product manager 2.2 - manage, market your company products.

Readable article with product manager 2.2 - manage, market your company products. Title Obtained from macupdate Website.

product manager lets you manage company products from different standpoints. it's document-based and can manage an unlimited number of documents each with an unlimited number of products, subdivided in families.

product manager allows you to:

  • organize products in a logical subdivision in families of products and products owned by a family
  • define a custom layout of data values (fields) used by any documents with custom name and data tags (names, values, url, and so on)
  • specify for any product custom values associated to the data tags layout
  • create press release (for any product release) using templates where the data values associated with any specific product are created automatically merging press release including data tags with assigned custom value for any product
  • manage descriptions for the products, with various kind and keeping track of them for any different release
  • keeping track of the todo associated for the product and keeping track of work. create reports for items done and not done yet.
  • keeping track of the bugs. create reports for items done and not done yet.
  • keeping track of the competitor products
  • easy-to-use interface
  • no learning period required
  • products stored in a hierarchical view by families
  • totally customizable layout of values associated to products to be used in press release creation and for reference
  • customizable labels adaptable to different products type
  • descriptions of the product for the release of the product over time
  • press release of the product, for the different release, and create dynamically merging text templates with custom data (using text data tags to insert data values)
  • todo list of activities relate dot the product
  • bug or problems product related to solve
  • list of competitors for the product
  • can manage an unlimited families and products
  • automatic email preparing and sending to an address list controlling from inside product manager via scripting bridge
  • text template ready to be inserted inside text view

version 2.2:
  • improved layout for using the application with small screen mac such as mac book air 11
  • bug fixes

  • os x 10.10 or later

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