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how do i sell my android phone or tablet for the most amount of money? with these tips and tricks, you'll get the best return! so a new android phone has caught your eye — maybe the new samsung galaxy s8 — and you want to get on the boat as soon as possible. you'll need to sell your old phone in order to make up some of the money you're spending on that new device, but luckily there are a wealth of options available. we're going to get you through some of the best practices out there for preparing your android phone or tablet for sending off, and some places for sale that would best suit your needs. remove sim and sd cards first up, you'll want to take out the sim card and sd memory card from your phone. these are important pieces of hardware that you don't want to leave in you

how well has your google pixel survived you? i don't like using a case with my phone, and more often than not this decision means i pay a fairly hefty price in the look and feel of my phone over time. most of that is because i'm also pretty clumsy, and generally speaking that's a bad combination. but this also gives me a decent look at how my personal phone holds up daily abuse over extended periods of time, and for the last six months that phone has been google's pixel xl in quite black. here's what i've found when i take a closer look at this phone. read more: our favorite cases for the google pixel scratches and paint chips lets start with the most obvious damage, the stuff that would be there on every phone no matter what. this phone is covered in scratches, with little flecks of paint

luxury phone brand gresso is launching a special version of the famous 'dumb' phone for a staggering £2,450

woke up to a dead phone this morning, because my smartphone did something really dumb. a few nights ago i was away from home and didn't have my power cord with me, so i had to rely on a battery backup to charge my usb c-based phone for the night. this battery had been stuffed down in the bottom of my backpack for a few days, after having been used to power something else for several hours, so it didn't have a lot of juice left to begin with. if i had to guess, there was just about enough to get my phone to about 70%, which was more than enough to get me to a power outlet the next morning. i plugged in my phone, confirmed it had charged to 10% before i closed my eyes, and didn't think about it again until the morning. when i woke up late because my alarm didn't go off, i realized it was bec

making the change to an alternative carrier can save you money and give you better service, but you need to know a few things before you do it. when you port out your number and switch away from one of the big four to a carrier that might work better for you, nothing is hard. you either click a few buttons online and enter a few details or make a phone call from someone else's phone and a person on the other end clicks their buttons. but it's not something you want to go in blind and learn from regretful mistakes. trust us, we've been there. the good news is that you already know what you need to do and only need to ask yourself the right questions. we can help. here's a list of the things you need to get sorted before you make the jump. a phone some alternative carriers will sell you a ne

vaio, freed from the sony yoke, made one ropey-looking android phone all on its own. then, learning several lessons, it made a gorgeous, machined slab of aluminum that, unfortunately, ran windows phone 10. now, like practically all other phone makers...

cell phone holders are perhaps one of the most important car accessories you can buy. why? because cell phone holders not only help you keep your eyes on the road,  but more often than not, they also help keep your hands on the steering wheel. both of these things matter a lot today in a world full of distractions. below, we’ve gathered the best cell phone holders for a variety of different preferences.

mwc -- the world's biggest phone show -- is happening all around me. nearly every new phone that's been announced here in barcelona is android-powered, while the ever-influential iphone keeps other halls filled with cases, add-ons and every color of...

losing your phone can be extremely scary. can you find an android phone if you lose it? how do you go about that process? let's find out!

having your smartphone lost or stolen is absolutely frightening, but don't panic! here are the best find my phone methods and the best find my phone apps.

superscreen is nothing more than a 10-inch qhd display that syncs with the companion app on your phone. once connected, your phone is displayed on the superscreen.

moto has their moto mods. alcatel has the a5 and leds. have you ever wished you could see what notification just came into your phone, but it was face down on the table? first off, shame on you for putting your phone face down. but also, maybe, just maybe, the led back option for the alcatel a5 is for you. but probably not. let's start with the phone itself. the a5 is alcatel's new mid-range phone, replacing the previous-generation pop series of smartphones. it's running android 6.0 marshmallow, which isn't much of a surprise, even if it's still a disappointment. the 5.2-inch 1280x720 ips screen is powered by an unnamed octa-core processor clocked at 1.5ghz backed up by 2gb of ram and 16gb internal storage. all-in-all, it's a typical low-to-mid-range phone. there's also a neat little themi

every android user has a theme on their phone. they just don't know it yet. updated march 2017: links were added to newer content and images were refreshed. even if you don't know what icon packs or launchers are, if your phone has a home screen on it, it's got a theme. android users don't have to live in their app drawers; they can choose how their phone looks and functions. they can use widgets to interact with apps without opening them. they can use custom icons to theme or obscure the apps on their phone from prying eyes. they can even use gestures and contextual data to help their phone adapt to where they are and what they're doing. so, what are android themes and how can you get started with one? what's in a theme? there are many types of themes within android, but the kinds we're g

