how to capture and visualize photo depth in ios 11

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app developers will be able to capture and use depth data in photos in ios 11. that should mean super-cool photo filters for the rest of us! note: if you're not a registered member of apple's developer program, you won't be able to download the sample code mentioned in this article. that said, you can still use this article to learn a little more about what's to come in ios 11! when apple introduced iphone 7 plus and its dual-camera system, it also introduced portrait mode. portrait mode uses the dual-camera system on iphone 7 plus to capture depth data when it takes a photo and make use of said data to add a pleasing, dslr-style blur effect to photos. outside of portrait mode's nifty blur, though, we haven't been able to do much else with the depth data captured by our phones. come ios 11, though, developers will be able to read embedded depth data and use it in their own apps. blurring out the background of a photo is but one option available when you've got access to a photo's ...