paypal ceo discounts the upcoming apple pay cash feature

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paypal ceo dan schulman doesn’t expect the new apple pay cash service to gain much traction. his unsurprising comments came during an interview with the telegraph.


schulman says apple’s person-to-person payment system will struggle because “we’re technology agnostic,” explaining:

many individuals are [a] multi-operating system; they can have an android phone, a microsoft pc and an apple tablet. you don’t want a different payment methodology on each of those things … you want a consistency across that.

we try to offer a consistent value proposition, that’s end-to-end, across operating systems and device type. it’s a powerful advantage we have.

paypal’s venmo app is currently the leader in the peer-to-peer payments services market.

apple pay cash, first announced on june 5, will allow you to make person-to-person payments via messages. it’s expected to launch, at least in the united states, on ios 11 this fall.

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