting to concentrate on its pending deal with the us.

a south korean court has ordered the arrest of samsung vice chairman jay y. lee, it has been revealed, as the latest event in the corruption scandal hitting the nation. the order was made by the seoul central district court, which reportedly elected not to issue an arrest warrant for park sang-jin, samsung electronics’ president. lee is reportedly now in … continue reading

it's a tale of an ambitious son trying to live up to his father's legacy

samsung chief jay y. lee was arrested over his role in a corruption scandal which has rocked south korea, report reuters.lee is accused of bribing a friend of president park geun-hye to secure support for a merger of two samsung units and establish his control over the family business. lee will be indicted on charges of bribery, embezzlement, hiding assets overseas, and perjury, according to the special prosecutor's office.the 48-year-old billionaire was taken into custody at the seoul detention centre early on friday after waiting overnight for a decision.share article:facebook,   twitter,   linkedin,   google plus,   email,   reddit,   digg,   delicious,   stumbleuponfollow iclarified:facebook,   tw

this week: why arm macs aren’t imminent, a huge rant on the ancient mac lineup (especially the neglect of the mac pro and mac mini), dog rental, and my algorithm for syncing audio tracks and correcting drift. ∞ permalink

lego blocks are the epitome of reusability. they can be used to form almost any object imaginable and then torn apart to be used to build a different object. but some lego blocks are made for specific designs and purposes to recreate a very specific thing, like a car or motorbike model. can these blocks still be reused to create … continue reading

lee jae-yong has been under investigation for bribes given to the south korean government in return for favorable business mergers for nearly a month now. early this morning he was officially arrested.

apple is making major changes to the iphone this year as the device celebrates its tenth anniversary. according to the latest claims from one reliable analyst, the iphone 8 will offer a larger oled display and a new “function area” that replaces its touch id button. although the next-generation iphone will be similar in size to […] (via cult of mac - tech and culture through an apple lens)

five months after quitting the pdp, its co-founder tariq hameed karra on saturday joined the congress, and hit out at narendra modi for not upholding the “dignity” of the prime minister’s chair.in a rare gesture, congress vice president rahul gandhi welcomed karra into the party at the aicc headquarters here after the kashmiri leader met party chief sonia gandhi.karra, who had defeated former jammu and kashmir chief minister farooq abdullah from the srinagar lok sabha seat in 2014, also hit out at the ruling pdp-bjp government for behaving like “toddlers and novices”, while blasting

at&t galaxy s7 and s7 edge owners are now receiving the android nougat update, hot on the heels of the t-mobile update.

of all the stock smartwatch frames to use, audiobooks... of all the stock frames! they had to pick the samsung galaxy gear, a discontinued smartwatch that runs tizen os and has nothing to do with android wear 2.0. a samsung gear live would have been slightly better, because even if it's never getting android wear 2.0, at least it runs android wear so it's in the same... galaxy. but let's not let the mistake of the graphics and marketing team at audiobooks.com take away the spotlight from the prowess of their developer team. read moreaudiobooks.com app update adds android wear 2.0 support was written by the awesome team at android police.

dead on sight 2.0 device: ios universal category: games price: $.99 -> free, version: 2.0 (itunes) description: "dead on sight is a solid zombie sniper game. the action and gameplay are great." - toucharcade.com"dead on sight could be the best zombie sniper game for ios" 4.5 stars - appadvice.comblow zombies to bits and rescue the residents of the town of resurrection in this original touch controlled sniper game.the population in the town of resurrection have got problems: the dead have risen from their graves and are now eating the locals. armed with a sniper rifle you have to fight off the undead and give the people a chance to escape. they will try to escape by running, climbing up ladders and hiding in buildings. the undead will be in hot pursuit and you must stop

apple once again tops fortune’s annual list of the world’s admired companies. other tech companies in the top 10 include amazon (no. 2), alphabet (no. 6), facebook (no. 9) and microsoft (no. 10). the company that’s nowhere in sight? samsung, which is coming off a disastrous year in which its note 7 smartphones exploded and had […] (via cult of mac - tech and culture through an apple lens)

lego batman: dc super heroes 1.7 device: ios universal category: games price: $4.99 -> $.99, version: 1.7 (itunes) description: ***please ensure icloud is enabled in advance in order for purchases to be restored. to enable icloud, go to your device’s “settings,” then “icloud,” then “documents & data.” if you are experiencing difficulties, please contact us at support.wbgames.com.***legends unite! batman and robin join forces with other famous dc super heroes including superman, wonder woman, green lantern and more to stop the notorious villains lex luthor and the joker from destroying gotham city. batman fans everywhere will enjoy this original story that’s filled with classic lego videogame action and humor as players fight to put the bad guys back behind bars!features

