ios 11 beta: how to troubleshoot common problems

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ios 11 beta won't install or update on your iphone or ipad? here's what to do! ios has gone to 11 and if you want it now, that means downloading and installing the ios 11 beta. normally, that should be a quick and easy process — but things can and do go wrong. if it times out, fails to verify, won't download, won't complete, or won't reboot, you'll need to troubleshoot. here's what you can do! what do you do if ios 11 doesn't seem to be downloading or installing? if you're sure you've signed up and installed the certificate correctly — go back and re-read our installation guide for the developer beta to make sure — and it still isn't working, you can try force-qutting settings and beginning again. double click the home button (or 3d touch/firmly press the left side of the screen on iphone 6s or later) to bring up the fast app switcher. swipe across to the settings app card. kill the settings apps card by flicking it up and off the screen. what if ios 11 freeze...

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