htc u11 vs google pixel xl: which should you buy?

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google still demands top dollar for its aging pixel xl. so should you consider the latest phone from pixel-maker htc instead? they're both made by htc, pack similar display sizes, high performance and phenomenal cameras. but there's a big price difference between the google pixel xl ($769), and htc u11 ($649) — and you'll also be getting a significantly different software experience. so which should you buy? let's take a look at some of the major points of divergence between two of the top android phones of the moment. where to buy the htc u11 where to buy the google pixel xl first off, the specs. and in this area, you're mostly looking at a generational gap between the u11 and the pixel xl. as great as the pixel is, this is late-2016 smartphone hardware going up against a 2017 flagship. category google pixel xl htc u11 operating system android 7.1.2 android 7.1.1 display 5.5-inch quad hd amoledgorilla glass 4 5.5-inch quad hd superlcd5gorilla glass 5 proce...