ifixit tears down the new 10.5-inch ipad pro [photos]

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ifixit has posted a tear down of the new 10.5-inch ipad pro featuring a true tone 2224x1668 display, promotion technology, a10x processor, 12mp ois rear camera, and 7mp front camera. you can learn more about the new tablet's features here.

apple is at it again, trying to win over the workforce with yet another ipad pro (this time with a brand-new 10.5" screen size). we expect to see apple put points on the board with some silicon slam dunks, but what else puts this pro in the big leagues?

● apple launched a new model number, giving us a fresh a1701.
● yesteryear's ipad pro 9.7" measured in at 9.4" x 6.6", while the new pro is 9.8" x 6.8". (and at 0.24", they are both equally thin.)
● apple put the display cables right down the center, out of harm's way.
● all the connecting cables are hiding out under this overturned speaker chamber.
● 3.77 v, 8134 mah, 30.8 wh battery

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