hands on with the apple vr dev kit

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this is how apple is bringing vr to the mac. apple's many, many hardware announcements during wwdc made one thing abundantly clear — 2018 will be the year vr comes to the mac and ar comes to the iphone. to help prepare for the coming storm, vr developer kits are now available with graphics cards capable of driving the most intense experiences on any modern mac. here's what we've learned after spending a few days with one! apple's vr dev kit consists of a usb hub to convert a type-c port to several type a ports, the sonnos egpu breakaway box, a radeon rx 580 gpu with 8gb of ram, and instructions to connect to a thunderbolt 3 port. we're using the late 2016 macbook pro model a1708, complete with an intel core i5 clocked at 2.3ghz and 8gb of ram onboard. while it's possible to buy these parts separately right now, you'll be paying a bit more than apple is charging for the $599 kit due largely to how difficult it now is to source the exact graphics card apple is using for this ki...

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