beat stomper is apple's free 'app of the week' [download]

Readable article with beat stomper is apple's free 'app of the week' [download] Title Obtained from iclarified apple Website.

apple has selected beat stomper as its free 'app of the week'.

absolutely exploding with style and energy, this infinite jumper challenges you to guide little leaping block people up, up, and away into musical heaven. using taps to hurl your angular avatars from one shifting platform to the next, you'll aim for boosts that'll rocket them even higher - or at least keep them from plunging to their game-ending doom. with pulsing electronic music and eyeball-caressing neon visuals, it's like a dance party for your brain. joyously simple and simply joyous.

you can download beat stomper from the app store free for a limited time.

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