ninox 2.1.0 - flat-file database system.

Readable article with ninox 2.1.0 - flat-file database system. Title Obtained from macupdate Website.

ninox is a simple flat-file database system.

  • tables -- with ninox you manage your data in tables that you can browse, filter, sort and group.
  • data fields -- ninox offers a variety of data fields, including text, numbers, yes / no, list, date, time, picture and web address.
  • relations -- link tables to each other to represent complex situations.
  • forms -- for neat enter data, make simple drag-and-drop forms.
  • find -- the fast full-text search is the very center of ninox, so you immediately jump to the desired information.
  • calculations -- as in a spreadsheet to make calculations about individual records, or even entire tables linked tables.
  • calendar -- all entries with date reference are clearly displayed in the calendar.
  • diagrams -- point to a button the current state.
  • export -- of course, you can also export your data to further process them with excel.
  • roles and rights -- control exactly who can see or change the data.

note: this application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

version 2.1.0:
new features:
  • calendar:
    • propagate ninox calendar entries to your mac / ios calendar
    • improved calendar controls
  • data import:
    • improved import options for ninox cloud databases
    • date format selector for csv file import
  • general:
    • click on an email column to send emails to receipient lists
    • icons for radio buttons and switch fields
    • copy and paste in print layout designer
    • improved search in table views
    • teams can have a background image
  • rights and roles:
    • visibility of columns in views now depends on access rights
    • access to change history is now restricatble
  • extended scripting language:
    • counting loops: for i in range(from, to) do .. end
    • create arrays, like [1, 2, 3]
    • automatic repair of formulas

  • os x 10.9 or later

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