how to set up a macbook pro and egpu for vr

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we're putting apple's egpu kit for bringing vr to the mac through its paces. shout out if you have a question! apple's many, many hardware announcements during wwdc made one thing abundantly clear — 2018 will be the year vr comes to the mac, and ar to the iphone and ipad. to help prepare for the coming storm, apple is offering vr developer kits with an egpu box capable of driving the most intense experience on any thunderbolt 3-capable mac. what you need to know about the mac, thunderbolt 3, and external gpus here's what we've learned after spending a few days with one! how to set up your mac with apple's vr dev kit apple's vr dev kit consists of a usb hub to convert a type-c port to several type a connections, the sonnet egpu breakaway box, a radeon rx 580 gpu with 8gb of ram, and instructions for connecting the box to your mac's thunderbolt 3 port. any mac that supports thunderbolt 3 and is running the latest high sierra beta is compatible with apple's kit; we're us...