apple pencil vs. surface pen: what's the difference?

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well, obviously the apple pencil is for the ipad pro, while the surface pen is for the microsoft surface tablets. but how do their specs and features compare? it's the latest apple vs. microsoft smackdown! what's the apple pencil? apple's own smart stylus for the ipad pro, which debuted with the 12.9-inch ipad pro in late 2015. the pencil hardware itself hasn't changed since then, but apple just improved its performance by adding promotion technology to the just-refreshed 12.9-inch and 10.5-inch ipad pro that launched at wwdc 2017. it's an optional $99 add-on that only works with the ipad pro. how to use apple pencil: the ultimate guide what's the surface pen? that's microsoft's stylus for the surface devices: it comes with the surface book and surface studio desktop, and it's an optional $99.99 add-on for surface pro tablets and the surface laptop. the surface pen was updated in 2017 to give it four times the pressure sensitivity, quicker response time, and a brand-new tilt cont...