should you buy the new 2017 imac?

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apple has refreshed the imac for 2017. it's faster, more powerful, and brighter than ever before, but is that justification for you to upgrade? if you've been thinking about buying a new desktop computer and you've had your eye on the imac for a while, this is the time to seriously think about buying. apple has updated the imac with kaby lake processor, ddr4 memory, and a 40% brighter screen. it's definitely the fastest, most powerful imac apple currently has on the market (but not for long thanks to the upcoming imac pro). so, is it time for you to upgrade to the imac? let's see. see at apple are you upgrading from a 2012 or earlier imac? if you bought your imac prior to late 2014, it's starting to show its age. it's a little chubbier, a little slower, or may have begun to slow down in the face of ancient cruft and modern apps. meanwhile, apple now has a 4k 21.5-inch imac and a 5k 27-inch imac, both with retina displays, latest-generation intel kaby lake processors, and super-...