activeperl - complete and ready-to-install perl distribution.

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activeperl is the industry-standard perl distribution, available for mac os x, linux, windows, solaris, aix and hp-ux. developers worldwide rely on activeperl's completeness and ease-of-use, while corporate users protect their infrastructure and stay competitive with quality-assured activeperl business solutions.

complete and ready-to-install, the free activeperl distribution includes core perl, popular modules, the perl package manager (ppm), and complete documentation.

activestate also provides business solutions of dynamic languages, including enterprise distributions and oem licensing, that offer guaranteed stability, expert support, unparalleled quality and cost-efficiency to organizations.


  • security vulnerabilities addressed
    • cve-2016-1238 - the tools and many modules supplied in core no longer search the default current directory entry in @inc for optional modules. for example, storable will remove the final "." from @inc before trying to load log::agent. this prevents an attacker injecting an optional module into a process run by another user where the current directory is writable by the attacker (e.g., the /tmp directory).
    • cve-2016-6185 - xsloader contained a security hole in which binary files could be loaded from a path outside of @inc.
  • significant changes that have occurred in the perl 5.24.1 release are documented in perldelta.
  • most bundled modules have been updated to their latest released version from cpan. use the ppm query command to check the exact version included in this release.

  • os x 10.9 or later

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