the galaxy s8 countdown clock is now an official samsung app. samsung's unpacked app for android an ios was updated this morning with all kinds of new galaxy s8 goodies. if you're lucky enough to go to the events in nyc or london, this app serves up a qr code so you can gain entry. for everyone else, this app will offer up a live stream of the events as they happen, and some additional information and videos surrounding the launch of this phone. samsung galaxy s8: everything we know so far it may be unfair to say this phone has been leaked more than any phone in the history of phones, but it certainly feels like it sometimes. we've had videos from every quality of camera, not to mention screenshots and press leaks and just about anything else you can imagine. there's little about the outsi

almost everybody uses their phone on the reg. but for those of us who also drive all the time, the phone can easily become a costly and dangerous distraction. that’s why having a good spot to place your phone when you drive is essential, and we’ve gathered some of the best mobile mounts on the […] (via cult of mac - tech and culture through an apple lens)

if you're here, then you already know: good phones aren't cheap. the flagship phones from the big manufacturers can easily run you $700 or more. many would consider it a luxury to have one. then there's the vertu constellation. luxury doesn't even begin to describe what this phone is aiming for, and it all starts with a $6,000 price tag. i'm michael fisher, aka the high duke baron chancellor von mrmobile, and no, i can't afford this phone. but honestly, there's few things about this phone that would make me want to (though that concierge service has its perks …). hit up that video above, and watch me take a spin through how the other half lives. and if you're seriously considering this phone, and want to know more about it, check out android central's review here. also, i'm availabl

if you're getting a new samsung galaxy s8 smartphone, these tips and tricks can help make the device work for you alongside your windows 10 pc. more than most android phones, the samsung galaxy s8 is quite attractive to microsoft fans. the galaxy s8 has plenty of microsoft support built right in by way of preloaded apps and the continuum-like dex system. aside from all that, here are some of the ways you'll be able to use your phone and pc in perfect harmony. note: this article was originally published on windows central. use phone companion for windows 10 to transfer your photos the phone companion app from microsoft is a pretty easy way to go between your phone and pc. it can import all your photos from the phone to the built-in photos app in windows 10. the galaxy s8 will likely take so

phone calls don’t always come in at appropriate times. if you receive a phone call and you can’t answer it, you can easily set a call reminder on your iphone so you don’t forget to return the phone call. continue reading →

this week, the fcc revealed its plan to battle robocalls. part of that initiative includes allowing phone companies to target and block calls from fake or suspect phone numbers. those rules are still being finalized, but t-mobile isn't wasting any ti...

wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about cellular coverage because your phone just works anywhere? it turns out this is possible after all. you can equip your current iphone to function as a satellite phone so it uses a direct connection. no need to purchase a new and likely inferior phone, instead just check out the thuraya satsleeve. continue reading →

before samsung unveiled the galaxy s8 to the world, it teased the audience with a device that would break the conventions of the traditional smartphone. the event's pre-roll animation showed an enormous 1980s brick phone morphing into a 1990s-era fli...

vaio has announced a brand-new android handset called the vaio phone a, and it looks just like the phone biz that launched last year.

motorola's latest budget phone has a lot to offer. the moto g4 plus represented a significant change for motorola, with the company offering a phone with a large 5.5-inch display and a camera that was considerably better when seen against its predecessors. the same holds true for the g5 plus, which offers a metal chassis, great internal hardware, and a camera that's one of the best in this segment. let's see how it matches up to one of 2016's best-selling budget devices. design and hardware the moto g5 plus is the first phone in the moto g series to sport a metal back. the phone certainly stands out next to its predecessor, which looks boring by comparison. the aluminum back adds heft to the g5 plus, and makes the phone feel much more sturdy. it's just the back that's made out of metal, ho

remember the turing phone? you're forgiven if you didn't. turing robotic industries unveiled the ambitious phone to much fanfare, only to delay it multiple times and even switch operating systems. that isn't stopping the company from producing a foll...

the galaxy s8 is shaping up to be a device like no other. the phone's tiny bezels give the phone a unique aspect ratio and if you were curious to see how the phone would compare in size against the competition, a new video is giving us a look.

hmd global's newly revitalised nokia phone business went back to the future on sunday, re-introducing a brightly coloured version of the classic 3310, once the world's most popular phone. but there's a catch.

