box releases desktop 'box drive' app for macos and windows

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box has announced the release of a desktop 'box drive' app for macos and windows that provides secure access to all your files stored in box.

with box drive, people benefit from all of the advanced capabilities of box – including creating, editing, finding and sharing files – without ever leaving the comfort of their desktop. available for windows, macos and virtual desktop infrastructure (vdi), box drive is the easiest way for businesses and teams to instantly collaborate on content and kick start productivity.

“box drive combines infinite access to the cloud with an intuitive, natively integrated desktop experience that is familiar to hundreds of millions of people today in enterprises all over the world,” said aaron levie, cofounder and ceo, box. “not only will box drive make collaborating on content easier than ever before, it also signals the beginning of the end for expensive network file shares. with box drive, enterprises can accelerate their move to the cloud, enhance security, and significantly reduce it costs.”

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