songkong 4.9 - organize and manage your music collection.

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songkong is an intelligent music tagger designed to make the task of managing, organizing, and cleaning up your digital music collection quick and easy. it's for those of us who care about music and need it properly cataloged with high-res artwork, but without much time to spend on accomplishing this.

songkong can identify songs and fix misspellings, add metadata such as as artist and album and album art, and rename songs based on the new metadata if you wish. songkong uses intelligent acoustic-matching from acoustid to listen to your songs and find matches, even when they have no information at all, but also takes advantage of existing file information to ensure you get the best album match. it can deal with large music collections as well as small ones. if you use itunes, it can automatically update it with your modifications.

songkong can also use acoustids to find duplicate songs.

songkong supports most audio formats including mp3, mp4, aiff, wav, flac, ogg, and wma.

version 4.9:
new or improved
  • be able to keep a lossless and lossy version of each song when using delete duplicates
  • make it clearer to user when user has multiple copies of the same song
  • add artwork to top of matched to release page in songchanges report
  • save files at grouping level
  • if marked as classical and has a musicbrainz_work we add the value to overall_work
  • delete duplicates, an option to not consider different formats a duplicates
  • wav for itunes not setting compilation flag properly
  • add option to add audio format to album name for when user has flac/wav of each
  • improvements to songchanges report
  • remove recreate report at startup functionality
  • do not need to see errors caused by user cancellation
  • classical album with two different album artists set for different tracks
  • doublecheck acoustid to musicbrainz release by looking at user submitted data
  • illegal concurrent access to composer list
  • acousticbrainz count still sometimes over counting
  • command line on windows progress dialog flashes up at report creation
  • naim match based on cddbinfo.txt file not adding tracktotal
  • if user cancelled task report creation starts too soon

  • os x 10.7 or later

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