for nationwide communications, you really do need phone towers and their supporting infrastructure

phone numbers should be kept more sacred than they are today. people just give them to any and everyone, and sometimes that backfires. wouldn't it be nice to be able to give someone a secondary number and be able to keep your primary one for just your true friends and family? well, you can, and it isn't too difficult. get a secured second number right now! learn more meet hushed private phone line, an easy way to manage additional numbers from the same phone. with this lifetime subscription you'll have access to a combination of 3000 sms or 500 minutes of calls per year, and you can pick from 100's of area codes when creating your phone number. stop giving out your real number for those online deals, and instead be smarter. use included plan towards a combination of 3000 sms or 500 phone m

woke up to a dead phone this morning, because my smartphone did something really dumb. update, march 20: this article was updated with quotes offering more detailed explanations. a few nights ago i was away from home and didn't have my power cord with me, so i had to rely on a battery backup to charge my usb c-based phone for the night. this battery had been stuffed down in the bottom of my backpack for a few days, after having been used to power something else for several hours, so it didn't have a lot of juice left to begin with. if i had to guess, there was just about enough to get my phone to about 70%, which was more than enough to get me to a power outlet the next morning. i plugged in my phone, confirmed it had charged to 10% before i closed my eyes, and didn't think about it again

it's a decent lower-midrange phone, but its vivid led backlights make it stand out.

hackers are able to decipher pins and passwords just from the way we tilt our phone when we are typing in the information.

your android phone is the most personal device you own. here's everything you need to know to keep your phone safe at all times with aptoide.

if oculus isn't launching when you plug your phone into gear vr there might be a serious problem. usually jumping into your gear vr is as easy as plugging your phone in, and putting on your headset. however, if when you plug your phone into gear vr, and nothing happens, then you definitely have a problem. before you panic, there are two causes for this issue, and we have the details on what to do. read more at vrheads.com ...

president donald trump today accused his predecessor barack obama of "tapping" his phone during last year's white house campaign, without providing evidence of the explosive charge.

washington, mar 4 (afp) president donald trump today accused his predecessor barack obama of "tapping" his phone during last year's white house campaign, without providing evidence of the explosive charge.

you've got two simple ways to grab a screenshot on the galaxy s8 or galaxy s8 plus. your galaxy s8 (or galaxy s8 plus, no judgement here) can do a lot of things no other samsung phone has been able to do, but it's also missing the big friendly button that has always been on the front of the phone. while samsung has replaced nearly all of the features offered in that button with other tools across the phone, taking a screenshot didn't make the cut. whether you're new to samsung phones or you've only ever used samsung phones, knowing how to take a screenshot on the galaxy s8 will making life just a little bit easier for you later on. lets take a quick look at the different ways you can take a screenshot on the galaxy s8, now that there's no big friendly button on the front. method 1: how to

looking for a great way to protect your iphone 6s plus that doesn't involve putting it in a big bulky case? if so, check out seidio's metal bumper for great protection for the edges of the phone. this will raise the phone off the table when you set it down to prevent scratches, and it should help if the phone were to take a tumble. right now you can pick one up for just $10. ...

here's how to make sure your unlocked or pre-owned phone will work with an alternative carrier. there are a number of things to consider before moving to an alternative carrier. how much data do i really need? am i looking for better service, or just cheaper service? and if i already have a phone, will it work on the carrier that i choose? we're going to delve into this topic, but there are a couple of things we should get out of the way beforehand. advertisement an introduction before we talk about whether your phone will work on a particular alternative carrier, we should direct you to a few introductory posts about what exactly these companies offer, and why you should think about switching over. what is an alternative carrier? what do i need to switch from the big four to an alternativ

she only uses three websites and seldom uses her phone, but annie mcquisten has spent around $17,000 on telecommunications in the past decade.

having the right mobile network settings makes a difference. here's how to change them if you need to! updated march 2017: up-to-date information and changes. unlocked phones and alternative carriers are more popular now than ever before. most every company makes an unlocked model or two that you can buy directly from their website or a retailer like amazon with the necessary parts and software to use it on any gsm network around the world. and when you don't have a phone that's tied to a carrier through financing you're free to try other carriers and see who offers what's best for you. shifting things around and trying someone new for phone service is pretty simple and pain-free, but you might need to know how to set the apn on your phone. let's take a look at what an apn is and how you g

we've all been there - a lost phone and lost memories? but can you find an android phone if you lose it and how do you go about it? let's find out!

سلام وقت بخیر در الکسا لینک هایی که تا یک ماه پیش از ما نشان میداد حدود 330 تا بود اما الان حدود 250 تا زده. در صورتی که ما نه بک لینک خریدیم و نه...


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