source appsflyer user engagement has become a prime focus in the highly competitive freemium-driven app market. now, appsflyer published a new report based on app installs and daily active usage that seeks to provide some global insights on the app industry. according to the state of app engagement report, user retention on apps is still a major hurdle. just 10-12% of users continue to be active seven days post-download. a mere 4-5% will still use an app after one month. organic users outperform non-organic ones on ios by 15% and 21% on android. year-over-year retention rates however were improved. ios retention rates increased 9% overall whilst android saw a small drop in organic users of -6%. undoubtedly, marketers are well aware of the value retention offers and seem to the post use

jam voice is a small and portable but powerful member of the amazon alexa family. it’s a wi-fi and bluetooth-enabled speaker that features touch-activated alexa voice service. press a button and speak to play music, get weather and traffic information, order items from amazon, and much more. jam voice portable wi-fi and bluetooth speaker with amazon alexajam voice is tiny and lightweight but packs a punch. once you get it set up, it can do some pretty neat things. you get full access to amazon’s alexa voice service, the siri-like voice-activated assistant. you can set up and connect multiple speakers for a surround sound or full home experience. you can also use jam voice as a smart home controller for products from companies such as philips hue, belkin wemo, smartthings, in

the post scout report: tom davies | the emerging everton and england starlet appeared first on outside of the boot. outside of the boot - a website meant for the football enthusiast saiguhan elancheran writes a detailed scout report about tom davies, the everton and england midfielder. often termed as an unrivalled academy in england, the everton academy provides a great pathway for youth stars to gain first-team football. everton have been known for producing brilliant talents in the past with the prime example being wayne rooney. […] the post scout report: tom davies | the emerging everton and england starlet appeared first on outside of the boot.

gift guides because nothing else will make it in time for christmas you're out of time. here are the gifts you can order tonight and still have arrive before christmas—without paying an arm and a leg for shipping.

the post afcon 2017: top 5 young players of the tournament appeared first on outside of the boot. outside of the boot - a website meant for the football enthusiast football news 24/7  eric devin has compiled a list of the top 5 young players to feature in the 2017 edition of the afcon. tournament football is the definition of unpredictability, and this just-finished africa cup of nations is a prime example of that. the highly regarded likes of algeria and cote d’ivoire were dumped out […] the post afcon 2017: top 5 young players of the tournament appeared first on outside of the boot.

what are the best accessories for the gold galaxy s7? updated february 2017: added the gold spigen style ring and updated buy links. having a plain black or white phone is alright, but spicing up your routine with the gold galaxy s7 is a smart, stylish, modern choice. unfortunately, accessorizing and matching a gold phone can be a little bit more challenging than a standard color, but there's plenty of gear to match your new champagne-hued device perfectly. here're some options to consider as your begin to accessorize your gold galaxy s7! hallsen ultra slim gold case amfilm gold tempered glass screen protector bastex gold rechargeable battery case samsung level u pro wireless headphones fasgear nylon braided gold charger spigen style ring (gold) hallsen ultra slim gold case slim, stylish,

source: un mission in south sudan country: south sudan, uganda uganda’s commissioner for refugees, apollo kazungu, says his office is aware of the precarious situation and is working to settle the arrivals and improve their living conditions.patricia okoed/filip andersson the refugee office in uganda says it has been receiving an influx of up to 4,000 south sudanese refugees every day for the past one week. apollo kazungu, the commissioner for refugees in the office of the prime minister in uganda, says the new arrivals are mainly women and children coming from kajo-keji. the refugees are being registered at a transit site for settlement in palorinya camp in moyo district. radio miraya spoke with two ladies from kajo-keji, who both report dire conditions at the transit site, mentioning a

gadgets a beginner's drone for $28. a quadcopter pocket drone 72 percent off? i'd buy it. read on.

the post tactical philosophy: marco silva appeared first on outside of the boot. outside of the boot - a website meant for the football enthusiast football news 24/7  while this website has made its name focusing on the lesser known youth of this beautiful sport, and combined it with a tinge of tactical flavour meant for the football enthusiast, we found a large gap to be exploited in terms of combining the two. this mini-series thus focuses on young managers […] the post tactical philosophy: marco silva appeared first on outside of the boot.

مرتضی سلیمی، با اشاره به اینکه وضعیت بحرانی سیل در استانهای کشور روبه کاهش است به امدادرسانی در استان فارس که بیشترین سیلاب در این استان رخ داده است، پرداخت و اظهار داشت: برای این استان به دلیل مشکلی که درباره یکی از سدهای خاکی آن رخ داده بود، دو بالگرد بر فراز این استان به امداد هوایی مشغول خواهند بود تا در مناطق صعب العبوری که تاکنون امدادرسانی صورت نپذیرفته است اقدامات لازم انجام شود.


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